2000m of greatness

“It gives life a purpose, see the thing about rowing is you set a goal. lets line up all these people around the world and have them try to achieve the single distance of 2000m. All these people waste their entire life for this goal and ultimately upon that one moment, and in that one moment the person who wasted the most amount of time training and committed themselves wholey to this large endeavour will achieve that greatness." 

-Rob Gibson Canada Mens 8+


why is this rowing video not viral yet? 

I love all you rowers on tumblr
  • Me:posts awesome kick ass rowing photo on facebook
  • Facebook:1 like and 10 smartass comments about how i always post rowing photos
  • Me:posts exact same rowing photo to tumblr
  • Tumblr:50 likes/reblogs and comments about how rowing is beautiful and artsy
  • Me:fuck you facebook. clearly my real friends are on tumblr.