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saphael first date headcanons :)?

ok so this is gonna be based on what I headcanoned when I was drawing this

  • before they finally do go on their first date, simon’s freaking out because he has nothing nice enough there to wear
  • and hes just running around in front of his closet for about one hour until raphael has to make sure he didnt die out of dehydration or something in there
  • when he gets in, simons still staring into the depths of his closet like hes trying to find freaking narnia and the whole bed and floor is covered in clothes
  • raphael doesnt say anything and just goes back to his own room, comes back with a red varsity jacket in his hand. he shoves it into simons chest and says “put it on and lets go already”
  • because hes feeling a little embarrassed and made raphael wait 30 minutes, simon puts it on before even really looking at it
  • when theyre walking to the cafe raphael said they would go to, simon realizes that theres an “R” on the left side of the jacket
  • he realizes that raphael probably had that jacket for 50+ years and that giving a person their jacket probably meant they were together and asks him “I wonder who you gave this to”
  • raphael shrugs and says “didnt like anyone enough to give it to them”
  • simon is absolutely shook and staring at raphael whos staring back at him with the most gentle smile on his face. simon gains his confidence back with that and takes raphaels hand into his
  • then raphael jokes about how its risky to lend simon jackets, and that this meant true trust while simon’s only 10% offended because how can he be mad at that lil romantic ass hoe
  • they share a blood milkshake and head back to the before its too late 
  • (but they never stop holding hands)
Saphael Headcanons cuz why not

- Simon is literally the clingiest boyfriend ever.  Like, seriously.  

- No matter where they are, Simon is either holding Raphael’s hand or touching him in some way.

- Everyone notices but nobody says anything about it because neither of them have ever looked happier or more peaceful.

- Raphael thinks that this is just Simon’s way of marking him as his property.

- Raphael pretends to be annoyed by Simon’s dorky nature but Simon knows he doesn’t mean it.

- When they are at the DuMort, Raphael likes to sit on Simon’s lap because the guy is WARM for a vampire.

- Raphael being very dominant when they are making out.

- Double dates with Malec and Clace.

- Simon cuddling with Raphael and them having movie marathons.

- Being the jealous little bean he is, Raphael gets jealous at anybody who even looks at Simon for more than a second.

- One day things go too far when a new vampire kisses Simon and Raphael has to be pulled off of the POS and calmed down by Simon.

- Of course the vampire is banished from the clan.

- Simon secretly loves Raphael’s jealous side because he loves to feel wanted.

- For their 6 month anniversary, Simon gets them matching ID bracelets that say “Daddy’s Little Monster” and “Monster’s Little Daddy.”

- The Suicide Squad reference is lost on Raphael, but he still never takes it off.


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          ❛ Do you migrate when it gets really cold & snowy, or do you just tough it out? ❜  He’s been curious about that for a while, if he was to be so blatantly honest, only because he knew so little about Raphael’s species & culture. Even he could hardly stand the chill ( albeit he had an, out of all things, allergy to the colder weather ).

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Hey it's me again, hope I'm not getting annoying, but I have this headcannon that Raphael and Gabriel were super close before the Fall and I was wondering if you could draw something along those lines for me :D Could be angsty, but doesn't half to be.

Believe me you are not annoying! Quite lovely actually. And let’s give some fluff to balance Raph angst. 

I see the interaction between Raphael and Gabriel as understated but very affectionate and loving before the Fall. Raphael isn’t as boisterous as Lucifer or as quiet as Michael. He’s able to teach Gabriel without being smothering, makes him want to learn for the sake of learning and not to cause mischief. While Lucifer taught Gabriel illusions, Raphael taught him about creation and healing.

Building Canon

Ever since he was young, Raphael has been plagued by nightmares, always jarring him awake and leaving him in a state of terror afterwards. But he never recalls anything specific or remembers what these dreams are about. What he doesn’t know is that rather than dreams, he sees glimpses of the future, a future that’s not so nice to him and his brothers. He sees different things. Brothers engaging in battle. Multiple figures leaving his life, leaving him cold. A set of hard blue eyes and the sound of a snap before deafening silence.

Raphael retreats to the Garden when he’s plagued by nightmares. He never remembers what exactly these terrors are about, he just wakes up from the deepest sleep with only a dark nagging feeling in his gut. The comforting smell of the flowers and serenity of the area helps lull him back to sleep. He always makes sure to get back to bed before his siblings wake up.