The forth installment of the “fic” project I’m working on with Mandolinmonger!

A fic told completely in notes between Kurt and Blaine (with a few other Glee people butting in from time to time).

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And golly, I wonder why Kurt seemed to leave off so suddenly…I suppose it could be because Mr. Shuester caught his students not paying attention, seized their notes and did what any teacher would do and read them out loud. I wonder just how red Blaine and Kurt became… ;) 

  • Me:I knew you'd freak out at that one
  • Me:You're more concerned about them hurting the instrument than slitting someone's throat and playing on their vocal cords
  • Katie:yes. yes I am.

“Are you all by yourself?” Kurt looked up to find a little boy standing at his feet.  He had to be about the same age, his hair tousled and his pants covered in dirt. Kurt’s nose scrunched up at the poor treatment of the other boy’s pants.  

“Are you all by yourself?” the boy repeated.  Kurt drew his legs in to sit crisscross before replying.

“Yeah,” he said, playing slightly with the doll to his right. 

“Can I play with you?” Kurt glanced up at the other boy warily.  He didn’t look like the other boys, so maybe it was ok to play with him. Maybe he’d be different and wouldn’t chase him around calling him names like the others. 

“I guess so,” Kurt replied quietly.  The other boy grinned brightly as he plopped himself down next to Kurt, humming to himself as he picked up the doll closest to him. 

“I’m Blaine,” the other boy said, sitting up straight like the announcement of his name was saying something smart. 

“I’m Kurt, and that one there,” he said gesturing to the doll in Blaine’s hand, “that one is Marvin. He’s kinda shy.”

Blaine looked the doll up and down, his eyebrows scrunched up in thought. 

“Marvin looks like he needs a friend!” Blaine exclaimed suddenly, jumping up and running over to where the adults were sitting.  Kurt watched as he tugged on a lady’s leg before she handed him a backpack from the table. As soon as the pack was in his hands, he came running back- almost falling right on Kurt as he skidded to a stop. 

Flopping back down, he dug through his bag until he pulled out his own doll, presenting it to Kurt.

“This is Henry! He’s pretty shy, too. And he doesn’t have a lot of friends… maybe Marvin can be his friend?”

Kurt thought for a minute before smiling and nodding enthusiastically.  It didn’t take long for Marvin and Henry to become the best of friends with promises of always being there for the other.  As the park began to slowly empty, they boys realized they would have to go soon so they packed up their toys and stood up, making their way towards their mothers. 

“Do you think Marvin and Henry can play again tomorrow?” Blaine asked, looking somewhat shy.

“Probably!” Kurt answered. “My mommy and I come here everyday and Marvin is always with me!”

“Awesome! Because Henry really likes Marvin!” Blaine paused a second before adding “Blaine really likes Kurt, too.”

Kurt smiled back at his new friend.

“And Kurt really likes Blaine.”

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