Pairing: Prince Devitt x FC

Warning: No plot, just SMUT (Oral recieving from his POV - if you don’t feel comfortable with it, please don’t read this).

Word Count: Something short of 1k

Summary: Devitt is in a relationship but of course he can’t stop fooling around.

A/N: I got a request from anonymous to write this scenario with an asshole Finn but I think Finn really is an adorable cupcake so Devitt it is for this one. Hope you like it, anon!

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I’ve met her through our mutual friends a couple of weeks back and my mood improved as soon as I spotted her on the dance floor when I walked through the door of the lively party where my girlfriend dragged me to.

The girl smiled a shy smile at me when I walked past, my girlfriend walking in front of me and pulling me along. I smiled back when I walked past her and she swayed her hips in my direction, “accidentally” touching me. It was electrifying.

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littleblueartist replied to your post: Guys I just want to park my ass in front of the TV…

gawd i love this show, its perfection!! i need to rewatch it too, it’s been too long. i haven’t looked at stacks of cabbage at grocery stores the same way again since watching it XD

Please tell me I’m not the only person who thinks/says “MY CABBAGES!” when they pass the cabbage section.

takanye replied to your postGuys I just want to park my ass in front of the TV…

ATLA being on netflix instant queue is simultaneously the best and worst thing to happen ever

Oh god, yes.  I don’t even own the show yet; we just watch on Netflix.  If they ever take it off of instant, I don’t know what I’m going to do.  Cry, probably.

ussrennerprise replied to your postGuys I just want to park my ass in front of the TV…

This is totally your fault, you know.