The NEW 2014 Mattel Classic Princess Ariel 

Disney Signature Collection Princess Collection: Now the most beloved and iconic Disney Princess characters of all time are available in the Disney Signature Collection Assortment. Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White dolls are lovely in their signature fashions that are recognizable from their timeless tales. Cinderella doll comes dressed in her iconic light blue gown with satin and lace details. Ariel is mermaid magnificent in textured fabrics and jeweled accents. Snow White shines in her satin, high-collared dress of blue and yellow. All outfits have been crafted with exquisite detail, making these delightful dolls collectibles that moms and daughters will treasure for years. Dolls cannot stand alone. 

Play Date


Liam stood on Maila door steps the hand of his little adopted sister (Y/n) in his as she repeatedly rung the door bell, liam knew Maila would be pissed off for the fact he’s coming over this late at night and for the fact her door bell was ringing over and over again.

Looking up Liam could see her bedroom light flicker on hear a growl, he could see the out form out her body running down the stairs claws out and teeth and eye glowing their bright blue color.

When the door slammed open Liam was quick to speak up, “Before you say anything about the door bell, that was all her fault.” Both teens eyes moved down to the little (h/c) haired 4 year old who held a little mermaid doll under her hand dressed in a pink and red night gown a small furry black coat on her and pink bunny slippers with a book bag lying down by her feet.

“I was hoping you could watch her.” Liam says giving a awkward look after.

“Why?” askes Maila.

“Well, we’re going after you know who tonight and we know how you don’t like to be after him.” Liam says looking down at his feet rocking back and forth awkwardly.

“Fine, but I wanna get paid afterwards.” Maila says Liam just nods and rushes off to his bike telling out a thanks and biking off.

Meanwhile once liam left (Y/n) asked more like told maila to make a grilled cheese sandwich for them both with some ice tea on the side for their pea party.

After making the food and tea adding some ice cubes to make it cold, Maila sat on the floor with (Y/n) both girls watching ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Before they knew it both females grilled cheese and tea were gone, (Y/n) laid on top of Maila cuddling her while both were fast asleep the movie rstaring and placing over once again.

It was around 11pm when the pack finally got back from their mission that involved the beast, Liam told th he had to pick up his sister.

Upon arriving they used the not so secret key in the flower pot to open up the door and once entering they were met with a cute sight, Maila and Liam sister (Y/n) were fast asleep with another on the couch.

Disney Descendants Jane Auradon

Disney Descendants Jane of Auradon. This is her signature doll. She looks a lot like Ariel. I think she is cute. The dress is a little too 80′s influenced for my taste. These dolls are toy quality but I think they are at the higher end of toy quality. Their outfits have a lot of bits and pieces and their hair is highly styled.

Smol Fish Babe

Undyne appreciation week: Day 1!

(A submission from @dreams-of-undertale!!)

I know I actually missed Day 1 but I’m gonna do it anyways. Normally I would try to draw something but I haven’t had the confidence or motivation for drawing lately. So, I’m gonna make up for it with my writing. I haven’t had many chances to write for her anyways so this is perfect. I’m sorry if some of these might get kinda sad and if some of them are kinda common or already canon. Or if some of them don’t match up to timelines. I don’t know or understand a lot about the timelines. This is mainly aiming at what I think about her parents.

Also, I started out on childhood with these and gradually started adding a little older/general Undyne because I got distracted >w>;;

Baby/Childhood Undyne headcanons

  • Either her parents were or she is a descendant of warriors from the War between Monsters and Humans.
  • This is why she has such a vendetta against any human that ends up in the underground.
  • Either her parents perished in the War or they died of some sickness or accident.
  • This lead to her being raised by Gerson.
  • She sees Gerson like a crazy but lovable Uncle.
  • She’s already rambunctious to begin with but don’t let her get into the sugar at this age. She will be bouncing off the walls destroying things.
  • When she’s hyper as a child she can lift incredibly large objects. She do this as an adult without the sugar rush. Imagine her adult self on a sugar rush in this case. She could probably lift an entire building.
  • Her favorite toys were some little boats, pirates, and mermaid dolls she and Gerson found while pillaging in the dump. 
  • Gerson later gives her an eye patch and uses the pirates as a way to boost her confidence while she was adjusting to losing her eye.
  • She was around 11 or 12 when she lost her left eye. She was defending a little Shyren and Napstablook from bullies when one of them threw a rock and nailed her in the eye hard enough that she lost that eye. They didn’t mean to put her eye out though so they panicked and fled.
  • This event spurred her into seeking out Asgore. She had always dreamt of becoming a proper warrior and now was the time to act on that.
  • She wanted to become stronger so she could defend the weak and put bullies in their place.
  • During her training with Asgore he becomes like a father figure to her.
  • Her time spent with Asgore ignites her love of hot tea.
  • Her favorite food is sushi. I know this might sound kinda morbid but if you think about it she has sharp teeth. Sharp teeth means that she would be carnivorous if she was just a wild fish, so eating normal fish isn’t that weird for her.
  • She wouldn’t eat another Fish monster though because that WOULD be weird.
  • Water lilies and Lotuses are her favorite flowers. Please make her a flower crown with them.
  • Her favorite color is purple.

Mod G: AHHHHH NICE!! A pile of fun headcanons about the bab!! And just Undyne in general!!!!! I love these all so much!! I think my favorite of your headcanons is the sugar rush one, that made me laugh. But these headcanons all hit me as VERY believable, you’re good with this stuff!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading these and picturing along with them! Wonderful work!!✨

(and thank you so much for understanding and dealing with the technological difficulties!)

You guys can go find the original post on @dreams-of-undertale!


Warnings: fluff
Rating: everyone
Summary: Chris and reader are in a relationship and the reader works at Disneyland as one of the princesses (Ariel, the Little Mermaid) and Chris surprises her at work and brings his whole family to see her (as requested by @disenchanted-discconected and anonymous)
Y/N = your name

‘Princess’ used in an innocent and child-like context, has a different meaning to that of ‘princess’ when it’s used in a mature context. 

You met Chris a few years back when he was lost. You were doing your job - being The Little Mermaid in Disneyland - in the scorching heat when a well-built stranger and his friend approached you. “Sorry, excuse me…do you know where I could get another map? I’ve lost the one I picked up this morning,” the muscular man smiled, and you recognised him to be the actor that played Captain America, Chris Evans.

“I would’ve never thought that Captain America had time for Disneyland,” you joked.

He laughed, “Are you kidding me? I love Disney!” 

You smiled, “Don’t we all? Uh…if you go there, they’ll have some maps,” you pointed to a stall a couple feet away.

“Thank you,” he walked away to the stall you’d pointed to but his friend stayed. You were watching as Chris was handed a map and turned to walk back. Just as he looked up from the map and to you with a warm smile, you heard the squeal of a little girl: “Ariel!” A pair of small arms wrapped around your legs. You looked down to see a little girl squeezing you tightly.

“Hey there, sweetie,” you crouched down to give the small girl a hug.

“Where’s Sebastian?” The little girl asked, intrigued.

“Under the sea!” You sang, picking her up and twirling her around. She squealed delightedly, giggling as you set her down.

“Will you show me where you live, under the sea?”

“Don’t you remember that I can’t swim when I have legs?” You asked, pulling your dress up a little to reveal your legs.

She gasped in shock. “I thought that Ursula took your voice when she gave you legs?”

“She did, but do you remember when Ursula took my voice, she put it inside a shell and it broke when she was pretending to be Vanessa? Do you remember that? I got my voice back after the shell broke.”

“I remember! And then you married Eric and lived happily ever after. Wait…where’s Eric?”

Just as you were about to respond, an arm looped through yours and a man announced, “I’m Eric.” You looked to see non other than Chris Evans standing proudly, watching you and the little girl with a grin. You gave him a look of disapproval, unlinking your arm from his.

“You’re not Eric!” The small girl laughed.

“I am,” Chris challenged, just as a child would.

“Eric’s hair is black,” she shook her head, crossed her arms and pouted. “You’re not Eric.”

“Am too,” he argued, “I just dyed my hair.”

The girl turned to you and asked, “is he really Eric?”

You looked up at Chris, who too was waiting for your answer, “no.”

The little girl turned to Chris and gave him the ‘I-told-you-so’ look. She left, screaming happily, after her parents took a photo and you kissed her cheek.

“How come I don’t get a kiss on the cheek too, huh, Ariel?”

“Because you’re a grown-ass man and I’m not looking for a one night stand.”

“Hey, whoa, hold up. I never said that I was looking for that, either.”

“Then what do you want?”

“Your number. And a date.”


“Then I’ll give you mine,” he went back to the stall that he got the map from and came back a minute later with a small piece of paper in hand, then handed it to you. “And seeing as you won’t give me a kiss on the cheek, I guess I’ll have to be the one to do it.” He stepped forward and placed a small kiss on your cheek.

“I could report you for that,” you smiled, raising a brow.

“But you know you won’t!” Chris said, and it was left at that as he walked away and waved goodbye.
Things are going very well lately. After a risky first date with Captain America, you found that he was basically the man your were looking for. You moved in with Chris a few months ago, and, well…life is great. The only thing you’d change would be the amount of time you’d get to see Chris. It’s too short. You have a 2 week break before you have to go back to work. Even though you saw each other irregularly, the love was always there.

It was a Saturday like any other, little kids coming up to you to speak to you, taking pictures. The last time you’d spoken to Chris was 3 days ago, when he said that he was with his family in Boston and that he missed you. You hadn’t heard from him after that.

A young girl of maybe 3 or 4 approached you. “Are you the Little Mermaid?” A small hint of a Bostonian accent was present in her voice.

“Why, yes I am!” You crouched down to her level and suddenly recognized her to be Chris’ niece, Stella.

“What’s it like being a princess?”

“I think you should know that, didn’t you know that you’re a princess too?”

“I’m a princess?” She was astonished, grasping onto your hand in amazement. She let go and ran away, and you stood in confusion. She’d dropped her Little Mermaid doll in the rush of excitement. You picked it up, smoothing its hair. You heard the sound of people running and you looked up, only to see Stella dragging Chris by his index finger towards you. “Ariel! Ariel, tell Uncle Chris that I’m a princess! He doesn’t believe me!”

A broad grin broke onto your face and you said, “Uncle Chris, you better believe it. Your darling niece is definitely a princess,” and you handed Stella her doll.

He chuckled and stepped forward, embracing you in a big, warm hug. He stole a quick kiss from you and stood beside you as he asked how you’d been. “UNCLE CHRIS! You just kissed Ariel!” Stella was horrified.

Chris smiled at her, “Ariel’s my girlfriend!”

“But Ariel is married to Eric…” she paused in thought.

“Ariel is my princess, not Eric’s!”

She frowned in confusion, she probably didn’t recognise you with the costume and the makeup. “You’re lying, I’m telling Grandma!” She ran to a group of people who you quickly recognized to be his family, and when Stella pointed at you and Chris, they turned, smiled, and made their way over to you.

As they made their way over, Chris snaked his arm around your waist and pulled you close for another kiss. “Chris…not here,” you giggled as you leaned away. “I’ll make up for it tonight,” you told him, smiling mischievously.

You’d only met his family twice previously, and they were all lovely people. You greeted them with a quick hug and talked a little with Chris’ sisters and his mom before you were interrupted by other kids wanting to talk to you. 

“Ariel!” two children came and clung onto your dress, asking for a picture with you. You obliged and another child, this time a little boy, came and asked if he could be your friend. 

“Of course we can be friends, sweet pea. What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“Jack,” he giggled shyly.

“Well, Jack, we can be best friends, if you really want. Do you wanna be best friends with me?”

Jack wasn’t even given a chance to respond because Stella barged between you and Jack, exclaiming, “No! Ariel is my best friend,” flinging her arms around your neck. She smiled sweetly and batted her eyelashes.

“How about we all be best friends, together?” You suggested, taking hold of Jack’s hand and bringing him forward so that you could pick them both up. “We could make special friendship bracelets for each other, and have tea parties together, and watch lots of movies together…how does that sound?”

“Great!” Jack and Stella said in unison.
A few hours later and you were in the Disneyland Hotel, in a room with Chris. “I’m not your princess,” you said, your hands on your hips.

“You’re right, you’re my queen.”

Your response to his reply was a shove onto the bed, a murmur of “and you, my king,” and the reward of worshipping him like royalty for the rest of the night.