We’re excited to introduce Aicosu, WindoftheStars Cosplay, Littlebitx, and Giada Robin as the participants of the Cosplay Senpai Program – our newest addition to the Cosplay Area of the Entertainment Hall. Read more:

Cosplay Senpai are local and global cosplayers who promote the fun, unity, and acceptance of the Cosplay community. Through their amazing cosplays and positive attitudes, we hope to convey the expression and excitement that the hobby can bring to everyone!


Asahina Phootshoot from Sabakon (Photographyer Arctic-Sonata)

This is the shoot I did with Asahina a day before Sabakon, during badge pick up. I really wanted to get some nice shots of Asahina by a pool so whimsicalprincess and littlebitx were kind enough to take some shots of me! These are all Arctic’s shots (AKA Whimsicalprincess) and I just edited them myself.