Yeah. She has gotten a little thinner while I went to university to hand in my papers and catch with some folks. And her ‘diet’ was just not having too much to eat since she had grown reliant on my magic getting food to her fat ass. Still takes up the entire sidewalk and then some. No worries there.”

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I'm sorry I'm sure you get a ton of asks like this but it's been almost two weeks and I was just wondering what's the longest I'll have to wait to get paired with a big sister?

It does sometimes take a while, especially with youngers little sisters.
We are very sorry you have to wait. If you are concerned about us receiving your application, you can always ask us, we’ll be happy to talk to you.


I never wanted any of this I knew you were just a girl wasn’t anything special telling me you thought I was different I still am I know I am but you’re just becoming everyone us from this shitty town we’re from take care of yourself you’re so much better than your being keep sparking the weed I taught you to smoke with my baby boys lighter keep bringing people round my kids you wanted me I always paced myself and set limits never took the jump never wanted to you have no one to blame but yourself I told you not to fall in love I didn’t even have to try you started and broke the relationship all by yourself I was just a fucking puppet your little fucking toy never again and I had said that before you but this time I mean it ain’t a woman alive worth tripping over enjoy the new nigga he ain’t better than me on my worst day

Who are you calling a mini bean sprout tiny little pip squeak who’s so short that you can’t even see him without a magnifying glass because he is such a little micro sized baby whose tinier than one grain of sand cause he never drink milk cause it tastes totally gross so he’s going to be a pint sized ant

My roommates and I just partook in the binding of the tangerine jizztrumpet and that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever felt. It was a lot of energy, kind of humming in my shoulders, and that’s the first time I’ve felt something quite like it doing magic.

I do think I need to work on my circle a little, I feel like I absorbed a LOT into my left hand especially. It’s my more receptive one, I think. Now, that may have been because I held the carrot in it, come to think of it. STILL. DILIGENCE. And enough confidence in my work not to kind of deep down want to feel it working and absorbing anything I shouldn’t.

Also an interesting adventure: The vibe felt weird after and I decided my roommates could both do with some cleansing assist (I could too, but I’m still working on that part) so I had everyone work with some different stones I had and discovered a big heavy blockage in someone’s chakra. I have only an extremely cursory understanding of chakras, but there it was, like I was dragging the stone through pitch unrelated to the spell. So that was an interesting thing I learned I could detect. And then I was able to find some serpentine was helpful to her!!!!!

(This is exciting because I’ve been thinking lately about how I’d like to use magic more often and to the benefit of more people, as witches have traditionally done. If I can keep my herbs alive–the starflower I don’t think likes where I put it and does not look good right now and I’m so upset–I want to start making teas and honeys and balms and that sort of thing I can give out or sell, and if I can work in some other kinds of healing, that’d be great, too!)

@streetwisebusinessman answered:

He glanced over at the other man, a little bit of a smile on his face.  Sinclair was fully aware of the fact that he was bleeding, but Illya’s words made it not hurt quite as much.  It was amusing, though; he hadn’t really tended to get into too many fights when he was younger, but now?  Well, apparently, it was becoming something of a regular occurrence.

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment,” he said with a laugh.  "You gonna help me get cleaned up or are you just gonna stand there and laugh at me?“

Continued from HERE

The blond felt his lips start to turn up in a mirror of Augustus’s expression, stopping himself suddenly. Hoping that the other man hadn’t seen the almost-slip. He did, however, allow himself a faint chuckle when the businessman laughed. 

“I had been planning on just standing. But since you’ve ruined the fun of it.” 

He reached out, careful of the idiot’s cut. And the bruise. “It will need antiseptic. I have some in my office.” Office/apartment. Though, as long as no one started opening doors it should appear a normal PI office. “You can walk I hope.”

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Yet another day where Isabel had been more than a little bit stubborn. She had insisted on going to work, despite her not feeling well. Fever and chills, on top of an intense sense of dizziness, kept overtaking her. Lips and cheeks were pale in color, body slumped more than usual as she approached where they’d meet for their daily duties. 

She had purposefully not told Ymir how she was feeling and left before she had even woke up. At the moment, Isabel was regretting not telling Ymir. At least then she’d be in bed and not feeling as if she were a walking corpse. 

As she approached the other women, her vision had begun to focus in and out, eyes drooping the closer she got. 


Her voice was barely audible, a mere whisper as she made one last attempt to reach her, falling right into her arms. She was out cold before she’d been caught, body limp and motionless. The only sign she was even alive was the soft rhythm of her breathing. 

penaltywaltz  asked:

London, Prague, Hong Kong & Madrid!

London: How do you take your tea?
Honestly… I don’t really like tea. X-)  There’s one kind of tea I do like, Rosa de Jamaica that I discovered in Guatemala. It’s made from dried hibiscus flower petals, and it’s a bright fuscia color with a very fruity, cranberry-like flavor, and I like it either hot or cold with a little sugar in it. If you ever happen to come across it… I can’t seem to find it in this country, though X-)… definitely try it. :-)

Prague: What is your favorite season?
Of Sherlock, I love them all… Doctor Who, I still gotta go with season 8… Cabin Pressure, all of them as well… Broadchurch, gonna have to say season 1… Stargate SG-1, it’s kind of a tie between 4 and 7… The Blacklist, still season 1 before it became The Tom Show… Saving Hope, season 1 as well because Charlie was so freaking relatable… meteorological seasons, on the other hand, I still like autumn weather the best because where I live, the average high temperature for that time of year is in the lower 60′s, which is exactly where I like it to be, and I love seeing all the trees changing colors. :-)

Hong Kong: What is your earliest childhood memory?
I’m thinking it was 1982, so I was either 2 or 3, because it was when my family was living in a house we rented by the shore of one of the Great Lakes, and it used to have a breakfast bar.  I remember sitting at the bar on one side of it, my grandfather on the stool next to me, and my grandmother on the other side of the bar making toast and putting butter on it.  My grandmother asked me if I wanted a piece of toast with butter, and I said yes, so she made me one.  She handed it to me, I said, “Thanks,” and it immediately flipped out of my hand and landed butter side down on the bar top.  And I clearly remembering my grandpa thinking that I had done that on purpose, but honest to God, I didn’t. X-)

Madrid: Describe your aesthetic.
Maybe I’m behind the times or something, but I’m still not clear on what this means. X-)  If it means what I assume it means, then I guess I can say I prefer things to be more simplistic over fancy, comfortable and practical over fashion, no makeup, minimally styled hair, not into jewelry beyond my 7 (fake) diamond stud earrings, occasionally my Evenstar necklace and/or Nenya ring, and zero hoots given about whether something is a “girl thing” or a “boy thing,” as long as it works for me. X-)

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                                       W H I T E    H O U S E S

“Maybe you were all faster than me, we gave each other up so easily. These silly little wounds will never mend, I feel so far from where I’ve been. So I go, and I will not be back here again. I’m gone as the day is fading on white houses. I lied, wrote my injuries all in the dust. In my heart is the five of us in white houses.”

White Houses is a skeleton roleplay based on the song of the same name by Vanessa Carlton. The roleplay revolves around a group of estranged friends who are reuniting for the first time in five years to spend the summer together in hopes of mending their friendships. 


I cut my leg on barbed wire running away from home and I got a black eye from a metal fence being swung into my face.
And the first time you kissed me these two memories popped into my head.
I watched the sun rise everyday for a year and thought that they were the most beautiful thing I would ever see; until I saw the light hit your face.
365 mornings wasted now because I’ve associated all of them with you.
And ever since I was a little girl my mom always has said,“I told you so”, whenever I got hurt,
but she kept her mouth shut when I lost you.

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❝ Time never stands still. ❞

& - meme. / @lyoniiisms

          “doubt anyone is surprised about that little revelation,” rook was quick to sarcastically murmur in response. he was not trying to be a smartass, he just found the need to philosophize at odd times to be… well, odd. straight forward man that kept his eyes down on the coordinates on the table, not really caring to think too deeply upon sarah’s words. the captain told him to get them precisely just so this test flight could actually be handled professionally. there is a reason why airplanes or really anything that could fly was not largely sought after with the enclave holding a monopoly on the skies. now that the brotherhood of steel had it, things were changing and rook found himself at the forefront excitedly so.

          yet taking a glance at the other when it was noted the presence remained, he finally remembered his place. body snapped up straight in an instant, turning towards the woman with a strong salute and eyes forward. “apologies ma’am, i was not thinking.” he could go into how all he had time to think about was the plans and not protocol, but excuses were only for the foolish. thus he remained as so and awaited for any sort of direct command.

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When will you start working on writing 'The Gift'? I read it and want more,you're such a great writer! ❤️🌹

Thank you so so much! I’ve been a little bit snowed under with my course work currently but am always trying to keep writing as best I can ❤