A return of the Rebellious Austrian (closed rp)

Rebel tiptoed into Bun’s house with the stealth of a cat. He wasn’t exactly sure of the bunny’s sleeping habits, but he was sure that he was more than likely asleep. The sun hadn’t risen and Rebel was cloaked in darkness as he made his way in. A smile of excitement plastered on his face as he successfully entered the home. 

He would have probably spoken to himself if he wasn’t so worried about his boyfriend hearing him, but lets assume it would have been something along the lines of “hell yes!" 

He settled himself on the couch in the living room, just waiting for his boyfriend to come into the living room. 

@bunnypru (im sorry i suck at tumblr OTL)
“m-mein gott…” he had suddenly remembered a story told to him by his vati long ago, and as it occurred to him his ears laid back, and he quivered there for a second “i have to kill you” and he ran as fast as he could hoping not to be killed first ((cough 8I when you said the word doppleganger…. it… no… ))

littlebunnyprupru replied to your post*sniffsniff* You smell like pork, Reb.

Well I smell that, too… But you REALLY smell like pork. Well not like a lot. I can just smell that better I guess. Not that you smell or anything! You just…. Have you had pork today?

No, the closest thing I had to pork was a Seafood Salad Croissant from the local Delicatessen. And honestly, that’s no where near close.