In researching Dr. JCon’s post a while back, I came across this constellation dress. My first reaction: Yay, realistic constellations on a dress, instead of just random stars! Upon closer inspection, however, these are still mostly random. That’s because the dotted lines that outline the constellation figures are the official way that astronomers maps out the night sky (like state borders), but generally the familiar figures are entirely within the constellation boundary, not crossing the border like the Little Dipper is at the lower center of the bottom photo. I’m not sure what the red dots are supposed to be, but red stars like Aldebaran and Betelgeuse will become visible earlier in the night as Earth heads toward northern hemisphere winter.

That said, I like the detail at the hemline and the criss-cross design on the scoop back. See, I can set aside my pedantic professor persona and just enjoy fashion sometimes!


In honor of the new episode of Gravity Falls coming out tonight, I wanted to share this raw demo of my song “Little Dipper” I wrote back in April 2015, sort of loosely based on some stuff from Gravity Falls, and perhaps told from Wendy’s perspective? It’s all up to your interpretation! Please let me know what you think. And feel free to check out any of my other music. <3

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Irene Pease gave an amazing talk last Friday night as part of Columbia University’s Public Lecture & Stargazing series. In true startorialist style, she coordinated her accessories to match her talk: “Constellations R Us”. 

Irene’s earrings represent the Big and Little Dippers from Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, respectively. This particular set is for sale by ThinkGeek

Irene is Brooklyn’s Friendly Neighborhood Astronomer and can often be found in Prospect Park with her telescope giving tours of the night sky. Check out her website for more information!

- Summer


@mildlysinning I DID THE THINGS!! Sketches as a result of yesterday’s Livestream ♥

Finally I got around to drawing this adorable AU!! My heart it hurts its just so cute!! Inverse Relativity Falls AU is made by Thesnadger and Llttledipper.

I’ll draw more of this au soon! I need more cute baby stans in my life ;u;