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I did at least a great job in Accounting, that feeling when I was able to balance the unadjusted trial balance? BEST FEELING. RS was a little bit of mind-blowing. I was kind of caught on guard, guilt filled within me and it made me realized that I am not really knowledgeable about those written in the Sacred Scriptures. Nevermind, from now on, I will start on reading some Biblical Passages day after day, one at a time. It is never too late to start, right?

In the afternoon, we only had a film viewing in our History class. We watched “The Count of Monte Cristo” but we only finished the first half of the movie. It is a 2-hr film and we only had 1 and a half hour session for History. I already watched the movie but still I watched it and recall all my favorite scenes and memorized each of the striking lines I never forgot up to now. “In life, we’re all either kings or pawns,” as said by Napoleon Bonaparte. Amazing, right? Activity hour was spent reviewing for our long quiz in Math of Investments. Wew, that was so unexpected. The formulas were already given and it was a multiple type of exam but still, wow, it blew my mind! The time is such a female dog, it’s everyone’s enemy. It flew so fast and I didn’t even realize that the time to answer is up until our instructor told utter these annoying words, “Pass your papers!” DAMN. I had no choice but to pass it WITHOUT even reviewing. Why is this?

Another session of speech choir practice commenced. It was tiring now that our said “trainor” showed up and took over our practices. We were indeed disciplined because at least there is someone who leads the group with authority but then, it was so exhausting that made everyone so cranky and annoyed, not just because of him but also because of the exhaustion felt all throughout the day.

When the said practice has ended, I saw JWA there, sitting and was trying to fix his shoes? I don’t know but the only thing I knew was unexpecting. I approached him by tapping his shoulder. He looked at me, we were finally face to face, with eye contact. After a split of a second, I finally greeted him, “Happy Birthday!” with a smile, a very legit, sincere and warming smile I could ever manage. I left him dumbstrucked and I liked it. I left the room. I thought nobody saw my gesture but unluckily, one of my classmate did. Oops. But gratefully, the one who saw that was a trustee. Thank goodness!

So basically, today was a wrap. Thank you, Lord! for an amazing day.

Party of One

I’ve mostly refrained from commenting on the Travis Winfrey situation because there seems to be some sort of shipping war going on, so I’m going to start off with this statement before continuing with my point…

I don’t watch the show for the ships. If you take a look at my blog posts, not one of them is anything to do with shipping - it doesn’t interest me that much. Now for my point…

I’ve had a look at the war against Travis, and there’s one vital point that a lot of people are missing. Yes, what he said may have been intended as a joke, yes one or two of the Emison shippers have taken a personal vendetta against his character (that doesn’t mean everyone against him is an Emison shipper)…


Pretty Little Liars is on a FAMILY TV channel. Meaning the show has *a lot* of impressionable viewers as well as older viewers. Sexist comments are never okay, and especially not when you’re supposed to be a role model for the younger generation that watches the show.

Re. The petition to get Travis fired… Scripts etc. Have already been written. And also… Is anyone actually going to stop watching the show because his *character* is still on it? Probably not, because that’s not what we watch PLL for and I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works anyway.

I think it boils down to whether Sasha Pieterse was deeply offended/made uncomfortable by the comments and what Marlene wants to do about it. I tweeted this before and I’ll say it again now…

Fighting hate with hate isn’t going to do anything, people are more likely to hear you out if you speak, not slay.

Giulia OUT.

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“This?” The girl spoke softly as she pointed at the tattered skin on her elbow. A small smile on her lips as she pushed a few strands of hair behind one of her ears.
“I fell down a flight of stairs, landed weirdly.”
She said with a small shrug, she had almost forgot about that scar. How did she fall down the stairs now again? Her brows furrowed a little bit as she submerged into her own thoughts, a few seconds passing before she let a small laughter slip along with a shrug to her shoulders.
“It’s nothing really, fought with my ex… I don’t really remember the details.”
She looked back up at him and kept a pursed smile across her lips.

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Fred and George, would you rather have a dragon or a hippogrif? I know Hagrid can get you either (or both) for a small amount of Galleons.

“A dragon.”

“Hippogriffs, it’s all curtseying and cowtowing, innit? Awful snooty things. Much rather have a nice big dragon—”

“—we can both fit on, and fly to Hogsmeade whenever we like, and toast marshmallows over—”

“—and show off to our professors. Can you imagine? Not even Snape’d give us detention if we had a dragon.”

“Or a little one what can stay in our dorm with us and follow us about and deliver our letters.”

“Either way, much better than a stuffy old hippogriff.”

Quick Pickle Pretty Much Anything with One Simple Ratio

Whether it’s squash, watermelon rind, or plain old cucumbers, we, my friends, can (quick) pickle that. In anticipation of bumper crops, the clever folks at Epicurious have come up with a simple brining base that will allow you to pickle whatever, whenever the mood moves you.

Check out the link below for more details, but the ratio is pretty easy to remember: it’s just equal parts vinegar and water and four times the sugar to salt (start with two tablespoons salt and a half cup of sugar and scale up as needed.) From there, you’re welcome to add classics like mustard seeds, garlic, dill, or take it somewhere a little more interesting with chili peppers, ginger, or horseradish. Heat it all up, pour it in a jar, and in a matter of hours you have delicious homemade pickles.

How to Pickle Basically Everything | Epicurious

from Lifehacker http://ift.tt/1MHF6zq

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There's a lot of sexual tension between me and this girl I like. What can I say (or do) to make it clear that I want to fuck her, without being overly aggressive about it

theres a lot of little things you can say but I think its better to physically show it, gently place your hand on her thigh and run it up until you’re pressing up against her, pull on her clothes to show how badly you want to be up against her, kiss her passionately and show her that she’s more than just sex but that you specifically want her. remind her how stunning she is, be gentle at times then rough during others and read what she wants. make it 100% clear that you just want to please her and she should get the message, but make sure you have consent and its completely mutual or you’re a fucker and i will find your ass and beat you down. 

Admin: Kay

 Hey you amazing person, if you’re reading my story here’s something you have to remember; you’re not alone.  You’ll never be alone.  There might be parts of my story that are quite upsetting, but so far the ending is quite happy.  Just so you know me a bit better my name is Kay and I’m from Scotland (freedom!).  

 My story starts when I was 11.  A family member who I was very close to passed away.  Although this was something I had thought I’d gotten over it’s something that stayed with me for years and just fuelled some of the negative emotions I felt, but we’ll take this one step at a time.  

 Less than a year after this a family member molested my sister which led to a huge break up in the family.  Little 12 year old me was terrified that I had lost someone else, that someone had been murdered.  There were police in my house, my family members were over and I remember just making note of who was where whilst the police spoke to my sister.  Thankfully she had spoken out on the same day as it happened so she could get the help she needed, but the particular family member who had molested her was free to go because there was apparently ‘not enough evidence’.   On top of all this I was getting bullied because of the way I looked and just for stupid little things.  Although I was upset at this point I don’t think I was completely depressed, but I did feel isolated as all of my ‘friends’ turned their backs on me.  They started bullying me too and I couldn’t trust anybody.

 I’d gotten the courage to finally speak up in my first year of high school, though there was still some comments made from the person in particular but these comments didn’t seem to bother me anymore.  I didn’t trust anyone anymore though.  I refused to open up to anyone, there was no point I thought, they’d stab me in the back eventually or end up dying and leaving me alone.

 It was around this time I had my first depressive episode.  There were so many days where I would lie on the bathroom floor just crying.  I’d cover up both of the mirrors and put the blind down and just cry in the dark.  I never got caught, and though most of the time I didn’t want to be there were just days when my own voice in my head kept saying ‘they know, they just don’t care’.  My own worst enemy was really myself, and it was slowly consuming every waking moment.  There weren’t any days were I felt good.  I was either numb at best and absolutely devastated and depressed at worst.  Every day I would always run some water in the sink and just wait.  I’m not a religious person, my whole family are atheists, but there were times when I’d pray in front of this sink and just beg for a sign, for anything that there was something out there that wanted me to keep going on.  Nothing made me feel better, there were no signs that I could see and one day I went through, ran water in the sink and I just wanted to end it there, I held my breath for as long as I could under the water and I felt my lungs starting to burn and I stopped.   I didn’t want to put my family through any more pain than they’d already been through.  Even after that there were days when I would just curl up on the bathroom floor and just sob my heart out.  The things I said to myself were just horrible, I’m not going to repeat them here, but they were things that no one should ever hear said to them, especially if it is in your own head.

 I spoke to my family about how I hated myself one day when I was 14 and they didn’t believe me.  I was told it was just teenage hormones and that it would be over in a few weeks.  My family aren’t bad people, they just didn’t know the extent of the hateful emotions I had towards myself.  

 I was 15 years old when I self-harmed for the first time.  It started off as such a small thing, I would just nip myself but it kept getting worse and worse, I ended up burning myself for a little while and scratching my arms with sharpened pen lids, it developed into an addiction and it seemed to help so much, for those few moments I’d only need to focus on the pain and nothing else mattered.  I knew it wasn’t healthy, but I didn’t class it as self-harm at that point.

 Eventually I convinced my mum to take me to the doctors so I could get into counselling to help me.  I had never told anyone but one of my closest friends that I self-harm.  I remember that she had a look of disgust on her face when I told her.  There are really just some things you never forget about people.

 Anyways, I went through counselling, I told the woman that I had self-harmed but I’d never told anyone I had tried to commit suicide, and I didn’t want to say anything to this woman especially.  I wasn’t going to do it again so there wasn’t any need for her to know.

 To be honest with you, for me the counselling never really worked.  I felt better for a few hours, but I still felt isolated.  My one friend knew what was going on, and all I can remember her saying is ‘can you not at least pretend to be happy?’ Looking back now I’m surprised I didn’t just break down in tears right in the middle of the school hall.  And honestly my family didn’t help too much either. My mum has undiagnosed OCD and although she cares a lot for us she’d often snap and scream at us and our dad just because there was a bit of mess.  There are times when she’d say that she should just kill herself and it scared me. What if I came home and she’d killed herself?  I still don’t have the best relationship with my mum, nor my sisters, though that’s mainly a personality difference now.

 The self-harm stopped for a while.  I relapsed twice before I finally managed to get away from that addiction.  It’s almost been three years now, and it still gets hard at times, but I’ve found that there’s so many people out there who are willing to help you, and there are things that you discover that will help you specifically.  For me I started helping people that were younger than me who were going through self-harm and giving them resources and tips for how to stop.  It helped me so much.  Childline is truly an amazing website, and their forums really helped me a lot, they gave me the chance to help someone out there.  I still love helping people now, and I’ll do my absolute best to help anyone who needs a helping hand.  Really, I care for you, no matter how ridiculous it seems that a stranger can care about someone they’ve never met, I really do.

 I’m 19 years old now, I was just diagnosed with depression a few months ago by an amazing doctor and am now on medication to help me combat it (and I am currently kicking depression’s ass!).  And honestly without Markiplier I might not have had the courage to go to my doctor by myself at a time when I felt so alone.  My first year of University might not have been the best, but thanks to Mark I found the determination to carry on and push through all the barriers and I have not only passed my first year of University but I also have a job with them, woo!

 You’re never alone, please remember that.  There are people like you, like me everywhere.  We’re all together, we’re all fighting for another chapter of our own stories.  We’re a community, and we’re here to help you, so please lift your chin up and reach out to someone who can help you, because that’s where the journey to becoming who you need to be begins.  Viva La Vida hun, fly high.

Kay (How a Super Heroine Learns to Fly).  

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Angela, Stephanie (yahoo uk) posted the press release she received from the radio station twitter.*com/stephanieriou/status/628191474224599040



anon said:

If I was radio 1 I would be PISSED that I wasn’t allowed to ask any questions about the baby but Liam talked about it with some other show?


immyislarryaf said:

The main thing for me is the topic must have been blacklisted because why wouldn’t it have been mentioned on radio 1 like millions of people here listen to grimmy so why wouldn’t they confirm it there because that would cause more people to know 


Yeah it’s all effing weird, from multiple angles.  

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"Well I did deliver her, so of course" *she chuckles as I come back into the room, setting her cup down as she holds Ava* "well hello there little one" - Sergio

True *giggles and smiles as I hand her over carefully, you coming over and sitting down next to me as I rest my head against your shoulder*

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So, I just saw some pictures Eliza posted from TS's concert and I had major Strangers on the Phone feels. Just thought I'd share it with you.

Ahh! All the feels! Little known fact, but I actually modeled Alexandria’s tour on TS’s in terms of length and venues played
And the whole inspo for the story came from attending a TS concert last month

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have you ever cried for laughing too much? :)

YES! So many time :D I have this few friend who just make me laugh all the time <3 and sometimes I make them laugh :D


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Hi #tiuteam! I’ve been MIA lately because I’m in Cape Cod for a few days with my family!🌊🌾🐚This morning my #tiuhusband and I walked down to the beach to watch the sunrise. It was unbelievably beautiful! 🌅 My meals have been pretty good with only a few little vacation cheats here and there. I’ve also fit in a workout at least once a day 💪 Now I’m heading to the beach! Feeling so grateful for my family and friends and the chance to relax on the beach 🙌🐳😎 #tiucheckin #bikiniprogram #toneitup @karena

Troy and I went shopping yesterday and I received so many compliments from strangers ~ some were about my shirt and the rest about my hair 💜 I also found lots of little goodies! I bought a floral top which was on sale for $5 🌸 an incense burner (made from mango wood) as well as lavender and sandalwood mini incense sticks 🌾☁️ I also bought a glass test tube with a cork top plus we went thrifting where I found this lovely little wooden cabinet with a glass door, a lined wicker basket and a ballet pink altar cloth 💞✨

And the God of all grace, who called you unto his eternal glory in Christ, after that ye have suffered a little while, shall himself perfect, establish, strengthen you.
—  1 Peter 5:10 ASV