Here are some drawings of persons I admire. It is not really the true characters but they are squarely well drawn.

The first set of drawings are done by Dino Tonic

The second set is a 365 Days of Doodles by Gabriel Picolo

Thanks to only-mildly-fangirling for details :)


Seven Vaganiyas…maybe more.


كل عام وأنتم بخير ونتمنى لكم عيد أم سعيد!


Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, step-fathers, adopted fathers, grandfathers, and father figures, who teach us to be strong, to be ourselves, and to love. This is for the hugs and kisses, for the support and encouragement, and for the love our fathers give us.


(Have I truly become a mermaid blog?! X,D) Send help!!!

More before and afters (with HD quality stills)! :D I have now reached 10 mermaid manips and I can’t seem to decide if I am going to make a master post with all of them, or if I am going to wait until I have enough and then make a video instead. That way you could see them all in HD! ;) 

For those whom missed it, these are not just still manips, they actually move!!

—> MegaraJasmineKidaCinderellaNita

Program used: Adobe After Effects CC

Movies used: The Little Mermaid 1-3, Hercules, Aladdin, Atlantis; The Lost Empire, Cinderella 3, Brother Bear 2

Part 1 & Part 3


You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.