So! It's my birthday in like 15 minutes!

I haven’t posted here in while due my computer completely giving up but luckily I have acquired (just today) a new laptop!!! So expect more tumblr posts, more music and better production quality!!! this project is going to blossom soon so keep your eyes peeled!!!

I recently played my first real gig as ‘Little Apple of the Earth’. Things went well, very well! I felt that I was able to keep the crowd entertained and on my side. That’s the thing I’m most scared of when playing live, an unresponsive crowd. This crowd was awesome, I played a couple of covers; 'Kiss me’ by sixpence none the richer and Beyonce’s 'Best thing I never had’ and there were people singing along with me!

One of the most fun gigs to play, even if my set was only about 15 minutes long. more and longer gigs will hopefully come round soon :D.

Much Love to all!

Georgey xxx