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268. This is about to go from bad to disastrous - MatsuHana

this took approximately a million years, but here we go, finally! i hope you like it!

If there was any one thing that Takahiro was absolutely not equipped to deal with, it was children. And yet they always seem to find him somehow, always gravitate toward him, like they innately know that he doesn’t want anything to do with them. It’s not even that he dislikes them, as long as they’re well behaved, he just doesn’t know what to do with them. Especially when they get upset, like the one currently clinging to the hem of his shirt.

It’s a tiny pink haired little girl, probably only a few years old, and her big blue eyes stare up at him, waiting for his response to her exclaiming her as his brother. He certainly knows he’s not her brother, but she seems very convinced he is, and when he tells her he’s not, her eyes well up with tears.

Next to him, still petting a tiny kitten from the box sitting on the park bench, Matsukawa winces. “This is about to go from bad to disastrous.”

He’s completely right of course. The day has already been a complete flop, and a screaming child is only going to make it worse. Unfortunately, there’s no way for them to stall the screeching wail, and no less than five people look over at them to see what is going on. One of them, a boy their age, has a look of familiar resignation one his face as he walks over, like he’s used to this happening. He calls out and the girl releases Takahiro as she turns, still crying, and Takahiro grabs Matsukawa’s hand and moves on instinct.

Instinct takes them to the other side of the park at high speed, the scenery around them lost to the rush of getting as far away from the unwanted attention as possible. It’s not until they’re half a block from their apartment that Takahiro hears a small mewl and realizes that Matsukawa had never gotten a chance to put the kitten back in its box before they took off.

It’s not really hard to decide what to do though, not with the fond way Matsukawa looks down at the ball of fluff tucked against his chest. Takahiro nudges him gently, and they spend the next twenty minutes in the local store picking out food and milk and toys while the kitten purrs in Matsukawa’s arms. Later on, Takahiro decides that maybe ‘disastrous’ was a bit strong of a word, because it doesn’t feel like that at all when he catches Matsukawa napping on the couch, kitten curled up in the crook of his shoulder.

And it feels the opposite of disastrous even later than that, when he and Matsukawa are in bed, tiny ball of fluff snoring on the edge of Takahiro’s pillow, perfectly content.

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the v1 cryptonloids for the tumblr ask meme???

I already did the twins and Luka, so I’ll do the rest!


Their blog URL: princess-hatsunegi01

The kind of posts they’d reblog: the Kagamines’ posts, Luka’s posts, Kaito’s posts, Yuuma’s posts, music/audio posts, green/teal aesthetics, video games (especially Sonic), robotics (with her commentating on people’s facts, being a robot), fanart so she can compliment it, musical instruments/digital interfaces, cat pictures, memes, really bizarre aesthetics/shitposts/quotes, astrology

The first person they followed: Len

What kind of theme they’d have: streamlined, organized, but cutesy, with lots of black, cyan and pink, and little pixel art versions of herself

What kind of text posts they make at 2am: “why DO we not short out when we drink water”


Their blog URL: dont-touch-my-sake

The kind of posts they’d reblog: Kaito and Rin’s posts to snark at them, the others’ posts, scientific posts, fanart of Miku, text posts asserting her ability to punch you in the face, fashion

The first person they followed: Kaito

What kind of theme they’d have: A default theme just colored red

What kind of text posts they make at 2am: “@ rodarorin go the fuck to sleep”


Their blog URL: aisu-is-naisu

The kind of posts they’d reblog: any and all of Meiko’s posts, the kids’ posts, ice cream, men’s fashion, ice cream, scientific posts, robotics, music/audio posts, ice cream, funny cat videos, uplifting quotes, ice cream, Studio Ghibli films, blue aesthetics, orchestral arrangements of video game music, and ice cream

The first person they followed: Meiko

What kind of theme they’d have: Fun, blue-colored theme with cool arrows on the sidebars/post borders (like the ones on his coat)

What kind of text posts they’d make at 2am: “Mei-chan just caught me sneaking into the fridge and now I’m lab-grounded”


i didn’t realize Sakura-con announced their mascot winners already so i haven’t posted these yet LOL… but here’s my entry to their mascot contest! I was going for a daysky+nightsky theme with a schoolboy and a fat cat. Idk it sounded fun in my head. 

Sweet Creature

Click here if you’d like to listen to the song to help set the mood. x

It was one of those days.

Harry adored his job. He really did. His work was his first love, he always said. But there were certainly days where it all got to be a little too much.

He woke up at six in the morning to be greeted by a rainy and foggy sky outside. He spent a good ten minutes gazing at the great love of his life, her hair splayed in all different directions from having forgotten to tie it up in a ponytail like she usually did. Her lips were slightly parted, and her eyes were still puffy from the night before. He exhaled a sigh at the memory of it—it was the first time they’d really fought in a little while, but it’d been a doozy. Exhaustion took it’s toll on the both of them, but they were both too stubborn to admit it. It had been over something petty that he wasn’t even angry about anymore, even though at the moment in all seemed so important. And even though they tried to never go to bed angry, their tired eyes beat out the need to make up.

He exhaled a soft sigh as he watched his love, and he could see the tension built up in her features still from last night. He didn’t want to wake her just yet, because he knew that she would not love being woken up at six in the morning if she didn’t need to get up. The two of them rarely ever got a good night’s sleep anymore, and he didn’t want to take away her rest.

He got himself out of bed and walked over to the bathroom, going about his morning routine as quietly as possible as to not wake his girls. Within half an hour he was dressed up in a pair of black jeans and one of his button-ups. Usually he wouldn’t get so dolled up to go out this early, but he had a few morning radio shows he was making a live guest appearance on and impressions mattered to him. Having decided to get breakfast on the way to work, he quickly slipped out of the house without making a sound.

The rest of the day didn’t get any better.

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First Time for Everything

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: smut, language, hilarity

Summary: (inspired by this post by @missjackil ) Sam’s never had a blowjob, so you take it upon yourself to convince Sam to let you give him his first ever blowjob.

Send a message or leave a comment! Feedback is always appreciated!

Dean loved to brag. He bragged about everything, from the perfectly executed execution of the monster on their latest hunt to how many beers he’d outdrank his brother by. Usually the latter ended with him toppling onto one of the two beds, slurring his way into a sleep that would last for a good twelve hours. Sometimes he bragged about the blowjob he’d gotten from the pretty bar waitress, betting Sam that “he’d probably never gotten a better blowjob.”

And it was true.

Sam hadn’t gotten a better blowjob because he’d never even gotten a blowjob.

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