Gifs (created by me) of the obscure Playstation title called Tail Concerto (utilising the opening and in-game cutscenes), the first installment in the Little Tail Bronx series.

EDIT: Fool’s gif appears to be broken.


That mission where Red meets the kid who calls him “boss” again was just an entire masochistic porno so I made a video about it.

Solatorobo Complete Guide

The Solatorobo guide book.

It’s pretty much just your average game guide book.

It got some character information in the beginning and some world information in the end but the rest of the book is pretty simple, with screen shots, map layouts, text and so on.

Left - with dust sleeve, Right - without dust sleeve

Solatorobo Archives Vol.1 BlueSky

The first out of three art books/guide books released for Solatorobo.

BlueSky contains things such as information about the main characters, area artwork as well as some world information.

As usual with Japanese books, the dust sleeve is removable and a different kind of art work can be found underneath.

In this case, they tried to make some kind of comic page look.

Whether you like the look of the book without the sleeve on I guess depends on personal preferences, personally, I’ll keep the dust sleeve on.