applications for uk universities are coming up in a few months, so i figured i should post the tips i have collected from when i applied (since they’re all just sitting in a word document gathering dust), particularly for the personal statement! we had a talk from an admissions tutor who told us most of the stuff below + i attended 6 open days and picked up a fair few bits along the way (some stuff might be more relevant to sciences/physics)

the personal statement: what??

  • your personal statement is likely your only opportunity to try and ‘sell yourself’ to universities since most courses at most universities don’t interview
  • you send the same one to all your unis (even if you apply to different courses!)
  • 4000 characters and 47 lines limit (you’ll probably hit the line limit first - keep copying and pasting it into UCAS to check this since it’ll probably be a little different to your word processors count). the average is about 500 words

example structure

  • 80% academic, 20% extracurricular is generally a good guide
  • paragraph 1, intro: personal trigger for your interest in the subject you’re applying for! (not just ‘i’ve always been good at it/liked it’) - how your subject relates to society/current affairs if applicable and relevant (you’ll be seeing that word a lot). what aspects of the courses you’re looking forwards to (but don’t accidentally refer to something not done at all your choices) - prove that you know what you’re getting into
  • paragraph 2: what have you done to develop your interest? trips, books, wider reading - both in and out of school/college. link it to your subject! work experience, relevant volunteering. career aspirations - if you have one, put it in! it’s not set in stone just because you wrote it in a personal statement. part time job - skills gained (again, relevant ones), not just facts.
  • e.g. i worked in housekeeping part time => work under time pressure to a high standard and working effectively as part of a team
  • paragraph 3: non academic achievements e.g. duke of edinburgh - again, skills gained. if you’re doing a gap year, why/what are you doing etc - benefits?
  • paragraph 4, summary: short, just a few lines. final impression. recap - this should answer “why do you want to go to university and study your course” and “why do you deserve to be offered a place”. relevant to course - make reference to course choice/area, not generic. career aspirations are good to mention here. can keep it vague-ish for multiple courses, but course area should be clear!
  • this is just an example containing most of the stuff that should be in it - how you break it up doesn’t matter too much as long as it does have a structure (remember line breaks will influence your character/line count!)

good words/phrases

  • rewarding, improved, interested, taking part, reinforced, gained, strengthen, in addition, developed, broadening, hard work, commitment, enhanced, thrive under pressure

long list of advice

  • be concise - characters are limited and you have a lot to say
  • be honest - lying is a. unnecessary and b. will probably come out later
  • remember the person receiving this probably reads thousands, try and keep it interesting
  • organised & structured!
  • persuade the reader that you deserve a place
  • avoid generic statements - everything must be relevant. as much as they may be true, things like “i achieved good grades/always enjoyed this subject previously” are obvious fillers.
  • imagine this is your interview - as i said, you probably won’t get a real one! why do you want to study this, what makes you the right person for this course.
  • DO NOT LIST. don’t do it. expand on everything you put down, make it relevant - what your experiences are isn’t important, what you got from them is.
  • spelling and grammar. check it, check it, check it again - and this must be done by a human, spell checkers don’t notice if you use the wrong word (it’s best to go with a teacher or parent, something like that, not other students or people on the internet - be very careful about sending your personal statement to people online).
  • don’t talk about things that belong in other sections - e.g. how good your grades are (they can already see these), extenuating circumstances (should be explained by your referee in the reference). repeating yourself makes you look desperate to fill space.
  • avoid ambiguity - explain yourself! e.g. ‘i did my gold award’ - in what?!
  • authentic - don’t be pretentious
  • avoid being generic
  • ‘i’m looking forward to having an experience to remember for the rest of my life’ it lasts 3+ years; you’re going to remember it. don’t say it.
  • ‘looking forwards to independence’ - very rarely a choice when you go to uni. virtually everyone else is in the exact same situation here. don’t waste characters on things that aren’t relevant or really important.
  • ‘my family…’ they do not care about your family, they care about you. it is about you.
  • avoid cliches
  • add comments, views and explanations to your points - pretend it’s an english essay or something - making a point by itself gets you no marks
  • use your own experiences - you will have enough, don’t make it up.
  • ‘i’m quite good’ - avoid neutral or passive terms to describe yourself. be positive and show off that you do have these skills!
  • similarly don’t be uncertain - ‘i usually meet deadlines’ is pretty unconvincing
  • don’t play things down!
  • do your research - know which modules you will study in your courses so you can keep things relevant. talk about things you are particularly excited about and why.
  • what have you done outside of the a level course requirements?
  • obviously, don’t mention any of your unis by name or location (or course if they vary)
  • avoid humour: when someone makes a joke in front of a large audience, if they didn’t come to see them make jokes you will notice that maybe half laugh. you don’t know which half the person reading your personal statement will fall into. don’t do it.
  • make connections between interests and courses
  • draft and redraft and redraft until it’s perfect… and then check it over a few more times!
  • … but don’t let the people who check it over for you rewrite it! this must be your personal statement if you want to get anywhere
  • it’s run through sophisticated plagiarism/similarity software by UCAS. don’t write with a friend, don’t get one off the internet.

hopefully some of this helps someone out there, good luck!

(21:55) Let's Play: Minecraft - Episode 222 - Dark Monopoly

Jack: Hey, guys, Ryan’s going off to do it by himself without paying attention!
Ryan: I’m back at my piece!
Jack: I know, did you roll yet?
Ryan: I haven’t done anything!
Gavin: Ryan, the only piece here is you.
Jack: I’m keeping an eye on Ryan, making sure he keeps it clean.
Jeremy: (about landing on a space Michael owned) Michael? It was a great stay.
Michael: Hey, thanks for staying! Sorry about all the arguments around you.
Jeremy: I’ll give you a good review!
Gavin: Arguments…?
Ryan: Yeah. Gavin being a little mincy little prick.
Gavin: I wasn’t being mincy!!
Ryan: You are the minciest little prick I’ve ever met! I didn’t even know the word “mincey little prick” until I met you and then I understood the concept before I had the words.

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If you're still up for Chulu prompts, I think it would be really cool to read something where Chekov gets to be a badass. As much as I love cute, delicate Pavel, I need more BAMF Pavel in mi life. Maybe rescuing Sulu on a mission?

(i’m sorry this took me so long to write, but i was mulling it over and over in my head for two days trying to get it right, so i hope this is okay!)

It was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill away mission, but Sulu was beginning to think this supposedly peaceful planet had it in for them. First Chekov had fallen in the river they were trying to cross and lost his pack, then Ensign Sh’avinnot vanished, and before Sulu had time to process what was happening, here he was, trapped under a boulder from an unexpected landslide.

“Pavel, I don’t ah- I don’t think it’s gonna move-“

“Yes, it vill, just- Just hold on, okay? I’m going to get you out from under zhere, promise.”

If Sulu bit his hand anymore, he was going to do some serious damage to it. The pain in his leg was excruciating, he was certain it was broken.

Chekov gave up pushing and instead threw his entire weight at the boulder, in the hopes that it would make a difference. There was no immediate change, but eventually, it began to shift, just enough to free Sulu’s leg.

“I can’t let go of it, or it vill fall again. You’re going to hawe to pull yourself free. Can you do zhat?” If Chekov’s face grew any redder, he was going to pass out.

Sulu managed a nod. Now that the pressure was off his leg, it somehow felt so much worse. He dragged himself back on his elbows, pulling himself out of the range of the boulder just in time as Chekov let it drop back down in exhaustion. He was immediately at Sulu’s side.

“Don’t vorry, ve’ll get you out of here in n- Hey!”

Chekov began waving frantically behind him. Sh’avinnot must have finally found them.

“What happened?” she asked, out of breath from running, the badge on her uniform translating from her native Andorian.

“Rock slide, Sulu’s badly hurt. Do you hawe your communicator?”

Sh’avinnot nodded, fishing it out of her pack. “Three to beam up. We need Medical, Lieutenant Sulu has been badly injured, looks like a broken leg.”

The first thing they saw when they rematerialized on the transporter pad was Doctor McCoy’s worried expression as he ran through the door. He was immediately at Sulu’s side, checking him over.

“You two, help me get him down to Sickbay,” McCoy ordered, before turning back to Sulu, “Now don’t look so worried, Mr. Sulu, it’s just a broken leg, we’ll have you patched up in no time.”

McCoy was true to his word, and Sulu’s leg was reset and in a cast in hardly any time at all.

“What happened down there?” he asked, making a note on his PADD.

“Big landslide, his leg was trapped. I managed to pull him free,” Chekov answered, worried eyes still on Sulu. Sulu mouthed ‘I’m fine’ for what had to have been the fifth time.

“You’re lucky to have such a brave knight in shinin’ armour to look after you,” McCoy joked, raising an eyebrow at Sulu. At least Sulu thought it was a joke, it was hard to tell with McCoy.

McCoy turned to Chekov. “Mr. Sulu’s gonna need some time to rest now, so I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Chekov took one last look at Sulu before nodding. “Let me know if you need anyzhing, okay?”

Sulu smiled. “I’ll be fine, I’ll see you later.”

When McCoy had finally deemed him fit to leave Sickbay, Kirk threw a small party for Sulu, more of a gathering of friends and workmates, as a gesture to welcome him back.

Sulu was the last to arrive. “Couldn’t get my damn pants on over this cast,” he explained with a sheepish expression to the amusement of the others. Chekov helped him to a chair, handing him a drink.

An ensign shyly approached Sulu, asking what had happened. Of course everyone knew some of the story, but Sulu had been more focused on being alive and recovering than retelling the tale. Besides, that’s what he had Chekov for, who, right on cue, gathered the ensign and her group of friends around himself and Sulu. Once Sulu was awake again and feeling better, Chekov had wasted no time regaling people with the tale of ‘Sir Chekov and the Damsel Sulu’. Sulu didn’t mind, even if the story was a little far-fetched and gradually more and more wildly exaggerated. First, it was a landslide with one boulder, than two, then there was a six-legged bear, then a wild storm – Sulu was beginning to forget what the truth was.

“And zhen out of novhere, zhere vas a bear, vizh teeth like zhis-“ Chekov made a few elaborate gestures with his hands. “-and I zhought if I stayed quiet, it vould not see me. It must hawe heard me, it turned around, and I had lost my phaser-“ Chekov was becoming more excited, breathless as though he’d been running. The story was ridiculous, but the ensigns were enraptured, and soon more people were gathering to listen. “-I do not know vhere I got zhe strength, but I knew I could not leave my friend-“ Chekov clapped Sulu’s shoulder, and Sulu was trying so hard not to laugh. “-to die. I lifted zhe boulder, it vas zhis big, and I threw it at zhe bear, and it ran avay injured. Luckily ve vere beamed up shortly after, and I got him to Sickbay in time to save his leg.”

It was a clean break, McCoy had told Sulu, nothing he couldn’t fix, but here Chekov was making it seem as if he had gangrene and almost lost his leg. He at least had the decency to pretend to be embarrassed as the group applauded his heroics.

“Didn’t your mother teach you that lying is bad?” Sulu teased in a low voice, so that only Chekov could hear him.

Chekov pretended to be offended. “Vhy, Hikaru, I saved your life and zhat’s how you talk to me? I’m hurt.”

Sulu laughed. “You’re right, I’m forever indebted you, my knight in shining armour.”

Chekov grinned, making an exaggerated motion of bowing to Sulu, taking his hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it. Thankfully Chekov was pulled away by the now very smitten group of ensigns before he could see the red creeping across Sulu’s face.

Lego House, Part Three

Characters – AU: Babysitter!Sam x reader

Summary – Sam and the reader get to know each other a little better.

Word Count – 3,640

Warnings – Fluff

A/N – There will be at least two more parts to this series, because I just can’t help myself!  LOL!  Enjoy! And as always, feedback is loved and appreciated!

Catch up: Part One, Part Two

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Sam!” you heard from the other room.  “I’m ready! Come tuck me in!”

You giggled.  “You’d better go, or she’ll come back out here and march you back to her room.”

He gave you a wink and then walked down the hall to your little girls’ room and disappeared inside.  Almost immediately, you heard her giggling, and you smiled to yourself, wondering how you got so lucky as to have Sam in your lives.

While Sam tucked Maile in for her nap, you wandered into the kitchen to figure out what to make for dinner. You decided to start with dessert. You figured Maile would be upset if you served your cookies as dessert, so you pulled out the ingredients needed to make piecrust.  You were kneading the dough together and shaping it into a disk when Sam came returned. When he saw what you were making, he grinned.

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Room service*

Cameron Dallas Imagine

*WARNING SMUT (tiny little bit)

Word count: 837

Request: Cam imagine y/n goes on tour w him😏

„So you guys came here to have a good time. So lets just enjoy this and not think about any of our worries, alright?“ Cameron was standing backstage with the mic hyping the crowd. The lights on stage were dimmed.

I can’t believe I actually agreed to be here. There were two shows left before we could go home. I looked at him and he seemed happy.

They all rushed on stage but before Cameron did he came up to kiss me leaving me craving for more. I had to admit we didn’t have lots of time for us alone. While in hotels Cameron and I shared a room with Aaron. On the tour bus people didn’t even sleep. I mean they tried but it didn’t work out most of the time. Conclusion: I had a lack of sex and it was worse than when he was alone on tour.

Tour life was a mess. It was fun to see new cities and to meet all these amazing people but it took all my energy. I also was in desperate need of alone time. Cameron often told me I should go explore the city on my own but what if I’d get lost?

I was brought back out of my thoughts when people started shaking me. I didn’t even realize that Cameron called me onto stage. „Maybe if we shout her name she’ll get up here faster!“ And there it was the crowd shouted „Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!“ 

I slowly went up there overwhelmed by the crowd. Cameron put his arm around your shoulder. „So. This is my beautiful girlfriend Y/N as you probably know.“ The crowd started chanting. „KISS! KISS! KISS!“ A smirk appeared on his face and I felt blood rushed into my face. Before I knew it his lips connected with mine. I smiled into the kiss like an idiot.

When he was done performing She Bad we basically all left the stage.
I spent most of the time backstage or with the guys at the VIP section. Sometimes I was on stage doing a Q&A via Twitter with some of the guys.

After the show we went to the hotel. I just opened the door to the shared hotel room when I felt his hands on my waist. „We’re not going in there.“ He whispered into my ear. I felt his smirk when he brushed his lips against my neck. „Where are we going instead?“ I closed the door to the room. We still stood in the hall. Suddenly he flipped another card in front of my face. „Really?“ I couldn’t help but giggle. „Come on. They want to go for dinner afterwards.“ He grabbed my hand and lead me to our newly secret room.

„Could you stop giggling for one moment? We are gonna get caught!“ He whispered with a big smile on his face. 

He opened the door and quickly pulled you in. As he closed the door he pushed you to the wall next to it. „I missed you.“ He whispered into my ear. „Shut up and kiss me.“ You said before pulling him into a kiss. It was passionate and heated. He pulled my shirt up a little exposing my waist where he placed his warm hands. 

His hands slid down to my thighs pulling me up. My legs hugged his waist and he carried you over to the bed putting you down softly. His lips found my sweet spot on my neck. I tugged at the hem of his shirt and he shortly after undressed himself as did I. We definitely had no time to waste.

His lips connected with mine and soon he thrusted into me without any warning. I moan against his sweet lips. hHis lips moved down to my neck and his hands held my hands back. His pace was getting faster. My legs were around his waist. My moans got louder and he groaned against my skin. Soon the both of you reached your climax. He laid down next to you when he road his high out. 

„Why didn’t we think of this earlier?“ I said out of breath. He laughed as he came closer to me leaving a peck on my lips. „I don’t know.“ His smile was as big as ever. He took his phone and saw a text from Aaron. „Aaron’s asking where we are.“ We both laughed a little. „We should get ready for this dinner that you mentioned earlier, shouldn’t we?“ I didn’t want to leave this room. I wanted to stay like this as long as possible. My head was leaning on his chest. „We could just get room service instead and afterwards tell them we got lost in the city.“ I looked up at him. „Maybe we should get room service.“ I leaned up kissing him and he flipped me onto my back deepening the kiss.

A/N: Hope you liked this imagine! Sorry it’s pretty short. Tell me what you thought! If you have any requests just send them to me right >>> HERE <<<. Anyways have a great day/night! Love you all :D


by Olaylou

Harry Styles has always had a crush on the Pastor’s son Louis. Ever since he randomly stopped by last year and decided to stay and help his dad out with the Church. Everything about him turns him on; his tattoos, his eyes, his playfulness. After a while, Louis and Harry get close… Maybe a little too close

Words: 657, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’
Bits and Pieces

read it on the AO3 at

by Sincestiel

Dean hands himself out in bits and pieces. That’s what he does with Sam, what he did with Lisa. John. Bobby. Cassie. All of them. Every person who’s ever been a part of Dean’s life has gotten a little bit of him

Words: 1024, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

“Let’s take it back to where we first began. They turned us strangers into closest friends. Turn the page and see the wonder, that’s here for you and I. Was all so different once upon a time, but now the spark we got won’t ever die. Close your eyes and feel the magic; don’t ever let it go. A bit of me, a piece of you with a sprinkle of attitude. A little dream, a lot of love turn up the heat baby, don’t give up. Yeah I know we’ve come so far, but it’s just the beginning.”


i’m not very eloquent but when someone goes to university and learns skill sets you don’t have, that doesn’t make you lesser than them because you do not possess these skill sets. you have not been given the opportunity to learn these skill sets 

even if there are certain skills that you absolutely cannot attain you still have value as a person and your value isn’t diminished because you cannot gain skills our capitalist society values [pays] today. 

some of the most important skills are undervalued by our society. for instance cleaning dishes is seen as worthless work, but I don’t think most people want to eat off of filthy dishes. 

i just wanna take some time to appreciate the work/skills that go unnoticed and underpaid.

When you work in a downtown metropolis, it’s a breath of fresh air (literally) when you get to go outside and explore what the world has to offer. Recently, I’ve become increasingly more interested in hiking and just being one with nature. Whether that means I’m in the garden with dirt in every crevasse of my body or if I’m sweating it out on a trail, I feel so much more relaxed just being outdoors breathing in non-polluted air. Ralph Waldo Emerson really knew what he was talking about. Feeling the sun’s rays on my face with the wind in my hair is worth the sore muscles and bruises on on my legs. If only I lived closer to the hiking trails; I’d choose to drink the wild air any day.
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I will write my apologies for my insecurities on real pen and paper. I’ll let the ink bleed into the paper. I’ll let the boundaries of the page teach me to say the right things. Never too much, never too little. No words running off, no spaces left untouched. What needs to be said will be said. The second best thing to hearing my voice. When your fingertips run over the slightly dented letters and slightly smear the ink, you’ll imagine my lips tracing those words out. The way silk drapes down the curves of your body. And it’s in that simplicity of forgotten communication that you’ll know it’s more than just an apology. No tangled text lost of context. No voicemail prayer lost outside of an inbox. A sincere apology to you from me.

i don’t need someone to fix me
i am not a leaky faucet
or a broken gutter
i am a tropical storm

i need someone able
to shutter the windows
and plug the drain
not ask for better weather

i need someone willing
to weather the hurricane
and wait for the sun

—  e.a., the storm can’t be willed away, it must be weathered

Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - Dean takes care of you when you’re sick which leads to the boundaries of your relationship getting a little blurry

Word Count -1.5k ish?

Warnings - Probably Swear words. Sexual tension. Bcoz I am an asshole. unbeta’d i feel like that’s a warning

A/N - So i started this for @spnjensenlove02 KK and #The Fangirl Get Well Project but I didn’t realize there was a deadline (because of who I am as a person) so it’s a little late. It’s my first SPN fic guys and I was going to post it all but decided to split it into two parts. ( @femmedplume )

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Featherlight touches down your cheek pull you from sleep as you try to coax your eyes open

“Shit, sorry sweetheart. I didn’t mean to wake you.” Dean brushes hair from your face, slipping a hand down to rest on the side of your neck, a gentle reassuring pressure. 

“S'ok, I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you. I’m sorry, Dean.” You’re sprawled across the couch, your head resting gently in his lap, fallen there at some point during the movie you clearly missed.

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A Guide to Art and Affection

Summary: A certain barista catches the attention of a certain photography student’s camera and it’s a story made for picture frames.

Beta: wonderful @phandaya
Doodler: lovely @sleeping-at-night (link to cool art!!!!!!)
Warnings: none
Word count: 0.8k
A/N: tiny, little drabble written for phandomlittlepop! (ao3 link


i. The point of interest.

The camera’s lens rests gently on Phil’s left palm and a finger on his right hand ghosts above the shutter button. He squints his eyes, peering into the viewfinder. The snap, snap, snap of the shutter captures beauty with each rhythmic click. It finds itself captivated by the image of a barista fumbling and twiddling with the handles of an espresso machine.

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