littlekid285 replied to your photoset “For some reason today I got a sudden urge to make Sims 3 versions of…”

If i might ask, where did you get most of those outifts/ hair?

Uhhh, from various different places actually. I think almost all these hairstyles are from following sites: Same goes for clothes (most found with keyword “medieval”) although some of them are The Sims Medieval conversions. You can find them here: (If I remember correctly Izalie’s druid outfit, for example, can be found from the second link, named coc3-tsmafbodydruidcape-8811. As the name suggests it works for young adult and adult females. A hint, though: almost all these outfits include shoes which means you should pick barefoot option for your sim - otherwise shoe textures will interfere with the outfit)

Here’s what I was working on! I’m making a set of cards with the Grumps as the Kings of the deck. Here’s Ross, King of Clubs with his cat Orph.  I’ll probably work on Arin or Barry next. 

I made him a mage since he tends to play that in the games they’ve done on Steam train. Also that pattern on his sash is the pattern on the hat of the macho man randy savage dragons from skyrim. 

Yup, so I’m almost done with the flats for the background. this is going to kill me but hey whatever. I won’t post another wip for a while though cuz ill be in new york tomorrow. Then i have to pick my brother up from the airport and then hes getting married (??//whendidthishappen??/11/?) and then i dont even know man.