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Last thing I'm sending, feel free to try and mock me and make me look bad again, as I don't really care. But since you don't have access to my ask box and haven't seen the influx of hate messages, death threats, suicide wishes, and all because of the first post I made about pastel goth, maybe you should take that into consideration as to why I made so many angry posts about it. Not that you will care, understand or be willing to step into my shoes where that is concerned. Have a nice life. Ciao

Congrats, let me applaud you on being the only person to be sent a death threat over something trite and immature. My inbox is full of people telling me I’m an ugly fat nigger and that my life is not worth living all because I put on clothing and have the audacity to show it off and be proud of it.

Many of these are messages from lolitas are other wearers of fashion

Do I care that they think, No.

They’re not paying my bills, wiping my ass or filling my stomach so why should I care?

And the fact that you pride yourself on not caring what people think yet retaliate against trolling is clear sign that you do care what people think. Because if you didn’t there is no reason to make so many posts belittling people who you don’t even know there is no excuse.  What is the point in sticking your hand in fire, crying when you get burn then proceeding to beat the fire with a stick. (and when the embers fly into your face you complain). I never said anything to you because I thought you were a troll and no one else seems to pay attention to you but it’s amazingly aggravating to click on the tag I follow, and instead of picture of some cute shoes I have to see you rant about shit.

Mock_ Tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.

I’m not teasing or joking with you in any way. I am dead ass serious.

(I also I shouldn’t have to download Chrome just to use tumblr savior, just to avoid someone, didja know it takes less work to just…not tag something)

I’m not asking you to like or do shit, you may not like anything I will ever like in my life (but surprise, we probably have many things in common)