Frat party.

Fratboy!Calum au

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A/n: okok I really like the idea of 5sos being fratboys, I regret nothing.

She sat quietly in her normal spot on the campus, the old picnic table covered with her bag, work, and snacks. Tapping her fingers along the table as moved through the papers. Her eyes slowly drifting away from the book in front of her to the students walking or running past. Most of them bundled up and hugging on to one another for warmth from the surprise cold front. All but one. She didn’t even have to really look to tell he was one of the Alpha boys. He was jogging, alpha boys always stayed in shape from what she heard. Not that it was some big hidden secret. Alpha boy’s loved the attention of being seen working out and most girls knew from after parties.

She watched him make his way. Turning her head back down to hide the blush forming on her cheeks when she realized he was staring back at her. A lopsided grin forming on his lips and he changed his course to jog up to her. He slowed down to a walk as he tugged out the headphones in his ears letting them dangle over his naked chest. She didn’t look up hoping maybe if she pretended he wasn’t there when she finally did look up he wouldn’t be. Every girl had heard about the Alpha boys ‘conquest’ it was hard not too. News travels fast when the Alpha’s are involved. They’d try to sleep with as many girls as they could keeping score until the end of the semester. The winner would get fifty bucks from each other boy, nothing but spending money to the rich boys. He rested his hands against the table edge as he tried to catch his breath, smiling down at the girl. “Hello,” he managed after a moment. She closed her eyes for a moment before forcing herself to make eye contact. “I didn’t think I’ve seen you before, at least not around here. In my dreams it’s a different story.” He’s words came out like silk most girls would have practically fainted when he ended it with a wink but she just rolled her eyes.

Muttering to herself as she goes back to her notes in front of her. He pursed his lips before sitting across from her. Reaching out from her mostly full bottle of water, keeping the cap in his hand and he took a chug. “Are you just here to drink my water and annoy me or is there a point to this little meeting?” She muttered angrily as she set her pencil down again. Folding her arms against the table before leaning closer in with a raised eye brow.

“I saw a pretty girl, sitting a lone, and thought maybe I could keep her company.” He tried again only to get a scoff out of the girl. “Also I thought I could invite you to my party tonight. Maybe a few drinks could get you to smile.” He stated with a grin before finish of the cold water. She shook her head as an answer and she let her eyes run down his chest wondering how he wasn’t an ice cube in the cold winter air. “It’s at seven. The Alpha’s place.” His voice was still soft but his ego oozed out of his pores just from saying he was an Alpha.

“I don’t do frat parties.” She answered before shutting the book in front of her and shoving her things back into her bag wanted to get away before his words could work their magic on her. His bottom lip jutted out just barely giving her a slight pout at her response. She let out a small sigh before sliding off the bench. Giving the boy one more look over before speaking. “I’ll see you in trig tomorrow, Calum. Don’t party too hard.” His grin grew as he watched her leave. Satisfaction growing as she give up the fact he knew who he was.

“I’ll see you tonight, if you don’t show up I’m coming to get you!” He shouted after her, chuckling as he watched her lift a hand up and give him the middle finger. But what he couldn’t see was the dumb smile placed on her face as she walked away.