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If y'all ever read the comments to Neil’s Instagram posts, his @replies on Twitter, or the pictures he’s tagged in, you can probably appreciate Neil getting a little frustrated. Neil and Olly were full, interesting individuals before they met, and they continue to be!

Alternate suggested topics to engage Neil about:
1. Has he ever done a series of staged photos of his Grammy with costumes/members of his family/random objects?
2. Did he write a thesis or dissertation for his Masters? On what topic?
3. Wave pools: yes or no?
4. If sun damage weren’t a risk, would he ever get out of the ocean on a beach day, or would he convince his friends to bring him food and water periodically?
5. Does his sister date women and can I have her number? (That one is mostly a joke. Like 65% a joke. … maybe 35%.)

Feel free to propose some more potential conversation topics!

anonymous asked:

Hi can you tell when was capitalfm interview you were talking about? Did it include this instagram com/p/4xUUHPRYVT/ ? Do you remember anything else? TY!!!

HI! It aired july 7 (x). 

NO, that bit wasn’t there. I was waiting for it! But no(

I tried to remember as much as I can. Disclaimer: i only heard it once so it’s obviously not word for word accurate, ok?

After Max asked Olly why he deserved Neil, she asked Neil what was it that he liked about Olly (or smth of that sort?!) and she went on: “Just look at this sweet little face! (talking about Olly), and Neil was like “That was basically it”, Max: “Anything else?” And Neil went: “Should there be?” (as in isn’t it enough??).

And when they talked about how it’s good & important to share and how they’d have liked to see a happy young gay couple growing up, Olly reminded Neil about some boy and it turned out that Neil was at a wedding recently and some 8 or 9-year old boy came up to him and asked him if he knew Olly from Years & Years, and Neil said “He’s my boyfriend” and how cool it was that it was no big deal and the kid seemed excited to talk about it. And Olly said that if he knew a gay couple when he was 8 it would’ve blown his mind.

that’s all I can remember. 

Also a few days ago Max tweeted that she’s gonna update her yt channel and she accompanied the tweet with the pic of them boys. Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I hope she uploads smth so maybe keep an eye on her channel?



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