Jerza Week: Bonus Day - Tomorrow

Which came first? the idea or the theme? who knows, Imagination knows no limits and the private matters of a fair maiden are serious bussiness, the most when those include Erza and her love (fangirl side included) for his beloved fugitive.

The title of the magazine is a little homage to Estella-May’s fic A Very Crime Sorciere White Day. And I have to thank Bellagirl cause she sparked this idea with a single comment about the FT Magazine featuring Jellal and if Erza hugging it would count as getting to… second base?? well, something like that, I have a weird brain ^^u


Current Status: Busted brainz but working on “Roses/Strawberries” prompt. I’ll do every one of them but it would be a very slow proccess, cause yeah, all of them are comics… I am crazy, I know and I am loving and regretting it with passion xD


Pietro Maximoff Imagine: You Look Like Shit

Pietro was having trouble getting to sleep, no surprise to him though, the idiot drank a full jug of coffee assuming it was decaf and well; it wasn’t. His mind was buzzing with thoughts, his legs almost running with adrenaline, Pietro without Coffee was fast and a pain, Pietro with coffee was even worse. Sitting on top of his covers with his sweatpants hung low he sighed in defeat, Pietro had tried everything, counting sheep, listening to that stupid rain music and even an old wives tail from sokovia, nothing was working.

Groaning Pietro decided that he should put his energy to good use and work out for a little while, it may even make him feel tired finally. Creaking his door open, Pietro padded silently down the steps following the plan of get the weights and get back to his room, although this was Pietro was a full jug of caffeine so it probably wasn’t going to go as smoothly.

Lifting both the weights effortlessly, Pietro went to race back, attempting not to wake anyone but due to the caffeine he lost control of himself and slammed into your door, the weights thudding loudly making him stop and swear and you wake up with a jump.

You rubbed your eyes momentarily before hopping out of bed to find out what had woke you from the world’s most amazing dream involving Channing Tatum. Opening your door you saw a tired looking Pietro trying to regain his balance. “Hey” you whispered, taking hold of one of the weights and placing it down outside of your room, Pietro placing the other next to it. “Wow man, you look like shit! What happened?” you chuckled wiping the hair out of your friends eyes. “Accidentally drank coffee thinking it was decaf, now cannot sleep. Then” he continued leaning against the wall behind him. “Went to work out, grabbed the weights and on my way back I went to run, y’know like run, the coffee kind of took over.” he grumbled rubbing his eyes that looked heavy with sleep.  “Aww c’mere” you spoke soothingly to your friend pulling him into a close hug and kissing his cheek. “You can come sleep in my room if you want, I probably won’t sleep tonight either now” you smiled slightly grabbing his hand gently running your thumb over his knuckles and pulling him into your room.

Sitting on the bed cross legged you took the biggest blanket you had and draped it across you both, Pietro sat right next to you leaning back against the pillow, Pietro’s chest acting as your pillow. “What should we watch?” you asked quietly flicking through Netflix to find something you could listen to that would help you drift off. Pietro took the control and put it onto an episode of friends, your and his favourite programme. “Night y/n” he spoke cuddling you into him and trying to close his eyes eventually feeling his eyelids go heavy. “Night Pietro” you whispered, looking over to see Pietro already fast asleep.

You however were struggling madly to fall asleep and had tried everything you could do without waking Pietro, he had finally got to sleep and you didn’t want to wake him. Looking over you noticed his mouth was moving and small parts of words were coming out almost inaudible, but just loud enough for you to notice. Minutes passed by and you noticed his words getting louder and louder, your name beginning to slip into the broken words. “Y/n” he mumbled the words falling freely from his mouth. “Y/n, don’t leave me, please” he cried, although no tears were falling you could hear the sadness in his voice. This continued for many more minutes Pietro getting sadder and sadder until you couldn’t take listening to him anymore, it actually made you upset listening to him like that. “Pietro” you whispered in his ear, kissing his cheek to wake him slowly. “Y/n” he whispered and hugged you tightly making you smile and bury your head into his chest.

“Y/n, I dreamt you got hurt” he whimpered into your neck, “God i love you” he blurted immediately freezing as he said it. “Shit, er surprise” he said his voice shaking as he realised what he had done. “Pietro look at me” you ordered placing your hand on his face. “I love you too, even though you are an Idiot who managed to drink aa full pot of coffee without realising it was not decaf” you chuckled making him bury his head into the crook of your neck leaving small kisses making you giggle placing your hand over your mouth to contain the laughter.  God this boy, but hey you loved him

always-work-hard-and-stay-humble asked:

The Rusk University Series by Cora Carmack, do you have to read them in order because it doesn't sound like it..? Only curious because I want to read All Played out from your recommendation because it sounds really good

They are all REALLY GOOD. You don’t have to read them in order but you may find little spoilers hidden in APO. It’s my fave of the 3 but the first is only 1.99 right now!

I was tagged by dreamingincastles! Love you <3 

Four things people call me: Sofia, Sof, Sofie, and Sofifi

Four movies I’ve watched more than once: Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the Speak Now World Tour

Four books I’d recommend: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (just read this for school and omg it was so intense!) and Little Women by Louisa May Alcott 

Four places I’ve lived: I’ve only lived in India for the first 5 months of my life and Manhattan for the rest of it :) 

Four places I’ve been: Paris, Istanbul, London, and Spain  

Four foods I don’t eat: Mushrooms, anything meat/fish bc I’m a vegetarian, Pineapple (I just really don’t like it), and Blue Cheese 

Four TV shows I watch: Gossip Girl, Law and Order SVU, One Tree Hill, and Pretty Little Liars

Four things I’m looking forward to this year: 1989 TOUR OMG, Attending Barnard College of Columbia University in the fall, meeting as many swifties as possible bc ily guys, and seeing Taylor take over the world even more 

Four things I say a lot: Yas, I want froyo, Taylor Swift, and  FACETIMEME! (as one word)

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Diptera (Flies)- Rhagionidae (Snipe Flies)-Chrysopilus thoracicus (Golden-backed Snipe Fly)

Genus name Chrysopilus means “golden-hair” and thoracicus refers to the golden patch on the thorax, presumably. 

Range Eastern North America Habitat Deciduous woodlands Season Spring. April-May (North Carolina). Food Adults are alleged to be predatory on other insects, but they may feed little (observations by BugGuide members). Life Cycle Details unknown. This fly is observed in early to mid-spring perched quietly on low vegetation in deciduous woodlands. Remarks The coloration (dark wings, gold thorax)is perhaps mimicry of a hymenopteran. Another Chrysopilus species (see Milne and Milne, below) appears to be a very good hymenopteran mimic, with a prominently striped abdomen.

Prince George and little sister Princess Charlotte may follow their father’s lead and become Aston Villa football club supporters, the Duke of Cambridge has suggested. The Duke’s comments came during an interview with Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker which will be broadcast ahead of Saturday’s FA Cup final between Aston Villa and holders Arsenal.
—  DailyMail (x)

Okay so I tried asking this on my blog but didn’t really get too far so I figured it was time to come to the tag with this question since it’s bothering me. Keep in mind I haven’t played ToA in a little while so I may be misremembering something but here we go:

How was Ion capable of reading the Planet Score in Mt. Zaleho without the Seventh Fonstone?

The Seventh Fonstone was still in the core of the planet, right? And it was necessary to have that for reading Auldrant’s future since the Sixth Fonstone ended with Malkuth’s downfall and Kimlasca’s prosperity (which was part of the closed score, which only Maestros and above knew about). If the Seventh Fonstone wasn’t needed to read the Planet Score then why did Mohs send Tear out to search for it in secret? Like, did Bamco actually think this through or did they rush this scene because they needed an excuse for Ion’s death?

boy-positive little story that may be relevant: 

So I play ice hockey. As you probably know, this sport requires chest pads. They velcro from the back and attach in the front. I used to like to have my chest pads reeeeally tight. Then one day, in the middle of a exhausting practice, I started to feel super sick out of nowhere and I could barely breathe. I had to sit on the bench. One of the instructors said he didn’t like the color my face was turning. Per his suggestion, I took off my chest pads and suddenly, the nausea disappeared.This has given me a lesson relevant to your blog:

Now I don’t know what binding feels like since I’m not trans, but like I said before, remove your binder if you feel sick while exercising. Better yet, simply don’t wear it while running around, especially outside. Wear a sports bra instead, or maybe wear a baggy sweatshirt (weather permitting). If you’re only exercising for an hour, or so, it’s worth it to not bind for the short time. Always listen to your body. Anything that constricts that part of your body, from tight chest pads to binders, can be dangerous. Obviously, it’s near your heart, but it’s also near your diaphragm, which is your breathing muscles. Just stay safe and be smart about it.

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Texts from last night & students Jekyll and Utterson. First time I drew dear Gabriel, too! His description in the book always makes me think of Peter Cushing instantly, so I inspired myself with him a little. Also, the reply may be in caps but I don’t think it would be shouted. More like delivered with a death glare, because Utterson is chill.