A Trip Through My Eyes - For Laura’s Sunday Project

© Shawna E White

A Lazy Sunday in Edmonton. I’m just getting back into the swing of things….teaching, researching, swimming, skiing, and photo taking:) I like this cold, northern city, even when it was - 40 C the other day! O.k., that was cold….and I was unprepared. Good thing I had a bag of old field cloths in the office….I just piled them on, on the way home!

Winter can be dark and cold. But it can also be quiet and crisp. And when the sun falls on the snow and shines through the flakes, its the most beautiful thing to see:)

Happy Sunday and take care,



Laura’s Sunday project: “A trip through my eyes”

Laying in the soccer field…..

© Shawna E White

This is a great idea Laura! And it made me want to get out and shot for the first time… weeks. Thanks so much for giving me a good ol’ fashioned kick in the bum!

This picture is taken at the soccer field just down the street from where I live in Edmonton, Canada. I’ve lived here for about 6 years…..and well, it was really hard to move away from Newfoundland in the beginning. Over the past few years I’ve really learned to love this place…and the people I have met:) This picture is a little bit of both my worlds…I played A LOT of soccer when I lived in Newfoundland…and I try to get out and kick the ball around a bit from time to time here in Edmonton.

This evening I went down the street and just lay in the field and watched the sun go down. With a lot of great memories in my head and a lovely sunset to boot- I’m feeling good:)

A trip though my eyes - Rockey Harbour, Newfoundland.

© Shawna E White

This is a photo I posted when I first started this blog…..Just over a year ago. This place means many things for me. We used to take family vacations here when I was a kid….One of my favorite memories is picking mussels from the beach here with my twin sister…we’d get a giant bucket and bring them back to the cabin to biol up. I love and miss my family so much….being so far away is hard sometimes.

Having the opportunity to go back to Newfoundland in the summer for field work has been incredible. And each time I go back I just think it is more and more incredible.

I miss the island, but I love my life right now. I love to travel, meet new people, always learn and grow. Maybe one day I’ll end up here but for now I’ll keep moving forward..wherever that might be:)