Hearing about some conflict in Iraq, where the guy in charge Maliki is fighting against the terrorist organization I.S.I.S.  Unfortunately, all I can think of now is Marik and Ishizu having an argument.

After some thought, I’ve decided to regrettably put Little Duelist Problems on an official hiatus until January the 31st in order for me to catch up on submissions and asks and for me to get used to making the posts regularly.
Yeah… I’m been really swamped recently. Part of me thinks with the growing follower number (which is amazing since I’ve been quite dormant recently, thank you guys!) and amount of submissions, having a secondary mod would be helpful- but I really enjoy running this myself so if you could all bear with me over these next couple of weeks, that would be great!
I really appreciate how patient you have been. Unfortunately this means I’m going to have to push the contest deadline back from today. The new deadline is February the 28th at 10pm UK time.
It’s already got quite a few submissions, but due to the unusual circumstances, if you have previously submitted an entry that you wish to redo, just get in touch and I’ll make allowances.
I’ll still be accepting submissions/requests during this time, so you can send those in the usual way, but due to the hiatus it may be a while until you see them on this blog.
Thank you once again for your patience, I hope you are all having a fun winter holidays and all the best for a card game filled 2014! ^_^