Hello everyone :) 

Today I got super wet in the rain, I was all damp and shivery as it kept raining then was sunny then rained again it was awful I didn’t know if I should stand in my stable or not, anyway Hannah came to see me to tuck me up in bed and she came armed with a hot water bottle, a towel, a huge teddy and lots of carrots and apples, she also brought me a book to read as I often fall asleep when she reads. 

So she wrapped me up in my towel and dried me, she says she is going to sew me a little coat for next winter as I get ill super quick as I am so small! so we had to make do with this towel which I actually love!


Hope none of you have been in the rain today!

lots of love

little alf



Just wanted to share this photo with you, this is me taking Hannah for a walk, she was due some exercise so of me went! Think she enjoyed herself in the end, I have her a good pet and some carrots after :) 


lots of love

Little Alf 


Hello everyone!!!

This is a photo of me this morning! I was so excited to see Hannah, I was neighing and neighing, and there she was face planting the floor.. apparently she tripped over coming to see me and has now grazed all her face.. WHOOPS.. she so silly.. 


Hope your all enjoying the sun!

Lots of Love

mini mini Alf XOXO