Had fun cooking for my babyboy♡☆

[Make sure the food you prepare is healthy, but tasty. Keep in mind what your little likes and what they dislike.
Let it cool down before you feed them so they don’t burn their mouths.
Let them try to eat on their self’s but always pay attention, otherwise they will make a mess put of your place :D]

Listening to music with my spirit companions

I give each of my companions a turn on choosing a song. Two rounds. I skip three times, and the song that comes up is what they chose. Here is the result:

*Mr.DemonFae: Stand by me. Why are you such a cuuuutie

*MrDarkUnicorn: Candy shop - 50 Cent. He was wondering what could someone sing about candy xD

*MrDragon: From yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars. He wanted to give me an amusing song for this. Apparently he found it amusing that someone like him would choose an emo song.

*Mr.GuardianAngel: Hurricane 2000 orchestral version - The scorpions. At this moment he just wants to let me hear some good quality music. xD I like the other songs too though.

*LittleGirl: Master of Puppets - Apocalyptica. She’s gotten so into metal this one was predictable xD

*LittleBoy: Maniac - Michael Sembello. Oh boy you’re so obviously lovestruck.

*NewGuy: Another Stranger Me - Blind Guardian. Poor thing. Yes, you are a stranger for now, but I promise we want to welcome you in here.

*Mr.DemonFae: Invader Zim theme song. Yup, neat song. We should watch Invader Zim, or read the comics.

*MrDarkUnicorn: Nippon Manju - Lady Baby. I told him last night and earlier today that he’s very cute. He doesn’t understand what cute is. I told him cats are cute. He insists he’s nothing like a cat so he still doesn’t understand what cute is. He knows I think this song is cute, so he brought it up, trying to study and understand what cute is. It’s funny how intensely he’s listening to this song xD

*MrDragon: In the flat field - Bauhaus. Yay for enigmatic songs. Nice bass, and despite it being calm and not jazz at the same time, it’s still enjoyable.

*Mr.GuardianAngel: Blush - Jeffree Star. No shame at all of how much we’re into certain pop music. You go girl. Guy. Pal. I love you.

*LittleGirl: Teenagers - My Chemical Romance. Yaaaaaaas :D

*LittleBoy: Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston. You’re too cute

*NewGuy: Blue - Eiffel 65. Aw I’ve sensed you’re a bit down. Don’t worry, you’ll fit right in before you realize it.

Whoever has taken the time to read this, I hope you enjoyed it. Have a nice day n_n