• Me:*points at cookie in window* can we get one? pleeeeasseee?
  • Daddy:nope sorry princess you're not spoiling your dinner
  • Me:I promise I'll save it until after dinner *pulls a pouty face*
  • Daddy:fine, but not one bite until after dinner
  • Me:ok I promise *buys cookie and sets it on lap in car ride*
  • 15 minutes into the car ride
  • Me:*is trying to silently eat prices of the cookie, gets 2 bites until daddy turns around to say we're here and he sees me eating it* IT WAS HAROLD *points at stuffie* HE TOLD ME TO DO IT AND I DIDNT WANNA BUT HE MADE ME
  • Daddy:*sighs* you shouldn't have listened to Harold now you have to watch me eat the rest of your cookie
  • Me:YOU WOULDN'T *holds cookie close*
  • Daddy:Oh I would

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