Thiefshipping….ON ICE!!!

A birthday present to Littlekuriboh! :D

Bakura: Marik, how does competing in ice skating brings us closer in ruling the world?

Marik: Think of the fans, Bakura! We’ll be making quadruple the fangirls if we do! We’ll make history, Bakura! We were BORN to make History! >:D

YUGI  LOST  A  CARD  GAME?!  I thought we had something special, Yugi! What? Is our rivalry just one big joke to you?! I committed to beating you in a card game! And I thought I could rely on you to be true to me as your most hated enemy! But I guess I was wrong! I bet you say that to all the duelists! If I had had parents, I bet they would have told me that you were no good for me! And lemme tell you one last thing! All those times I got angry and declared that I would have my vengeance on you? I was FAKING!!!
—  Seto Kaiba (YGOTAS ep72)

anonymous asked:

I had no idea you lived in Canada! Do you mind me asking what province? (I'm curious as I am Canadian too and love other Canadian dorks). Also, I adore your kitty designs! They're too cute, and the passion you have shows in your work. Have you ever considered doing a LittleKuriboh cat? Lol it might be funny! Thanks, and have a great day!

Thank you! I can be located in the tall grass between the mountains and the plains of Alberta.

you know, I actually don’t know diddly squat about LittleKuriboh aside from watching the YGOTAS episodes and Leather Pants. what does this person even look like. are they a person or are they just a cryptid, like a Kuriboh hovering in front of a laptop somewhere in a far corner of the shadow realm. is this person even real or are they some sort of mythical internet creature from 2008.

I’m just going to go off of what I think I saw as their icon 10,000 years ago??

I think they have a hat with some yellow trim or something??? anyway i gave up trying to remember and now it says butts. this is terrible. good thing they’re never going to see this.