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How Clean is your House is the BEST motivation for me! When I was living in apartments at school, my roommate and I were the ONLY ones who did any sort of cleaning without being asked. We got BBC America on our television, so we'd look for that show (or we'd search around on the YouTubes), and we would be so horrified that the apartments were spotless by the time we were done!

Kim and Aggie hold a very special place in my heart. I remember some U.S. network tried to make an American version, and it was TERRIBLE. I wanted to punch the narrator for not being the awesome BBC narrator.

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Every time I Unfuss my bedroom, something pops up and it becomes a horrible mess again. What do I do? I get so discouraged because I do a great job and sustain it for a little while, then it all goes to pot. :'(

Well, the thing about unfucking is that it’s not a one-shot deal. It’s a constant process. Generall, you should be doing at least 20 minutes every day in order to maintain what’s already bee done. Once something’s clean, it doesn’t just STAY clean. You have to keep it that way.