Flashback: The Only One Who Could Ever Teach Me

*Sigyn’s classmates often mock her for being so somber at the seasonal holidays. The others enjoy having time off to rest and spend time with their families.“

*All the holidays mean for her is more time with her parents or Theoric. If she had to choose, she could not name which was less appealing. One thing she was certain of, no matter where she ended up she found herself longing to be anywhere else, and back at her studies was one of the top alternatives.*

*There were other, even more appealing thoughts that occurred but she did not dare name them, even to herself.*

*When she can, she goes walking in the forest. Neither her parents nor her betrothed share her love of plants, and they find such sojourns tedious. Which means she has come to love her solitary walks all the more.*

*Today is such a day. She wakes at dawn, packs a knapsack with food and water, and even indulges herself by wearing her practice dance costume under her clothes. If she finds a clearing that isn’t too rocky, she will dance.*

*She pulls her cloak around her shoulders and grabs her walking stick and sets off across the meadow, quickly disappearing among the trees.*

Flashback: A Hairy Situation

*Though archery is not her strongest skill, Sif finds she enjoys helping Loki with his. Truth is he’s a better shot than she is, but she thinks he is doing her the favor of making her believe she is the one teaching*

*Taking another look at his form, she adjusts her own, waiting for him to shoot first*

I can never quite tell if these lessons bore you, my lord. *smiles just a little as she sites down the riser*

Earth CS-2: Times Change, But Not So Much

*There is always something, some fire that needs putting out immediately and somehow nobody else can do it but you, Sigyn. But even people so vitally important (or perhaps everybody else is just feigning incompetence so they don’t have to do any of the work) need to take a break sometime. So she dresses simply, a casual little dress that would not be out-of-place in a dive, and heads out.*

*She sighs to herself and runs a hand through her hair as she enters her favorite watering hole, the same timeless, dingy establishment that friend Logan had introduced her to all those years ago. Friend Logan was no longer exactly a “friend” but she still thinks of him fondly, and had not lost her taste for cigars or tequila and so, in times of stress, finds herself indulging in both.*

Mac: Heya, doll. The usual?

*She smiles as she climbs onto the stool* Of course. And a book of matches, if you would be so kind.

*Mac obliges and she lights her cigar, puffing idly, watching the Nicks game on the overhead tv.*

They will never progress to the playoffs if they do not improve their defensive maneuvers.

This Is Family Business

*Sigyn lets Theo off the lead as soon as they return to the embassy, and she wastes no time bolting off to find Thori to gloat about her latest adventures because I AM DOG AND I GO ON ADVENTURES AND I MEET BIGGER DOGS THAN YOU, THORI*

*She then checks the time and turns to Angrboda* The boys will soon be done with their lessons of the day. *she glances down at her clothing, still soaked with Fenrir drool* Perhaps you would like to join me upstairs in our chambers. So that I might change. Also, the less I disrupt them in their studies the better, I have found.

The Food Of the Gods

*Hungry and dissatisfied with the options available in the Asgardian Embassy kitchen, Sif dresses in a flannel shirt and jeans, grabs her barn coat, and leans against the door frame of the common room of their suite*

*watches Loki for a time, quietly, tilting her head just a little and almost smiling to herself*

My lord, Loki. If you are not currently occupied in an engaging battle on the television I would welcome your company in finding the pies of cheese and pork bits.