littlebakeneko asked:

I just realized my phone glitched and unfollowed you:( ! I'm re adding you cause its dumb lol sorry. Anyways you should totally watch Steven Universe! Do it!

Naw it’s all good. Tumblr made me unfollow a few people too. BUT HOW DARE.

And I have been watching it actually, not all the way caught up yet, around the 50th episode. It gets better after the first few episodes (thank god)

littlebakeneko asked:

First impression: Wow dude's really quiet... I bet he has some interesting thoughts. Wonder what kind of stuff he likes... He's kinda shy... I wonder what I can do to get him to talk ...

You definitely got a Dan pegged for new people introductions that are face to face. I don’t do the talking to new people thing well…