I had zero expectations for this book but it is AMAZING! I recommend it to anyone who creates, innovates and dreams. Peter Sims talks about how we can convert our fears of failing to embracing failure as a way of learning/perfecting our final products. It takes a lot for me to get into books and this one had my attention from page one. So yah, check it out at the library or online. 👌🏾#littlebets #petersims


’Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries’, conference by Peter Sims

Great way to get a deeper understanding of Pixar’s creative process.

Making Bets

I have to admit, I haven’t read many non-fictional books in my lifetime. Not for any particular reason, I just usually read a novel or story if I’m ever going to read a book. When my lecturer suggested that we read “Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries”, I didn’t really know what to expect. Having just finished it this past week I was surprised at how much I related to, and agreed with what was being said throughout the book.

“Little Bets” explores what industry specialists and performers have in common when it comes to developing their own ideas, and how they can iterate over their ideas using little bets to achieve a successful end result.

Before attending school at NYU I had been working within the IT industry for around four years as a web and mobile developer. I had had my own ideas for apps and websites that I was constantly working on throughout those four years and I was finding that day in, day out, I was always thinking of new ideas to work on. As I read “Little Bets”, I found myself wondering if I had applied the techniques that those in the book used to develop their own ideas, would my apps and websites have become a much greater success?

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to have a presentation from Alex Epshteyn, CEO of Ngaged software and founder of Zignage. Starting two completely different companies has enabled Alex to gain the experience to launch a new product called Briteclass, a solution to help students become more engaged in the classroom and with their professors. Fast forward a week and Saikiran Yirran, CEO of Kipin Hall is presenting to us about his startup, also to do with engaging students. The thing is, he too has worked on a number of different ideas before investing a big chunk of money in Kipin Hall and hiring a team of developers.

Both Saikiran and Alex’s ideas could have failed, some may have worked, what’s important is that they knew why they failed and what to try next time. Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems describes it well in “Little Bets”:

“I believe in bumbling around long enough to not give up at things. And eventually success comes your way, because you tried to fail in every possible way, the only way that’s left is the one successful way.”

Two weeks ago, Alex said that you need to have built up a company to have a shot at developing a successful company. In a way, he’s agreeing with what Khosla says. in building a company, regardless of whether it failed or not, the lessons and experience you learnt is so important, that it’ll help you to make decisions in your next (hopefully successful) company. Failure can be a difficult thing to come to terms with and accept, especially after putting in so much time and effort into one of your own ideas, it must be difficult to continue. Saikiran mentioned that he took a year sabbatical after selling his first company, after the year was up he was ready to begin developing another of his ideas.

Actually coming up with an idea, let alone a good one, is such a difficult process. It’s difficult because most of the time we’re only thinking of ideas that are profitable, not ideas that will solve problems that we experience in our everyday lives. Muhammed Yunus, a professor of economics at a University in Bangladesh began to explore a problem. Why was there so much famine in his native country of India? He began at the very bottom, the root of where all of the famine stemmed from and spent time speaking with the poorest farmers in his region. Only then, when he saw the problem from the worm’s eye, did he realise exactly what was the cause of it and could begin to fix it.

A huge part of “Little Bets” was the experience and insight that the team at Pixar had learnt throughout their long and tedious development as what now is a hugely successful animated film company. They didn’t begin life this way, however, as Steve Jobs initially invested ten million dollars in the development of their hardware for digital imaging. What happened over the course of ten years was a pivot from hardware to animation. It seems that the only way to make a successful pivot is to make little bets that shape the new direction of your company.

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I was gone all weekend, but now I’m glad that I can fill these out b/c they’re super fun and cute! I just did one with some of these, but I’m gonna answer them again and add some stuff because its fun. Thank you to the sweet @chanyeol-z for tagging me! (and thank you to @jedi-jongin for tagging me in it again!)

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Random fact: my freshman year, I was shopping for makeup for the first time in MAC and a nice woman was doing my makeup for me. When she was lining my tightline I actually almost passed out and to this day I have no idea why omg

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