Books, books, and more books. Evelyn & Pony

Evelyn searched through the shelves of books, looking for something remotely interesting to read. She hadn’t been to a library in a long time and she didn’t have anything planned today, so why not? At least she could spend her time doing something entertaining. She would pick out a book, read the back, then place it back where it belonged. There just wasn’t one that interested her. She wasn’t usually this picky when it came to books, the only thing she was usually picky about was food. She let out a small sigh as she placed a book back on the shelf for the seventh time. Maybe she’d just find something else to do today. With a shrug, she turned around and made her way to the end of the aisle.

Getting to Know Each Other: Rebecca and Ponyboy

Rebecca quietly walked into the Curtis house. She knew Ponyboy would be home and she needed someone to hang out with. She saw him sitting on the couch, facing away from her, and saw an opportunity. She slapped her hands onto his shoulders and yelled, “Hey Greaser!”

It All Goes Downhill From Here: Evelyn, Pony, Tina & Curly

It really was like a normal day for Evelyn; she would go out and basically just walk the streets until she found something to do. This time, she had a weird feeling in her gut, but shrugged it off. I hope I’m not getting sick. She mused silently. She started to hum a Johnny Cash tune quietly, before she heard a car in the distance. The noise soon became closer and Evelyn glanced backwards, cautiously. Her heart nearly stopped as she recognized it as a Mustang. 

Evelyn cursed under her breath as she quickened her pace. Hopefully, they wouldn’t see her and just mind their own business. I mean, she happened to get away all the times before, it shouldn’t be any different this time, right? But the feeling in her stomach told her something else. The car just happened to inch forward and Evelyn debated whether to run or not, until she heard a voice that made her skin crawl. “Hey what’s a pretty broad like you doing out here?" 

She glanced back, biting her lower lip. "Fuck off.” She spat, her voice cracking. She noticed that there were about 3 or 4 people in the car, but of course they were mostly likely drunk. She briefly wondered why they were out here in the middle of the day, but quickly shrugged away the thought as the car pulled to a stop. “What did you say to me?” One of the Socs slurred, stepping out of the car and made his way over to her. “Leave me alone.” Evelyn quickly snapped back as she began to tremble in fear.

The guy was huge and was probably about 7 inches taller than her. He reached out to grab her arm, but Evelyn pushed him forcefully away. “Don’t touch me.” She flinched away as the guy stumbled backwards. “Damn, we got a feisty one here.” The Soc laughed before taking another step forwards. Evelyn didn’t hesitate to punch him in the face, but even with his movements slowed he managed to easily push Evelyn away. “You’re a little bitch,” He slurred once more, throwing a punch at her.

Evelyn let out a squeak as she felt his fist connect with her jaw. It wasn’t very often when Ev was punched so this hurt like hell. She immediately held her hand up to her jaw, but thankfully found no blood. While she was checking if she was bleeding, the Soc swung at her once more, directly in the face. She yelped as she stumbled backwards, this time she could tell that her nose was bleeding. “Go away,” She stuttered, tears threatening to fall. The Soc gestured for the others to come out of the car and they all raced to his side. Within in a moment, she felt feet ram into her sides and the big guy managed to sock her in the jaw again. Evelyn struggled to fight them off, but it was no use. She had no chance against these guys.