Okay but when Damon said “I’m doing it for Bonnie, not for you.”

It wasn’t an angry outburst.

It wasn’t spur-of-the-moment.

It wasn’t just a petty jab to try and hurt her feelings.

He had a little bit of time to think about it, and the conclusion that came to him was so simple, so easy that he could just say it, no strings or drama attached.

This is the Damon that Bonnie has helped inspire him to be. This is the Damon that there’s still hope for. 


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Backbones big and small. As we make way for the temporary storage of our taxidermy, we’ve had to move some very big bones, like this whale vertebra. The whale vertebra was previously painted, which you can see in the close up of its surface. The enormous bone is over 1m wide and tall and it isn’t light either. For comparison look at the tiny vertebra of a shrew, which we can only show you thanks to a microscope!

A lot of people have been (playfully) bashing Jeremy for saying Bonnie hates Damon, and interpret his subsequent look as a kinda “wtf you’re a moron you know shit” kinda look, which I totally get! But, for me.. Idk. My impression of that scene was that Damon is actually realizing, holy shit, she doesn’t hate me anymore. He’s like, suddenly seeing how much their relationship has changed since they began their little journey on the other side together. And it hurts him, because now she’s gone and no one is ever going to know how much she meant to him, how much he meant to her. How much they cared about each other. Everyone will always remember them as the two people who hated each other. And because she’s dead (he thinks), he’s never going to be able to change that.


Project Littlebone

New mythos in progress based on my shitty really weak Redguard sneak mage on legendary difficulty in Skyrim. Have ideas for the character to be in a fantasy setting where she is the weakest and most cutesy thing to ever grace upon a dangerous blood thirsty fantasy world. Drawings below main character is her race the Phage. They worship a Snake god of Blood called Siphon. Gonna implement elders or shamans who bring glory and praise to Siphon become closer to becoming snake like.