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I seriously can't even with Colin presenting the award! He's so adorable, awkward. Like no sir, stop it!

ChristAAA I can’t!!! I look at him and I just- I feel like an idiot bc I can’t stop smiling! He’s so cute with how he holds himself and then he is just so hot and then his voice…. ughhhhh. I don’t know how I will function in Ireland with all those accents lol


Today I got a package in the mail of belated birthday presents. This pile of gifts was sent to me by a group of friends I’ve never met in person, but some of whom I’ve known online for more than four years. We hang out together on Halforums. My friends decided that since I’ve had a rough year, they wanted to show their appreciation for me.

The kitchenware: a really nice Crock Pot, cutting mats, a nylon turner, nylon coated tongs, a set of spatulas, measuring spoons, dry measuring cups, a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup, and a box grater.

The books and tech:
- HD webcam (Logitech c920)
- “Out from Boneville” and “The Great Cow Race” by Jeff Smith
- “Mouse Guard: Fall 1152” by David Petersen
- “.hack // Legend of the Twilight” vol 1 & 2
- “After the Golden Age” by Carrie Vaughn

I’m thankful for these presents, more than words can say. I don’t need any of this, but I do really need my friends, and this was a great reminder that despite the miles between us, we are friends and we do care about each other.

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1. If you could travel in time, when/where would you go? Hmm maybe a Jazz Club in the 20s, maybe in Paris or London, That would be amazing!
2. What song are you loving lately?
The Words (hehe, but it really is lovely)
3. Would you rather be a famous actor or singer/musician?
Famous Actor

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