There are two Lemongrabs available in my Etsy shop right now, peeps! I hope you don’t think they’re UNACCEPTABLE! I can’t link the text because the Tumblr app is a turd but my shop is littlekittentail.

Please don’t delete the text if you reblog this. I’m trying to make some $$$ :)

littlekittentail replied to your post: bluddyholly replied to your post: ah, we are such…

Yes! Also, I feel like I should apologise for talking about my kitten’s bathroom habits in my reply yesterday. I realise now that you probably didn’t know he was sick and you were just asking how he was in general. I’m a tool.

NO not at all! I knew he was sick and was genuinely concerned. We miss our cat Guacamole so much since he had to go live with the parental unit in the country (we moved overseas). What’s your fella’s name? I would answer this privately but I’m a tumblr tool and I don’t think I can.