Yeah this is a big problem for these lumberjacks.  They gotta work all day and they get a bit crazy.  look the truth is you can get addicted to anything in this little world of ours.  as long as you invest enough energy into your chosen object of addiction, the pleasure chemicals will start poppin’ out of dat brain.

now taker this example of the lumberjack.  you wouldnt think that choppin’ trees is a pleasurable sensation.  but this lumby jack is infatuated by this act.  so my friend, be wary of anything in the world that you fancy.  keep your mind as firm as a rock and dont be swayed by that edorphin rush.  ;)

Yeah, sometimes I think about what would happen if I was on a huge piece of ice and I was about to die, because dat ice was about to crack. And I think, should I commit subi first, or should I just let nature take its course and drown in the cold swimmies. It’s truly a paradox. But yeah, this comic isn’t actually so superficial. It’s actually a huge, complicated metaphor about global warming and the fate of this very environment. So seriously, don’t just click “like” and run away. Contemplate the 10,000 metaphors that I have thus inserted into this beautiful comic. Thank you. My name Peter.