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Anyway I’m off to bed, heres a doodle I did of Teru in a track suit i’ll digitize tomorrow. 

Ignore my notes, haha

anonymous asked:

You guys are obviously smart, you're educated on the situation, and you're nice when you want to be- and I understand being upset after being pushed to a point, that's not a problem. But you guys have like, what, at least a thousand followers right? This blog is a safe place for many people that just want to enjoy your stims. If you wanna argue with uneducated littles, could you please do it on public accounts instead of a blog meant for stimming where victims of abuse would have to see it too?

Hey I understand where you’re coming from but 

1. This is our blog and we’re allowed to run it how we like

2. we tag things for a reason (so people can blacklist stuff)

3. I personally (hi mod pink here) dont reblog any discoursey posts but I do react to people who disrespect us and I am allowed to do so

4. We souldnt have so much “drama” if people stopped sending us discourse asks and if li.ttle blogs stayed the fuck away from us but hey they dont

5. we’re allowed to get upset when people respond to our posts with stupid asinine bullshit 

If you’re bothered by the “drama” the only advice I can give you is to either unfollow us or black list “drama” and/or “not a stim” so you dont see non stim posts from us on your dash.


chris made vik promise to take him for a ride asap (i will NEVER be over that pink car, it’s too much))