Does it ever happen to you? You’re laughing and enjoying your day and suddenly you see something or hear something and all of a sudden all of the things that have been hidden in the depth of your nightmares comes in front of your eyes and becomes vivid. In just a little moment, all of that happiness and all of those smile turns to emptiness and sorrow.
You’re present but you’re looking for your own existence inside of your memories, Trying to solve the riddle, get off this mess but you’re struck reverse gear. All you think is how did it all go so wrong. You just want to know the reason that led you to this horrific phase of your life. The phase of denial and regret.
You try your best but you just can’t forget her, You hate it, you hate your life but you cannot do anything. “la vie est la cauchemar” Life is a nightmare.

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Dan Howell or a lesbian with anxiety -scientists can't tell..

‘i feel so represented right now’ lmaooooo dan talking about identifying with sarah paulson’s character and essentially saying he’s always just craving that queer representation and open discussion about mental health from his entertainment … damn that was a great little moment and yet again dan is hella Relatable

Electric Feel

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Midafternoon sunlight peeks through one of the blinds in Carrie Robinson’s yoga studio. It’s a modestly sized two room space, the back room predominantly used for aerial yoga and the occasional private session. The dim lights create the illusion of cool temperature as a hundred and five degrees of heat thrums through the vents.

The essential oil diffuser in the back of the room is filtering scents of geranium, citrus, and eucalyptus. Best of all, MGMT plays softly throughout the room. Carrie smiles to herself. Nothing could be more her element than leading a hot fusion class.

“Inhale into cobra, keep your pelvis glued to the floor and your chest wide and open to the ceiling,” Carrie says she demonstrates at the front of the room. “Hold it there for ten…and then getting on the balls of your feet, exhale and push your hips back into downward facing dog.”

The door creaks open, groaning as someone shuffles in loudly. Carrie turns her head to see none other than her husband awkwardly trying to lay out his Falconers’ blue yoga mat in the back corner of the room where there clearly isn’t space.

“There’s plenty of room up here,” she chirps. “Remember to inhale, on the exhale push your hips further toward sky, allow your head and neck a moment of rest.”

In the corner of her eye, she notices a few of her new students cringe while some of her regulars chuckle. She notices person who’s clearly a hockey fan gape as Randy begrudgingly rolls out his mat perpendicular to hers.

“Alright, on inhale pick your left leg behind you as high as you can, and on exhale sweep it forward so your ankle is parallel to wrist,” Carrie says. “It’s ok if you need to pick up your foot to readjust.”

Randy catches up to the rest of the group easily enough. Carrie snorts. It’s almost like he’s married to a yoga instructor.

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Before I go to sleep I just have to take a minute to say how thankful I am for Harry. However that may sound, I’m just love him so much and I’m so happy to have him even in the smallest way. He’s a light in my life and makes some darker moments a little more bearable and I don’t know, I’m just feeling really thankful for him tonight. He brings me a lot of happiness and I’d love to thank him for that properly one day. It’s so nice to know that there’s someone out there who loves so genuinely and is so unapologetically kind. xx.

Little WestAllen Moments that Should be Talked About More (Season Three)

1. The fact that Barry had his little speech prepared for Iris when he met her at Jitters that he was so proud of and didn’t think was at all peculiar. Iris: Wait, I’ve seen you before, haven’t I? Barry: *has been waiting for this moment for months* *tries to act nonchalant but cannot contain the smirk on his face* W E L L  now that you mention it, we actually went to elementary school together.” *looks pleased with himself* *as if it is normal and smooth to approach random people in a coffee shop and announce that you went to grade school with them* *he didn’t even pretend to remember???* *at least take a moment to try to be convincing and not weird* When his super slick plan to sustain a longer conversation failed, he got all desperate and just spit it out. “WANNA GET A COFFEE WITH ME I MEAN LATER I MEAN NOT COFFEE I MEAN ANY DRINK BUT NOT GET YOU DRUNK DO YOU LIKE ICED TEA WITH ME???!” and finally dissolved into the blabbering dork that he is because his plan backfired, but I guess it worked in the end because Iris thought Barry was “very cute.” Be yourself folks!

2. Barry taking Iris to meet Nora before he went back ❤️❤️❤️

3. Barry kissing Iris with chewed food in her mouth, and not just any food, but  Big Belly Burger. Nothing will stop him, not even greasy lips or ketchup breath. I feel like ketchup is their *thing* ever since Iris wiped it off his lips at that bowling date they went on with Eddie and Linda back in Season One.

4. In the middle of a huge superhero team-up and intense mission to take down aliens, Barry brings Iris lunch because he loves her and is always thinking of her (this one is hard to spot, but it happens sometime in the crossover. If you play I Spy, you can find Barry with a paper bag and later on see Iris walking giddily from said paper bag with a foil-wrapped sandwich/burger/Chipotle-looking burrito in her hand). Aren’t they just the cutest? Fuck a Dominator! The Flash has to make sure his lady eats.

5. The sexy coat drop that implied further sexy timez as well as the canon confirmed fact that they unpacked a makeshift bed before anything else in their new apartment and we know it’s not just because they needed something to sleep on.

6. Barry getting pissed off at villains for interrupting his alone time with Iris.

7. Iris being so cute and nervous about what Barry thinks of her big article. Barry teasing her about not rushing through it and then revealing he already read it repeatedly. Barry telling her she should be proud and Iris’s little, “Really?” AND SOMETHING I NEVER NOTICED: Barry telling her that “time will tell” when she expresses her dreams about winning a Pulitzer and then seeing her face drop because she was thinking about Savitar’s prophecy and how she might not have time to realize all her dreams. And Barry realizes immediately what she’s thinking and he apologizes and tries to comfort her with Savitar’s words about how he beat him and promising that he’s gonna save her 😭😭😭 That scene just got so much better.

8. Barry’s rage that Wally and Cisco didn’t call him when Iris was in danger. This was pretty much the first “emergency” they’ve had as a couple, and Barry was livid they didn’t let him know what was going on first. I think he was feeling the sting of Joe reprimanding him earlier for not telling him about Savitar’s vision because Joe told him, “They don’t know what my baby girl means to me, but you do.” because only Barry understands, and he feels the pain of Iris getting hurt differently than the others because they simply haven’t known her as long as he has. He was offended and betrayed that they didn’t think to call him, “Why didn’t you call me?” because Iris is his partner and his priority now. And then he made sure they never forgot it again: “You call ME.” Barry doesn’t get mad at his friends very often unless it’s serious, and I think they realized just how protective Barry is of Iris, like he probably would have never forgiven them if Iris had died that day. Joe remembered that Iris was in good hands in that moment: “I’m glad she comes first in your life now. If you’re going to date my daughter, that’s the way it should be.”

9. Kara having to warn Barry that Millie isn’t Iris even if she looks like her because she’s aware of Barry’s propensity to fuck everything up when it comes to encountering Iris in some shape or form 😂😂😂

10. Barry literally ready to kill himself when he found out Savitar was a version of him because he thought it would save Iris, didn’t even hesitate, just straight up was ready to plunge his hand in his chest without thinking about because it would keep Iris alive.

i love the blue lions children (i am the blue lion, loving + supporting allura and lance’s personal journeys) 


#NewGodSquad | Actual dysfunctional family


Soo giving JI a little push, then a soft touch 💞💙💞

I live for the little moments like the sun shinning through your window, the laugh of an innocent child, the smell of a good autumn morning and the kiss of a happy dog. Because at the end of the day you realize that those little moments aren’t so little after all.
—  Annedi Bergsma