theterranempire replied to your post: everybody seems to either…

that’s okay friend i’m sat here watching ghost hunters and eating ice cream so i feel you there

you got your t'hy'la !! so like

littleampelos said:

guilty as charged

yeah but i’m happy bc of that, like, you’re neither sbdy i don’t give give a crap about or sbdy into whose pants i want, so it’s ok with you(even though i thought of you there a teensy giant horribly large bit)

phaserscreams said:


you just want ppl to cuddle you and laugha t your terrible puNS YOU DON’T EVEN COUNT
ok unless you’d want to be playing pokemon rn, then i feel ya

littleampelos said: ahh idk, I mean I really want a full colour floral sleeve at the top of my bicep, and I also want the gun garter belt with ‘soldier of the revolution’ on my thigh, but my main concern is covering up the old s.h scars on my hips with matching tattoos

ahhh floral sleeves are so rad!! and i don’t know ‘bout the garter belt, do you have any links??
yeah man, me too, the shit thing is that we’re gonna go to the beach in two weeks and like
my swimming pants don’t cover them and it’s terrible
we people man
two cute little antlers awwhwhw those’d be cute !!

ok tim lemme go nerd on you then if you don’t care ‘bout selene then i’m gonna care about selene

basically she’s a moon goddess ok

basically what luna’s to the romans

that means helios the sun dude is her brother ok
and as artemis (roman: diana) is the actual m0oon goddess they get identified as each other a lot
note: selene A moon goddes; artemis: THE moon goddess

but helios is also her father in different stories so like yeAH WhATEVER
she’s also told to have been seduced by a love crazy pan who was all fine and dandy in a white fleece (in a forest, what a surprise)

ah and her parents are theia and hyperion who are direct kids from the titans

((fun fact: in both main stories 'bout ampelos his deathis an accident!!))

littleampelos said: lol this is when i admit i don’t know much about selene, but i think in some text she’s also known as artemis ?? and she’s drives the moon chariot and she also drove oxen (probably why she was pissed when ampelos was like ‘lol what horns’)

ohmygod when she was artemis then i’m kinda confused bc she once fucked a prince over that hit her fav stag deadly and like
why would she kill a faun boy that mocks her

littleampelos said: in Nonnus’ version, Ampelos is already riding the bull, and after mocking Selene he falls off and then the bull tramples him. But in some other versions he rides the bull afterwards and /then/ gets trampled, but i prefer Nonnus yo

selene ok who’s selene tell me ‘bout that selene

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Mournful and heart broken, Dionysus made Ampelos' body and made him into the first vine, wore the leaves upon his head and made wine from his blood. And seeing as Dionysus was the god of wine, he pretty much made his legacy from Ampelos, which really breaks my heart because Ampelo pretty much had a fucking god wrapped around his pretty little faun fingers

yeah i know that part u butt
but why did he die
didn’t he ride a bull after he pissed a god off or sth and the bull trampled him???

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nah m8 lets be serious for a moment. you have been one of my most treasured friends pretty much ever since we became bros, and man, we became bros fast. you have listened to me no matter what at literally the worst moments and done some pretty sneaky stuff on my behalf (wink wink nudge nudge, top secret mission lol) and you've made me laugh to the point where i've fallen out of bed. you're the super cutest and i love you, love you so much you should get outta my face./peace sign exit/

ilu so much, like never doubt for a second that i wouldnt run down south just to attend your english lessons and debate w/ you about wuthering heights. never doubt that i would do super secret missions for you because i know they’re important to you (also life calling amirite). im glad to have you as a friend bECAUSE DANG SON, you are like one of the best people i  KNOW, and i would not like to live a pitiful existence where i do not know you.


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HapPY BIRTHDAY YOU, i know you're not too overjoyed about today, but remember soon i too will be ageing and we're one more year closer to our dream of scary old people together and throwing stuff at the kids who get on our lawn xx ALSO I'M GONNA PUT YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT LIKE NOW SO YEAH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY

our simultaneously rocking rocking chairs do make this whole thing a whole more bearable!!