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Selena Gomez Versace dresses pt I
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4/1/15- Pony acquisition post #210: G1 Newborn Sniffles and G1 Pony wear and playset accessories!

Years released: 1983, 1987

Generation: 1

Cute little Newborn Sniffles came to me with a ton of playset accessories and pony wear! Sniffles is a newborn twin to Sticky, and both were released together in 1987 as part of the Newborn Twins line!

I also got some more playset accessories! I got two more trophies and a part of the bridle for the 1983 show stable…which COMPLETES my set! Now my whole Show Stable is complete! Pics will follow!!

I also got some accessories for my Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe playset, first released in 1986. I got the three lights and three sundaes and floats that I was missing, so now I only need Scoop’s hat and I’ll have the entire playset! Awesome!

Lastly I got some ponywear! I got the adult pony dress and purse to the Sunday Stroll outfit from 1983, and the entire Ready for Rainbows adult pony raincoat, rainhat, and booties from 1983! Cherry Treats models it for us!

Original Condition: Near Mint !!

Flaws: Sniffles has a small paint mark on her neck!!!

Restoration Materials: none!!

Current Condition: Near Mint!!


Getting creative with some of my Pinkie Pie shots and selfies-

Cartoomics 2015 was kinda boring, it was so poorly organised that once you were into the actual con you could not go out to take some photos. I almost have no photos of this costume, and that’s such a pity, I put so much effort in it…

But anyway, in the next weeks I have another con, I hope I’ll be able to take some decent photos of Pinkie there!