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Little Boots- Better In The Morning

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holy shit youre so perfect it actually hurts a little bit

!!!!!!! this is so sweet but pls don’t hurt bc i’m a garbage pail


⇀ ranty time.

   One thing I absolutely hate is when you feel like crying so bad, however you just can’t seem to. It’s not that you’re not sad enough to cry; it’s that you also feel a lot of pent up anger [about subject] inside that you don’t feel like that particular person or thing deserves your tears. It’s the point when you finally realize that you’re so much better than that, that you just can’t seem to bring yourself to the tears you want to fall. And in turn, the part of me that really wants to just sit and break down for a little time just gets angrier that I don’t feel enough hurt to actually fall apart. I know it’s really stupid, but it’s just that every now and then I just feel the need to cry and let everything that I’ve kept inside out. And when I hate someone so much for causing me so much pain that I feel like their shitty life doesn’t deserve my hurt and tears.

Story time

In my sophomore year of high school, during our English final, the teacher told us we could write on the test, and half the class wasn’t listening. So one of them asked if they could write on the test, and she told them yea, and then another and she said yea, and another. So being the little shit’s we are, we all just decided to keep it goin’. We just spent twenty minutes alternating around the classroom asking if we could write on the test, and god bless this innocent minded teacher, she just kept telling us we could, oblivious to the bullshit. Long story short that’s how our class got our English final postponed an extra day

Look guys, my mom found the thingy that helped my feet grow straight(Because my sis and I were premature babus and one of my little feet was crooked, so they had to massage it and stuff everyday so it would grow correctly) :o

Eiffel 65 - Blue Lyrics

They must have thought really hard about this

“Blue (Da Ba De)”

Yo listen up here’s a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world
And all day and all night and everything he sees
Is just blue like him inside and outside
Blue his house with a blue little window
And a blue corvette
And everything is blue for him and himself
And everybody around
‘Cause he ain’t got nobody to listen to

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die                                                                                   I’m blue da ba dee da ba die                                                                               I’m blue da ba dee da ba die                                                                                 I’m blue da ba dee da ba die 

One day, you’ll wake up and he won’t be the first one that would come to your mind. You will look at your phone without expecting his name on your screen. You’ll wake up without thinking how you will survive another day without him. Everything will just stop hurting and you will just be… okay. You’ll get up and start a new life. And you’ll start to realize the things around you that you set aside when you’re in deep pain. You’ll learn how to smile and laugh again. You will hear his name and it won’t hurt you this time. You won’t notice it at first but little by little, you are starting to move forward. You won’t treat everything about him as a dagger that aims straight to your heart. Eventually you’ll forget about the pain and all you could feel is a relief. Because you made it, The hardest part is over and you are ready to move on to the next chapter. And the important part is, you learned a lot of things.

I think I want to be single,
Be alone,
Not have to answer to anyone,
Not have to compromise for anything.

The downside is,
There will be times when I want to jump at the chance of any affection,
But when our two souls don’t match,
I think you inherently know.
And those little things become big,
Until you feel like you’ve given your everything,
And wonder if things will ever change.

#17 He Watches You...

Niall: Read. He loves it when you push your glasses higher onto your nose and when you frown as the plot thickens. He loves that look of awe on your face as you finish a book or the look of determination when you finish a chapter, so eager to start the next. While he doesn’t read himself, he gets how passionate you are about it and lives to hear your theories about your favourite character’s motives.

Liam: Cook. He adores it when you wear that frilly apron over your clothes, when you hum along to the radio buzzing in the corner. Or when you wake up early in the morning and try to surprise him with breakfast. You pull your messy hair into an updo and sway your hips to the music, so content in creating something for the people you love.

Harry: Workout. Although he would never tell you, he loves how hard you go in the gym and has a thing for you looking a little red and sweaty. Him being the gentleman he is, he never comments on exactly what he would rather you be doing than working out, but he is more than willing to spot you or watch you in the mirrors.

Louis: Play. Whether it is football, guitar or the piano, Louis loves to see you get lost in it. He loves that you put your heart and soul into whatever you’re doing and that you share the same interests. When you play your instruments, you look peaceful and when he watches you, he feels like he goes on that journey with you to your happy place.

Will probably cut the box down a little and remove the top row, but my markers have a home now… Since carrying around 63 markers is heavy and potentially very expensive if I somehow lose them all. X.x

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Water eviscerates fire
Mountains are leveled by wind
Love destroys anger and hatred
And prejudice raging within

Tempests end in a rainbow
Darkness is broken by dawn
War eventually leads to peace
And begins, as it ends, in a song

Life brings a promise of death
And death brings release from life’s pain
The madness of joy means so little
Without sorrow to keep the days sane

A seed is the start of a forest
A star is a far-away sun
The heart is the gateway to knowing
That heaven and earth are as one

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Hi, I don't know if you like recommendations of shows or movies, but have you watched Little Witch Academia? I just watched it recently and I thought it be a show right up your alley (though I could be magnanimously wrong).

I’ve never watched it but I’ve heard of it. Weren’t there just screenshots going around for it with caricatures of Dipper, Mable, Connie, Ian, and Rebecca in them?

I’ll have to check it out some time. I know nothing about it so I couldn’t guess if I’d like it or not, but I tend to like everything at least a little so its worth a shot