You better watch out

You better not cry

You best behave

or your going to die

cause krampus teemo coming to town!

I know what your thinking : Teemo already has a showdown skin. But compare that to the recent showdown ones and I think you’ll find why he deserves something better then elf reskin

so what better to immortalize the demon of the rift with the demon of the holidays! If you don’t know who Krampus is.. your seriously missing out! its one of the most strange and complex stories I have heard, and I’m glad to see he will be gaining some popularity with the new movie coming out

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You're not the type of person who seems like they went to Catholic school enrjdiwofoxs

Yeah I hated it. Got into so much trouble. I remember when I was around 14 I said something about how abortion should be made legal in my country since making it illegal doesn’t stop women from doing it anyway and at least it would be safer since the medicine they’re using is extremely harmful and the teacher got realllly mad at me like I got sent to the principal’s office for that lmao. I got good grades so they let me get away with a few things but at the end of every semester the parents go to your school to get your report card and talk to your teacher about your school performance and one teacher told my dad that I have the devil’s attitude. Literally those words.

//Given this is the Punch-Out!! verse where Bald Bull trains with a bull ramming onto him at full speed, Bear Hugger befriends a squirrel and trains with a bear, etc., I wonder if I can also go the ‘toony’/slightly anthropomorphic treatment of the animals in Tiger’s home.

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