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The Children of Merlin ** (8/? | 74,661 | Rated M)

Magnus Bane has everything he could have hoped for: a job at Hogwarts, a chaotic made-up family that he loves more than anything and the freedom of doing what he wants whenever he wants.

When his friends manage to drag him to a Quidditch game, he doesn’t expect it to change his life. For better or worse.

They call themselves the Children of Merlin and they are going to make his life a living hell.

One Show Only ** (6/7 | 25,946 | Rated E)

It’s hard to stay in the closet when the guy you had a one-night stand with two nights ago turns out to be your new partner … but Alec will be damned if he isn’t going to give it a try.

Holding the Stick ** (8/? | 47,064 | Rated M)

Alec Lightwood has dreamed of hoisting Lord Stanley since he was eight. It’s in his blood. He’s spent the last five years trying to make that dream a reality, only managing to fall short each time.

Until a scandal leads to a multi-team trade that sends Magnus Bane his way. One of the top performing wingers in the league. An up and coming star.

And the most handsome man Alec has ever met.

He’s doomed.

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lol I like how they did a little nod to Raphael and Alopex, since people ship them in the IDW version. But I suppose if she’s Tigerclaw’s sister in this version, she’s probably too old for him. XD

I also like that he still thinks about Mona, and he’s still loyal to her, even though he’s probably not sure he’ll see her again. 

It makes sense that Raph would remain loyal to Mona even in his thoughts and feelings. Raph is arguably the most loyal of the turtles. Even when he thought Leo would never wake up, he still took care of him almost 24/7. Since Raph and Mona never actually broke up, of course he would remain loyal to her and think about her frequently.

I wonder if Raph talks to Chompy a lot about Mona… awww. <3

(If you despise the above mentioned ships, please by all means make your own post about it, rather than drag me into your pit of despair by reblogging my post and adding negativity. I have blocked many a blog for telling me the stuff I like is stupid. Thanksies in advance.)

You’re Safe Now

Raphael (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: Of course you can, Nonnie <3 I’ve never been in this position before; i’ve been blessed with a loving family, but if you are, please please please get help. This is not okay.

Prompt: “Can I request a Raph/reader where they met on a roof when she ran away from her abusive foster home? He ends up keeping her until he could convince April or Casey to adopt her?”

Word count: 1155

Warnings: Swearing, mention of abuse, suicide, rape and drug use

Disclaimer: I don’t own TMNT, and you belong to you <3

You wore a pair of faded old jeans and a plain grey baggy shirt. You hadn’t even taken a shower, and you did not put on an ounce of makeup. You grabbed a worn out black oversized jacket to cover yourself with even though it was warm outside. You made conscious decisions lately to look like less of what you felt a male would want to see. You wanted to disappear.

This life is not what you had in mind. You didn’t enjoy the evenings, when they both were home. When they both drank, and smoked and turned themselves into the monsters they kept deep within. They’d use you for their own gain, and they’d let their friends go at it as well. They’d hiss insults and curse you out for doing the simplest things. You wished your social worker hadn’t left you with these demons, but when they heard that a heart surgeon and his wife wanted to foster a teen girl, they jumped at the idea. Not many teenagers from your old home got fostered, so it was a rare occurrence that someone was actually seeking for one.

Sure, you had releases from this torture: friends, work, the gym, food, but they all came to an end, and you were back to square one. Walking was one way you had found that kept your mind at ease, to keep you from hurting. You would walk for days if you could.

Making your way to the roof of the apartment building you stayed in, you wrapped the jacket tighter around you, feeling like eyes of people were on you at all time. Again, this isn’t the life you wanted, and today marked the second year you had been living like that, and you silently celebrated in your head when you remembered. Not many people could live for this long, in those conditions. Suicide was always an option for you, but you had too much to live for. You dreamed of a house in the Hamptons, with a full-time job and a beautiful family, everything you haven’t had in your short life.

You’d sat on the roof for God knows how long, just staring over the city. New York was your home, and had been since you had been born. You weren’t happy here, anyone could see that, but what could you do? You were still a minor, and you had no way to contact you social worker.

The police was never an option; not when one of them joined in with your foster parents fun.

You’d felt yourself fall asleep, but didn’t do anything to stop it. It’d been months since you had a good night’s sleep. You didn’t even wake when you heard the giant slam, and felt the shake under you. Someone or something had landed on the roof, but you didn’t move. You just laid there. 

Raphael’s patrol had been the west of the city. Nothing had really happened, he just beat up a few thugs. So, he went to his favorite roof (it had the best view of the city) and intended to relax for the rest of the night. He’d had an easy day, but that intention disappeared when he saw you lying on the ground on the roof.

Not knowing what to do, he edged towards you cautiously, his gaze on you at all time. You were obviously alive, you moved too much to be dead.

“Hello?” you let out a small squeak, turning slightly to get a better view of the person, but their giant figure covered all the moonlight, stopping them from being seen.

“Are ya alright?” muttered a gruff voice. Male. He had an accent: Brooklyn.

“Is anyone really ‘alright’?” you turned again, leaning the back of your head on the ground and stared up at him. It was obvious he wasn’t a serial killer, and if he was, he was a bad one for asking if you were okay.

You heard him huff a little bit. Raphael narrowed his eyes at your face. Bruises, cuts, dark circles. He concluded that you looked like shit.

“Who did this ta ya?” he motioned to your face, kneeling down next to you. There was no use lying to him, you couldn’t be bothered to fight anymore. You’d given up.

“My so-called foster parents. But hey, it’s okay. 2 years of this shit and I’m still alive.” You laughed slightly, your voice croaky and scratchy. Raphael didn’t laugh, he didn’t say anything, just stared, feeling his body well up with hate and anger.

“Yer comin’ with me.” He stated finally, after long moments of clenching his fists together and breathing heavily. They shouldn’t be allowed to be ‘parents’, they deserved to be beat up and locked up.

You didn’t say anything, you just licked your dry lips and began to stand. You didn’t know who this man was, but you didn’t care. Where he was going surely wouldn’t be as bad as the life you had with those devils.

“April please, she ain’t gonna cause ya any trouble, she just needs help.” You listened to the man, now you know as Raphael who is also a mutant turtle, talk to his other human friend. Of course you were shocked when you found out, but it was New York, you’d seen worse and weirder. You were more surprised to find out he was a teenager, like you.

You heard April mumble to him, and Raphael give her thanks. You were sat on the couch in April’s living room with a mug of hot chocolate. You hadn’t had one in months, and it felt so good.

April, the beautiful woman you’d seen on the news when passing the TV in your apartment, came into the room, Raphael following behind her.

“Yer gonna be in April’s care. D’you know when ya can go get yer stuff?” you nodded shyly, sipping the chocolate goodness before smiling slightly. You’d already tried to argue with Raphael about staying with someone else, but you’d given in when he stared at you with those pleading green eyes.

“Uhm, they- they go to work tomorrow at 2. We could go then?” April nodded, smiling at you and sitting opposite. Raphael stood against the doorframe.

“Okay [Y/N]. Yer safe now, yer with us, yer new family.” That’s something you’d never heard before, and it was like a bomb was going off in your heart. Raphael truly had a beautiful soul.

whyyounofangirl  asked:

Hey it's me again, hope I'm not getting annoying, but I have this headcannon that Raphael and Gabriel were super close before the Fall and I was wondering if you could draw something along those lines for me :D Could be angsty, but doesn't half to be.

Believe me you are not annoying! Quite lovely actually. And let’s give some fluff to balance Raph angst. 

I see the interaction between Raphael and Gabriel as understated but very affectionate and loving before the Fall. Raphael isn’t as boisterous as Lucifer or as quiet as Michael. He’s able to teach Gabriel without being smothering, makes him want to learn for the sake of learning and not to cause mischief. While Lucifer taught Gabriel illusions, Raphael taught him about creation and healing.

❄⛄🎶Christmas Music in Different Languages🎶⛄❄

Hello! So, I’ve researched some Christmas music in different languages. Some have a lot, like, too much so I narrowed it down, and some don’t have that much, but I found the best I could. Some are similar songs to what English speakers and Americans are used to such as “jingle bells” etc etc, while others are their own original seasonal songs. If it’s similar or the same song as traditional songs in English, I’ll put them in the parenthesis. So anyway, enjoy and happy holidays! 


Laylat Eid- Fairuz (”Jingle Bells”) 

العيد ببيروت - البوم كستنا لـ جان ماري رياشي ، غناء يارا (”Santa Claus is Coming to Town”) 

Adeste Fideles -Fairuz ( اديسيت فيدييس فيروز )

“Ya Yasoo” by Wafic 

Gloria in Excells Deo- Marwan Rahbani, Ghadi Rahbani 

Remember Us -Marwan Rahbani, Ghadi Rahbani (ما تنسانا السنة الجاي يا بابا نويل) 

Talj talj- Fairuz 

Tonight Is Xmas by Marwan Rahbani, Ghadi Rahbani (ليلة عيد الميلاد) 

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -Fairuz

Bizet Carol- Fairuz

المجد لك ايها المسيح 


Die Flippers- Süßer die Glocken nie klingen 

Schlittenlied- Michelle (Jingle Bells)

Der Kleine Trommler- Jonny Hill (Little Drummer Boy)  

Heintje - Kommet ihr Hirten 

O Du Fröhliche- Roy Black 

Ihr Kinderlein kommet-  Michelle

Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht- Michelle (Silent Night)  


Dio ci Benedirà- Andrea Bocelli 

Bianco Natale-  Irene Grandi (White Christmas

A Natale Puoi- Sergio Cremonese 

Sarà Natale Se- Renato Giorgi 

E’ la notte di Natale- Enrico Turetta 

“Italian Jingle Bells”- Lou Monte [Neapolitan] 


Raduitesya vsi Lyude- Novokuznetsk choir 

Nebo i Zemlya ~ Russian kolyadka 


Angeli v Nebi ~  Russian kolyadka 

Белый Снег- Аллы Чепиковой 

ЗВЕЗДА НАДЕЖДЫ- Аллы Чепиковой 

”We Wish You A Merry Christmas” (RUSSIAN) 


PAŜOJ- Aleksandra Watanuki 


Kiyoshi, Kono Yoru- Ashley Serena (Silent Night

Jingle Bells (JAPANESE) 

Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer (from Morning Musume) 

会いたいロンリークリスマス- C-ute 


Rodolfo el Reno de la Nariz Roja- Belinda 

Hoy es Navidad (”Jingle Bells” tune)  

Paseo en Trineo- Opus Christi (Sleigh Ride)

Feliz Navidad- Jose Feliciano 

El burrito de Bélen- Juanes 

El Pequeño Tamborilero- Raphael (Little Drummer Boy)

Din, don, din, dan 


铃儿响叮当 (Jingle Bells

我们祝你圣诞快乐- Cuishan He (We Wish You a Merry Christmas


圣诞节- EXO 


Yeshu Paida Hua

Shaanti Ki Raath (Silent Night

Ek Tara Chamka Hein- Domenic Marbaniang+ 

Woh masiha aaya hai- Lata Mangeshkar 

Jingle Bells (HINDI) 


Il Est Né- Michael Gettel

Vive le vent (Jingle Bells

Entre le bœuf et l'âne gris-  Christmas Sound Orchestra 

Rudolph, le petit renne au nez rouge 

Il est né le Divin Enfant- Tino Rossi

Mon beau sapin- Muriel J (Oh Christmas Tree)  

Petit Papa Noël 

Les douze jours de Noël- Carmen Campagne (12 days of Xmas) 

All I Want for Christmas is You (Mioune on yt) 


스타쉽플래닛- Starship Planet

크리스마스 소원- MYSTIC 

Zzang Christmas(짱 크리스마스)- BESTie 

루돌프사슴코 - 꾸러기 동요 (Rudolph) 

Dear Santa- Girls Generation TTS (Kor.) 

울면안돼 (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) 


Mitt hjerte alltid vanker 

Glade Jul, Hellige Jul (Silent Night) 

Jul I Svinget- Frederikke Kaysen 

Det Lyser I Stille Grender 

En Stjerne Skinner I Natt 


Szent ünnep- Nox 

Csengőszó (Jingle Bells)

Ünnepelj Ma Velünk!- Lola 

Fehér karácsony- TNT 

Fehér Karácsony (White Christmas)

Szülte A Szűz Szent Fiát 

Csendes Éj (Silent Night) 


Varpunen jouluaamuna- Suvi Teräsniska

Rekiretki- Vieno Kekkonen (Sleigh Ride) 

Petteri Punakuono (Rudolph) 

Joulupukki matkaan jo käy (Santa Claus is Coming to Town) 

Joulupuu on rakennettu 

Kolme yötä jouluun 


O, pastiri, čudo novo  

Radujte se narodi 

Bijeli Božić- Oliver Dragojević 

O, Betleme, grade slavni- PATRIA 


Dzisiaj w Betlejem 

Kolęda Tryumfy Króla Niebieskiego 


Przybieżeli Do Betlejem 

Gdy Się Chrystus Rodzi 

Do szopy, hej pasterze 


Mary Did You Know- Dariush & Marya

O Holy Night-  Dariush & Marya 

Tavalod Tavalod- Gilbert (Jingle Bells) 


O Holy Night- Willie K

Me Ke Aloha Nona 

Mele Kalikimaka- Bing Crosby (Eng) 



Aisakell- Lauris Reiniks (Jingle Bells

Aisakell- Karavan (Jingle Bells) 

Estica Jõuluingel 

🎄This is an original post and all links are taken from Youtube🎄



The Plan (Raphael x reader)

You’d met Donnie first and naturally there was a nerd bond between the two of you right off the bat. You became best friends with the turtle and spent most of your free time with him. Not that the turtle bro’s were bad, you just felt a little uncomfortable around Raphael. He wasn’t a bad guy at all it’s just he was quite loud and violent at times, other times he was a very sweet boy to be around. Aside from that you currently sat on the bare table in Donnie’s lab, drinking tea and talking about the latest modifications the two of you had made on the shell raiser. Including the replacement of the nunchuck arms that Michelangelo had broken off during the street battle with the foot a few months back. It was a nice quiet morning for the both of you, until the door came crashing down and Raphael came bumbling into the lab screaming and ranting blindly, “Dammit Donnie how the shell do you keep her? How does she be around you and not be afraid?! She looks at me with such disgust and ya can’t believe how much I need her in my life. God y/n is what keeps me sane against Leo half the fu**ing time. I’m a monster to her! I just wanna tell her that I wanna fight for her, keep her to myself, all she wants is you!” It was silent as you and Donnie stared at the red clad turtle with mouths agape, and eyes wide in shock. The anger ball of a turtle finally opened his eyes and looked up to see you sitting there. Locking eyes with him for a sparing moment you broke away to stare at your now cold cup of tea and spoke out loud to no one in particular, “Ever wish god left instructions in how to turn water into wine? Cause I could really use a drink right now” Raphael looked hopeless at this moment as he’d realized what he’d done, completely revealed his secrets to you. Donatello smirked behind his cup of tea as he got up and patted you on the head, as taking his exit he told Raph not to destroy his lab to much. You see Donnie knew Raphael’s feelings for you and how he came everyday at two o clock to rant to him and he knew just after Raphael left you always came in a day dreamed about what it would be like to be with Raphael. So he’d come up with a plan to hopefully give you to the head start you both needed! The silence he left you in was absolutely deafening as you hopped off the table and guided Raphael to the now empty chair and taking your place back on the table. To your surprise you were the first to break the silence, “Something tells me that he meant to do this, your brother is a whole lot more sneaky then he lets on!” “Y/n…” “I’ve never seen you speechless before…Maybe since you started I should finish, say my piece you know?” “Go right ahead, I ain’t gonna stop ya” “Raphael your not a monster, if I gave you the impression that I thought you were then I sincerely apologize for that. To be quite honest I always had an inkling of feelings for you, it’s just your a little hot headed ya know? Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna be with you any less, I just want to make sure that you’ll-” “I won’t ever hurt ya if that’s where your going with that, I’d protect ya with my life tiger. No matter what it takes I’d treat ya like a princess, you’d be my queen” It was quiet for a moment till you slunk off the table and stood in front of him, he pushed the chair out from under himself and stood at his full height. You’d never realized how tall he was as you looked up into his eyes and wrapped your hands in his. He carefully placed his free hand on your cheek as he angled your face up to his, pressing a longing kiss to your forehead. “Perhaps Raph we could take it slow, test the waters…together” “Anything for ya Princess, anything for you”

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the song remains the same

[So. I was taking a break from writing an essay and stumbled across a post from @neonlightwood with Jimon prompts here. My brain then decided I absolutely needed to write the first one. Enjoy?]

Okay, so maybe the day had started off a little weirdly.

Not that Raphael was a big talker, usually preferring to intimidate people by giving them the silent and stony treatment, but the conversation had been a lot quieter than usual. He hadn’t told Simon to shut up more than twice, for one, and he kept staring at him in a way that was starting to make him uncomfortable. It reminded him too much of how they had met, when he was still a mundane, taken captive by Camille. Like prey, his brain helpfully supplied, and thank you so much for that, brain.

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Welp... had no intention of posting smut today, but then this happened. X)

**(I would like to point out that this is ALL consensual, there is nothing happening here that either one of them doesn’t want. They do this kinda thing all the time, so plz no one send me any bullshit about it being rape. Raph would never do that.) **

30 Days NSFW Challenge:
# 25: Toys

She had grown accustomed to finding her boyfriend in her apartment when she came home from work (probably about half the time). So when she walked through her door and spotted him sitting on the couch that evening it was nothing out of the ordinary. The devilish grin on his face, however, aroused her interest. Usually that didn’t happen until at least a few minutes later…

“What?” Rae asked suspiciously as she pulled off her boots.

He held up a hand, and she lifted a brow when she realized what he had pinched between his fingers.

“Snooping through my things, I see?” she sighed as she strolled up to him, dark brow lifting.

He glanced at the slender device, smile still firmly in place as he inquired, “Ya plannin’ on replacin’ me with this battery operated piece o’ crap?”

She laughed dryly, placing her hands on her hips and gave him a flat look. “Firstly, it’s not a piece of crap; it gets the job done very well, thank you. Secondly, if I was planning on replacing you with a toy… I’d get something a little bigger.”

He huffed to himself, switching the vibrator on for a moment before turning it off again.

A teasing smile cracked her mouth. “You’re not jealous of an inanimate object, are you?”

It was his turn to shoot her a flat look.

Rae shook her head. “I’m a grown woman with needs, and it just so happens that you aren’t always available to fulfill those for me. Now, kindly give it back so I can put it away.”

There was that naughty smirk again. He extended his arm toward her, offering the aforementioned item. “Here.”

She was instantly wary, his tone suggesting mischief. As expected, when she made to take it he pulled it just out of her reach, smug laughter bubbling in his chest. Eyes narrowing, she stepped closer, making a second attempt. The result was the same.

Raphael stood, dangling the sought-after toy over her head. “G’head. Take it.”

She growled, feeling her efforts were likely going to be in vain but deciding she would try anyway. She leapt, reaching for the slim object to no avail.

“Are you actually doing this right now?!” she snapped, slapping him on the plastron. She wanted to step on his foot… or punch his smug face… or maybe both, in that order. “Keep this shit up and you are so gunna get it!”

He took an intimidating step toward her, forcing her to move back lest she topple over.

“No…” he rumbled lowly as he herded her into the bedroom, placing a single finger on the center of her chest and giving her a shove. She went sprawling across the mattress in a tangle of flailing limbs, snarling like a little hellcat. “Yer gunna get it.”

The brunette sat up with a frustrated growl, shoving her hair from her face. “You think you can just manhandle me whenever you fucking please, you stupid asshole?!”

She was quick, her palm only a few centimeters from his cheeks when he caught her wrist, snatching it just before her hand could make contact. His tone couldn’t have been any haughtier. “Yeah, pretty much.”

The huge male moved over her, dragging her up the bed and capturing her other hand when she tried to dislodge him. He pinned her arms against the headboard, slinging one leg over her wriggling body so he straddled her thighs. Placing the vibrator aside, he slid a hand beneath the hem of her tank top, pushing the fabric up so it bunched over her breasts. Deft fingers pinched the clasp at the front of her bra, the motion fluid and practiced. Moving the black lace aside, he bent and took one dusky nipple into his mouth, sucking it harshly before moving to its twin. A strangled moan was wrenched from her throat.

“Y-You… are a complete bastard.”

Raphael grinned at the hissed utterance, biting the tight little peak and making her buck beneath him. He reached over and snagged the sex toy from the mattress, turning it onto its lowest setting and pressing it against her crotch.

She gasped, her expression strained as she tried to fight off the pleasure… if only to spite him. He was being such a bloody prick but that felt sooooo damn good.

The large turtle glanced up at her face as he slid the device higher, his pace torturous. He could see her jaw tighten as she clenched her teeth, brows knitting the further he went. He abandoned her pert breast, mouth skimming over her collar bone and latching onto the junction of her neck and shoulder.

Rae tried to squirm away from his mouth, cursing him under her breath for knowing every erogenous zone on her body. She was already wet, she could feel it as she shifted her hips, trying to press herself more firmly against the vibrator. He was moving it again, sliding lower… away from the one spot she needed it most.

“Goddamn you!”

He chuckled against her throat, switching her toy onto the next setting as he scraped his teeth over the abused flesh of her neck. She’d have a nice little bruise there in the morning, a reminder of who she belonged to. The thought made heat surge through his veins, his already hard cock swelling even further. It was almost painful at this point, but he wanted to prove something here… he had to be patient.

She tried to squeeze her legs together, hoping it might make things a little harder for him. Of course it didn’t deter him in the slightest. He simply pressed his massive hand between her legs and parted them with hardly any effort at all, continuing to torment her with his maddeningly slow pace. He rubbed the length of the device back and forth, nearly bringing her to her peak only to rob her of her climax with an abrupt retreat. He did it over and over and over, and she was going to lose her mind.

Raph moved his attentions to the other side of her neck, turning the vibrator to its highest setting and pressing it firmly over her clit for a fraction of a second, making her cry out in surprise.

She was going to die. He was going to kill her, she was sure of it. Every time he did that it was like she was being thrown into an orgasm, only to have someone pull her back at the very last second. If he didn’t stop that soon he was going to give her a heart attack! “Holy fuck, Raph, please!”

“Ya sure that’s all ya want? Or wouldja rather have sumthin’ else?”

She tried fruitlessly to rip her hands from his steely grip, wanting so badly to reach down there and just finish the job herself. But no… he just had to tease her… that insufferable, delicious… arrogant… fuck-machine!

He gave her another fleeting touch with the toy. “This?”

The breath caught in her throat.

He tilted his hips, pressing the bulge in his shorts against her clothed pussy and thrusting hard. “Or this?”

She nearly went cross-eyed, a strangled sound leaving her as she was robbed of her orgasm again, the devilish bastard pulling away before she could reciprocate the fevered grinding. The thought of his immense girth inside of her was almost enough to end it, but she was achingly empty. Damn it all, she needed him!

“I will throw that fucking thing straight into the garbage if that’s what you want, but you NEED to put your dick in me right the fuck now!” she shouted at him.

He growled triumphantly, dropping the sex toy and releasing her wrists. She made to undo the button on her jeans but he batted her hands away, taking hold of the material and ripping it right down the middle.

She probably should have been mad at him for ruining another perfectly good pair of pants, but at the moment they were just an obstacle, and she couldn’t have been happier that they were no longer in the way. Plus she’d be lying if she said it didn’t turn her on when he went all ‘caveman’ like that. Her panties followed suit, and she lifted her hips invitingly as he slid off her thighs, moving between them as he yanked his shorts down.

She had been expecting the satisfying pleasure of his hardness filling her in one hard thrust, but she hadn’t expected him to retrieve the vibrator and press it against her throbbing pearl at the exact same moment. The result was an instant and unexpectedly mind-shattering climax, the scream that issued from her throat likely having roused half the damn building.

Raph hadn’t expected it to be quite so intense either, and the feeling of her wet little box clenching around him like an unforgiving fist coupled with the vibration against the base of his shaft pushed him right over the edge too. He moaned loudly as he rode it out, the high seeming to last forever before he finally slumped forward, switching the device off and tossing it carelessly onto the floor.

His little kitten was still twitching beneath him, her eyes wide and dazed, her thighs trembling against his hips.

“Ya okay?”

She tried to speak, but all that came out was a whimper, so she managed a nod. She felt utterly boneless, little aftershocks still tingling through her with ever shift he made. Her wits returned to her slowly, and when she trusted herself enough to think again she managed to stammer. “Y-you… are such… an ass.”

He laughed, leaning down to nip her shoulder before he rolled to the side, slipping out of her and making her jerk a little as residual pleasure zinged along her spine.

They lay there for a little while, until finally Raphael said, “Don’t throw it out.”

She turned a questioning look his way.

He grinned. “It has its uses… but I gotta ask… why pink? Ya don’t seem like a pink kinda girl?”

She chuckled a little at that, shrugging. “I didn’t have a lot of options. There were only two colours.”

“What was the other colour?”

She smirked. “Blue.”

He scowled. “Pink is good.”

She laughed breathlessly. “Thought you might say that.”

Cuffs (Raphael Santiago X reader part 2)

The part Two of this
imagine was requested a while ago by @superflowergirlxxlove but her ask got accidentally deleted (sorry!) Enjoy!
warning: smut

Raphael groaned in protest as (Y/n) led him to his bedroom at the Dumort. The vampires knew the little fling between (Y/n) and Raphael, and they knew very well not intervene, even if they hate shadowhunters like her. Once in the bedroom, she locked the door behind her, throwing the keys into a pile of her unwashed clothes from previous nights before. (Y/n) pushed the vampire back to his bed. The bed, although has been used for different activities for a long amount of time, remained strong in its age.
Raphael’s back hit the frame, the cuffs dangling from his wrists. The cuffs were just regular cuffs, but Raphael still couldn’t break free, courtesy of the girl in front of him disorienting his thoughts. All the other nights, (Y/n) had been his. She had been helpless, begging, and shivering under his touch. But now, he is helpless under her touch. (Y/n) wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine, and he never regretted letting her do what she is doing right now.
He didn’t realize he was biting his own lips until he tasted blood on his tongue.
(Y/n) moved her lap on top of him, straddling him as she pulled the black shirt over her head. The runes from the gray book seemed to shine from her body, where it was scattered like black berries in the snow, a reminder that took him back to when he was just a stupid mundane, picking berries with his brothers in their backyard so his mother could make pie for them.
He recognized a few faded runes, but his eyes decided to stick on the permanent runes. He recognized the voyance rune on the back of her palm like a watchful eyes, and an angelic rune in the center of her chest. (Y/n) stopped for a while. Before Raphael could ask what was wrong, (Y/n) gently tapped her shirt on his lips, where the blood poured from Raphael biting his own lips.
“Scared of a little blood?” Raphael teased, raising an eyebrow cockily. (Y/n) shrugged, “I just don’t want Alec to lecture me about drinking a vampire’s blood while making me drink holy water.”
The vampire let out a small laugh, one that (Y/n) adored and sent knots to her stomach.
(Y/n) took a dagger from her belt, bringing the tip up to Raphael’s neck. Raphael laughed again, “Stop teasing, darling.”
(Y/n) smiled as the tore his shirt with the blade. Another torn shirt didn’t matter to Raphael; he could just get another. Raphael was lean, his brown skin has been added with a certain pale color from when he became a vampire. She left the crucifix dangling around his neck. She went to take it off, but hesitated. “It’s okay, you can take it off,” Raphael breathed against her neck. She proceeded to take it off with care, placing it on the bedside table. Raphael, with his hands still behind his back, licked a spot on (Y/n)’s shoulder, who happily exposed his neck to the vampire.
“May I?” Raphael asked for permission. (Y/n) nodded eagerly, her blood pumping with excitement.
Suddenly, the shadowhunter felt a needle-like puncture on her neck, but soon the pain was dulled and a euphoric pleasure that coursed through her veins.
(Y/n) moaned, mewling against the vampire’s skin as her hand raked through his curls. Despite the popular beliefs, getting bitten by a vampire is actually pleasurable for the one getting bitten, and it often considered a sexual act.
Raphael continued sucking her blood, moaning her name as her sweet angel blood rushed in his system. Raphael struggled to get the cuffs off, but he couldn’t even think straight anymore. Raphael pulled back, earning a satisfied sigh from the girl in front of him.
(Y/n)’s hands began roaming all over his body. She leaned forward, placing his mouth on his shoulders. No matter how much she sucked on his shoulder, there would be no mark to leave, but Raphael was thankful of the pleasure it gave him when she tugged on his cold skin.
“Dios, (Y/n),” He moaned, throwing his head back, “Stop teasing.”
He could hear (Y/n) giggle from where she was. “What is it?” she purred, “too weak to endure a little teasing?”
This shadowhunter is actually going to be the death of him. (Pun intended)
Raphael groaned again, louder this time. “Enough foreplay,” he snapped, urging her to get to his favorite part. (Y/n) scowled, but obeyed anyway. “You’re no fun,” she said as she took the last layers of clothing that separated them from becoming one with the other.
Then (Y/n) just sat there in front of him, unmoving.
“What now?” Asked Raphael furiously, trying to get out of the cuffs. With his mind still disoriented, it was not an easy job.
(Y/n) grinned. “I want to know how you’ll react.”
Raphael couldn’t take it anymore. The cuffs finally broke free.
(Y/n) rolled her eyes, “Finally.”
Raphael smiled at her deviously, like she was some sort of prey, but with lust instead of hunger.“Come here, shadowhunter,” he commanded, the air of authority gathering around him. (Y/n) obeyed, sitting on his lap.
She smiled when she knew exactly how hard he is. He might be a vampire, but his reaction is very human.
“Good girl,” Raphael praised, taking in her locks with his fingers entangled on them. When Raphael tugged on her hair, she had fully anticipated that. However, what she had not anticipated was how Raphael had flipped her to the bed, so now he was on top of her.
Raphael raised his eyebrows. “I bet you didn’t expect that,” he coaxed, his tone full with lust and greed.
(Y/n) groaned and pulled her lips down on hers. “Just fuck me,” she commanded.
Raphael finally went down on her. Once, twice, before she gave him a knock of approval and that was when the real fun started. Moans and pants fill the room as they became whole, feeling each other in a way they couldn’t ask for more.
That was also when the rest of the vampires in hotel Dumort wished they never heard what they heard.
“(Y/n),” Raphael said breathlessly, speechless of the feeling that engulfed him. “(Y/n), (Y/n), (Y/n).” he said her name like it was a prayer, something he could believe and hang on to for the rest of his life.
(Y/n) clawed on his back, encouraging him to go deeper. “Oh, god,” she panted as Raphael increased his speed.
Soon, his thrusts became sloppy. (Y/n) reached climax just a few moments before Raphael did.

The two laid side by side, their hands like vines, twirling one another’s.
“I’m sorry,” said (Y/n), her tone regretful. “What?” Raphael asked, wondering what was in her head.
“I’m sorry,” she repeated with a sigh, “I’m sorry I can’t give you forever.”
Raphael caressed her cheeks with surprising tenderness, despite his demonic vampire quality. (Y/n) never actually thought about Raphael as demonic at all. His qualities make him look like an angel.
“Listen, love,” said Raphael in his musical voice, “I’ll love you forever,” he reassured.
“But I don’t have forever.”
Raphael had asked her before if she wanted to live forever, but she’d rather be a shadowhunter, bringing honor to her name. Besides, Raphael would never turn her into a vampire. He couldn’t bear to see her go through what he had been through, to see her in pain without ever seeing the sun again.
“I don’t care. I’ll still love you forever.”
“How long is forever?” asked (Y/n), her eyes glittered from the faint night light on the bedside.
“Until I die, and in the life beyond it.”
“I promise.”


Requested By: @stydiascreams

Being a year younger than your sister, Izzy, was a lot of fun sure you were no longer the youngest child but you were the youngest girl. The one problem with being the second youngest was Alec. Sure it was nice to have a super protective and fussy big brother to step in because your parents were never home, only sometimes he took it to far.

“I am not letting you out of the building after dark to see a vampire.” Alec snapped as he stood between you and the door. “You’re fifteen dating a vampire … no.” He snapped again as you tried to push past him and decided that the only way to stop you would be to physical stop you.

“Alec put me down and so what he was sixteen when he was turned and It’s not just any vampire it’s Raphael.” You yelled as he threw you over his shoulder and headed back to the bedrooms.


“(Y/N) I’m not going to allow such a stupid decision so enough.” He set you down and pushed you into your room, shutting the door behind him.

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anonymous asked:

*whispers* you should write where Simon gets in trouble (with the cops or something) and Raphael bails him out of trouble

The thing about Raphael Santiago is that he’s not a very nice person, especially to the people he doesn’t know or care about, yet he finds himself walking towards a rusting old van with too much graffiti on it, flocked by several police officers.

Normally he wouldn’t care but said incident is occurring in the parking lot of the hotel he runs.

“Good evening officers” he greeted with a charming smile.

“G'night Mr Santiago” one of the police said and the others turned nodded towards him.

“What’s going?”

“Some kid, says he’s waiting for someone, told him parking lots for guest only” The police spoke as Raphael walked up to the driver side of the van.

One look at the boy in the van sent Raphael’s heart racing, the scared frown and the glasses that slipped down his nose and the messy hair and before he knew it, he’s taking the boys side.

“Oh, um babe” Raphael quickly composed himself and smiled at the boy whom was now gaping at him “why didn’t you call, and I told you to take my car” Raphael shook his head and turned to the police “I’m sorry officers, his is my boyfriend”

“Yeah b-boyfriend, told you I was waiting for someone”

“Why didn’t you say it was Mr Santiago” the police said and waved the other two officers off before following.

“Come babe, we’re already late for dinner” Raphael gestured for the boy to step out of the van.

“Wait what?” The boy questioned but shut the van off anyways.

“If you don’t leave with me right now, they’ll know it’s a lie” Raphael said in a hushed voice.

“B-but I’m waiting for a friend” the boy said as he followed Raphael to his Camaro.

“Who’s your friend, can’t you call and let them know to take a cab?”

“He’s kinda in a meeting, Alec Lightwood” the boy and added and Raphael snorted.

“Don’t worry he’s a little preoccupied with Magnus” Raphael said “where too?” He asked when they sat in the car “I do have dinner reservations if you’d like to join me um?”


“Well would you like to join me Simon?”

“Yeah sure, you just saved me from another parking ticket”

You’re Here Willingly? - Shadowhunters (Raphael Santiago)

Pairing: Raphael x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Do you write imagines for Raphael from Shadowhunters? If so can you do one where the reader is a shadowhunter dating Raphael and Jace catches them kissing or something and gets really jealous?

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you like it even tho it’s short, darling^^ ENJOY! 

Originally posted by shadowhuntersdaily

*gif not mine* 

The night was warm for once, which you appreciated since Raphael never thought of the temperature when you were out together, such things seems to just disappear from your conscience as you become one of the undead who feel no warmth nor cold. 

 You were standing in a alley, Raphael had you caged against the wall, as you two stood chatting calmly about nothing and everything. It wasn’t uncommon for you two to be seen like this, Raphael having you caged between his arms for the protection from everything out there, standing in an alley more for his own comfort than anything else. 

 From time to time he would tilt his head down, his lips meeting yours in a sweet and gentle kiss. You would giggle at the action, and he would smile, having that loving look in his eyes. 

 Although now as your lips met, you heard a thump just meters from you. 

Unfortunately Raphael’s arm was in the way, so you were only able to see what looked like a guy’s black leather jeans. 

 «Shadowhunter. Could I help you with something?» Raphael had turned his head to look at the guy, who calmly walked some steps closer. 

 «What are you doing with that girl?» A dark, yet silky like voice said, sounding suspicious. 

 «Well, I was kissing my girlfriend.» Raphael emphasized, taking a step closer to you, lowering his hand to rest it on your hip. 

 You saw the whole guy this time, wearing all black, a weapon hanging from his hip, blond long wish hair and blue eyes. He did fall within the category handsome, maybe more for some when taking the tattoos into consideration. But even so, to you Raphael seemed more appealing. 

 «Really…» The guy trailed off. 

«You’re his girlfriend?» The shadowhunter directed himself towards you this time as he took a step closer, Raphael’s grip becoming stiffer, his posture changing slightly to shield your body from the shadowhunter. 

 «I am.» You answered, voice steady. The guy’s gaze lingered a little longer on you, his eyes sweeping over your skin. 

 «And you’re here willingly?» The guy’s eyes softened drastically as he said so, and you gave him a firm nod in reply. 

It seemed to give the shadowhunter the measurement he wanted as he turned back to your boyfriend. 

 «I’m watching you, Raphael. So don’t try to hurt this beautiful girlfriend of yours in any way. Got it?» The guy pointed a finger at Raphael. 

 «Don’t worry, Jace. The only one I will be hurting is you if you come near her.» Raphael answered back, pulling you closer to him. 

 With one last glance over at you, Jace, as Raphael had called him darted off into the shadows again, disappearing into the night. 

 «Why was he so curious about me?» You asked Raphael as soon as Jace was no where in sight. 

 «It’s his job, Y/n. Shadowhunters protect the mundanes from us downworlders. Even though they are extremely annoying, they’re doing what is right for people like you, and I’m thankful they’re here guarding the streets.» Raphael admitted as he took a step back from you, before offering you his hand to take. 

It was time to head back. 

 «He was doing a extremely thoroughly job.» You marked as you started to walk down the street. 

 «A little too thorough.» Whispered Raphael back as he tugged you a little closer to him, his eyes watching the rooftops.