Camus (fathering): don’t eat fast. If you choked… that would be a problem.
Srmoney: ok! Can I wear your nail polish after, please?
Camus: omg. Oh my- oh goddess nobody has ever asked me to share my knowledge about nail polish, sweet Athena. Oh my goddess. My ardent ice is melting. Omg yes. Yes you can. I’m going to teach you how to apply nail polish. One day you’ll surpass the master. But not today. Today you’ll learn. Daughter.

Au were everything is the same except that Kaneki isn’t 18 but like 7 and he got lost and Rize helped him search for his babysitter/I’m-kinda-your-parent-and-you-live-with-me-because-I-knew-your-mother-and-I’m-not-letting-you-live-with-your-aunt aka “Hide-nii” and attacked him then. (No this is not just an excuse to have Hide raising child!ghoul!Kaneki)
Just imagine.
Cute little Kaneki running around at Anteiku between all the adults.
Making friends with Hinami who is his big sister.
Charming Tsukiyama into playing with him (with that guy probably something princess-prince-knight-kingdom like) and cooking with him.
Annoying Ayato when that boy kidnaps him (“how faaaaar?” “Why do you look like Touka?”) and he can’t hurt him back because he is a shrimp and Ayato does not hurt little kids (not that anybody knows.)
Hide freaking out because Kaneki is just a little child and “does nobody here knows how to raise a child like- no! You don’t give him any knifes Tsukiyama!”
Idk how it goes on from here but if it gets like :re Kaneki/Haise getting carried around by Juuzou/Arima and when nobody is watching Akira (can’t let anybody know about her motherly side)
The quinx freaking out because there is a kid on their team and he kinda fights as good, if not a bit better than them.
Saiko playing games with him and-
I may have gone too deep with this.

I wanted to gif this little moment because I love the way Sam turns to Dean when they’re having their in-the-impala-meaningful-chat-at-the-end-of-the-episode in 9.21.  It’s like…“ok. I’m serious now” and turns as if he’s trying to get cosy for a serious chat.   There can’t be a lot of room for him to swivel around in.  I don’t recall Sam ever doing that before (though I may be wrong).  Cute.