Anyone want to start a gofundme to stop PL from premiering in countries two years after it’s initial release?

I’ll put down the first hundie. If we all donate a little may be we can free Josh.

The theme of the third Object Head Zine is “SPOOKY”.

(image credit: Raveninblue)
This year’s topic is a little more flexible - participants may draw either spooky-themed object heads, or place object heads in a spooky situation! It can be either scary or cutesy or even a mix of both! You may include monsters, but please keep object heads the focus of your piece.

This book will feature 25 people I’ve selected, plus 25 open slots available to the public. This year’s zine is a PAID OPPORTUNITY of $100 CAN (approx. $80 USD) per page. A Kickstarter launched after the drawing period completion and compilation (around late Feb, 2017) will provide payment, plus cover the cost of printing and shipping for the books’ single run print and sale!

The 25 pre-selected participants are:

Potentialforart | 2-ee | Rezllen | Nighthead | Modmad | 0Chromat | Raveninblue | Artic Blue | Tigercubmia | Sellerdoor | Wallabri | Kalkie |Theholeyness | Jessica Pamintuan | Khantaya | Drew Rausch | Pengosolvent | Aaron Alexovich | Melyssa Denton | Audrey Kare | Sticksandsharks | Xoves | Derekhetrickart | Chickenwithtie | Mindkiss

The guidelines are as follows:

  • Illustration-quality works in either digital or traditional mediums. Both colour and b/w acceptable; background required. *BG can be as simple as a pattern or colour block!
  • 6”x9”, 300 DPI illustrations with a 1/8th inch bleed (FINAL DIMENSIONS SHOULD BE 6.25” x 9.25”) Works must be in CMYK, a template will be provided via email if you are selected. Works will be in a vertical format only.
  • 10 slots are open for a 1-4 page comic. A separate portfolio of your comic works must be sent in for consideration.
  • At least one (1) work in progress picture should be sent in with your final illustration/comic.
  • For consistency’s sake, keep faces to a minimum (You can have eye(s) or you can have mouth(s) but don’t have both in a humanoid arrangement.)
  • Original characters only (yours or your friends’).
  • You can include humans or non-spooky object heads, as long as there’s a 1:1 spooky object head to non-spooky object head/human ratio.
  • This book is for all ages. PG-13 content at the most! Cartoon violence and blood are acceptable, but realistic gore is NOT. Use your common sense. If you’re unsure, run the idea by me.
  • Completed illustrations/comics must be sent as a flattened psd or tiff file.

To apply, please submit:

  • Examples of your work (art blog/tag, homepage, etc). If you wish to submit a comic, please provide examples of your comic work as well. Object heads are not required in  your portfolio but always welcome.
  • The name you want to be credited under
  • The website you want linked on the credits page
  • The email you want displayed on the credits page (optional)

There are only 10 slots for comics available due to page count space so if you apply for a comic space, and you are selected, you may not be picked for comics but instead illustration!

Please send this information to objectheadzine (at) hotmail (dot) com, plus any questions you may have about the zine. I’ll do my best to reply promptly. If you haven’t received a response from me regarding your application in a few days, please send it again. There are a few essential questions answered over at the FAQ. There is also a twitter account for the zine for frequent updates and WIPs of the book!

Applications are due August 2nd, 2016, 11:59 PM, PST.

Thank you and good luck!


Old Man Trump by Ryan Harvey feat. Ani DiFranco and Tom Morello

Here’s a little story you may or may not be familiar with.

In the mid-20th Century, legendary folk singer Woody Guthrie was in the market for an apartment. He found one in Brooklyn, N.Y., signed a lease, and settled in. There was only one problem: the apartment building was owned by a real-estate bigwig and total slimeball named Fred Trump. Yes, the father of that other Trump, the one with weird hair and orange skin currently leading us all into the Apocalypse.

So Woody decided to write a song about it. But like many of his songs, Old Man Trump was never released under his name. It took Ryan Harvey, with some help from Ani DiFranco and Tom Morello, to put it to music and release it with what, really, couldn’t be better timing. This isn’t the first time a modern musician has written and performed musical accompaniment to unreleased Woody Guthrie lyrics; back in the late 90’s, Wilco and Billy Bragg teamed up for a whole double-album of such material.

This rendition of Old Man Trump tips its hat to its lyrical author by occupying traditional folk stylings, albeit a somewhat modernized version of them. In the song, Woody expresses his disgust at the elder Trump’s unabashedly racist housing practices and exorbitant rent. Isn’t it just so inspiring to see a son follow in his father’s footsteps?

anonymous asked:

'Kay, 'cause I love angst. Could you do a continuation of the Aegon/Sansa fight with the line "That was called love…" I began to imagine how tragic it would be for him if he actually feel for Sansa after she already told him she'll never love him and seeing how much she loves Jon but been unable to say more 'cause they are doing nothing bad. You know, just the good old "eye contact, I hope you are using protection" and him been "I knew she'll never love me but I stupidly feel for her anyway"

Part One

Prompt from here.

❝ That was called love…❞

After escaping Sansa’s solar, Aegon found himself in the nursery. His son napped next to his twin daughters. They were peaceful, and beautiful, and his. Aegon felt foolish for questioning it. The girls both have his hair, his eyes, his features. And little Egg may lack his father’s silver-white hair, but it is instead replaced by the straight black of Elia Martell.

Aegon stroked a finger over Daenys and Nymeria’s foreheads and left for dinner. His sore heart pounded in his chest as he entered the dining hall. Sansa sat, radiant as ever, in the chair besides his own. Behind her stood, his brother.

Their marriage had been his idea. Aegon thought Sansa was reciprocal to it, that she had some affection for him. Now he saw she just did her duty before her King. 

If it was anyone else, he doubted it would hurt this much. But she loved his brother, his blood. What difference was there between Aegon and Jon that made her love him so fiercely?

The way she laughed whenever Jon whispered a joke in her ears, their walks through the garden each day, his support of her suggestions at council meetings- Aegon felt like a fool for not noticing it sooner. Yet he takes Sansa at her word- she is not lying with Jon.

They were all doomed to feel the pain this marriage has caused, to have some hurt to their love in any form. Aegon took his seat besides her, and gave a curt nod, “My Lady. Brother.”

“My King.” Sansa said, quiet and unsure. He picked up her hand and squeezed. Their eyes met, briefly, before he turned to his meal. None of them may love freely, but they may love anyway. He was a fool to love her, as she was a fool to continue loving Jon. But love is strange in many ways, and while it hurt like Seven Hells more often then not, sometimes it was all they had.

Storm (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: Both you and Peter are best friends- yet you don’t know about him being Spiderman, so once he saves you and gets you to safety 

Warning(s): Mentions of sexual assault, swearing, quite emotional.

A/N: This is my first Imagine on this blog:) Hope you enjoy and please put in requests here - Requests -

Word count: 1,364

A sigh dragged past your lips as you heard lightning strike against your eardrums and moments later little droplets turned into heavy splashes by your converse.

You pulled your Biology papers and books closer to your chest as you tried to shield them from the rain as you started to pick up your pace with your head slightly tilted down.

“Fuck..” You whispered to yourself as you felt the air get more cold, it was obvious that the storm was only starting- with more to come.

It’s times like this you wished you had agreed to stay at Peter’s place a little longer- May had even offered you to stay for tea but you had said no. Lately you was often over at the Parker household due to you and Peter being partners in a Biology project but you two often done homework together anyway.

Suddenly you was forced onto your butt, making you look up as your books and papers scattered into puddles. 

“S-sorry, I didn’t see where I was going..” You whispered as you looked up to see a male in around his later 20′s or early 30′s.

It was your fault though- you wasn’t really looking as to where you was walking but was more focused on keeping your books and notes all dry. Your palms reached out to whatever you could grab as you sighed sadly, most of the stuff you grabbed was probably ruined.

You glanced at the man, he never responded it was as if something clicked in his brain which caused his eyes to light up.

Before another word could pass your lips, he scooped up your tiny form in his tight grip, throwing you over his shoulder roughly. Whatever you had hold of was now dropped and panic flooded your body. He started running into a very small alleyway.

“HEY!” You screamed, lashing your legs and punching his back as hard as you could- even scratching for that matter.

“No one will be able to hear you~.” He whispered into your ear as he reached the end of the alleyway.


A grunt left your lips as your fragile body was thrown into the wall in front of him, your eyes turned wider than ever when he started to unbuckle his belt, you screamed again as loud as you could.

“Someone, ANYONE! HELP ME!” The man had you pinned to the wall now, and he somehow managed to tie your wrists to a water pipe going into one of the buildings with his belt. 

A stinging sensation made its way onto your cheek, he had slapped you.

“Shut the fuck up!” He hissed, digging into his jacket and pulling out a pocket knife. “Don’t think I won’t use this if you try to fucking yell out for help again, fucking understood?”

Tears flooded your cheeks along with the raindrops as you whimpered a small, ‘yes’ to the man. His hands roamed your body, stripping away your clothes and if he somehow struggled with so- he’d use the knife to cut away bits he could not take off.

Your screams must have been heard by someone because within seconds of him taking off your shirt and his hands roaming you he was flung back into the wall. Webs covered the mans hands and legs and the person before him was no other than Spiderman. 

This was actually the second time you’ve ever seen spiderman- the first time was just seeing him swinging from building to building, the second time being now- him actually saving you.

The knife dropped from the creeps grip, as Spiderman threw punches into the guys face over and over with a few to his gut as well.

“S-stop it man!” The man shrieked in pain, spitting out some blood to the side as fear was written all over his face.

“You don’t touch a woman without her consent, you fucking hear me?!” Spiderman boomed throughout the alleyway with his voice, punching him across the face to harm him even more.

“Y-yes!” He squeaked once again.

Spiderman then quickly shot some web around his face to keep him quiet and to blind his sight.

Sniffles left you, as you struggled against the belt keeping you in place. You were so close to being violated- in a way you did get violated.

The hero turned around, to look at you. Even though you couldn’t see his face, you could tell that his features must have softened at the sight of you.

Your hair was tangled, your mascara had smudged down your face due to your tears and you really looked broken.

The unknown male quickly undone the belt wrapped around your wrists and scooped you up.

“T-thankyou.. Spiderman..” You whispered, letting him actually pick you up.

“I’m going to take you home- okay?” Spiderman whispered to you, letting you nod.

You really did recognise his voice, but you didn’t want to question how he knew where you lived. So you let it happen.


Moments later after Spiderman swinging around the city with you in his grip safely, he got into your room through your window and set you down on your bed.

You watched him stand there, as you stood up and went to your closet and you found yourself an oversized grey tee shirt, placing it over your shirtless self only to turn around to see Spiderman unmask himself.

A small gasp left the back of your throat as you saw your best friend stood before you.

“P-…Peter…?” You whispered, edging yourself closer to him.

Peter didn’t even know how to respond to you, he stumbled on his words before sighing.

“I’m sorry..”

Your heart thumped in your throat as tears filled you eyes.

“For what Pete?”

“For not saving you quick enough- hell, even for keeping this secret from you!” His voice rose as tears also dripped down his cheeks, his voice slightly cracking from crying.

His hand ran through his hair as he stared into your eyes.

“To know that another man even touched you that way without your consent angers me and makes me feel ill (Y/N).” He seethed, walking to you.

“But you saved me before anything else could’ve happened- what if you didn’t show up? Something so much more worse would’ve happened.. I don’t know why you kept it from me but to be honest- I’m glad I found out this way..” A broken smile made its way onto your glossed lips as you wipe away his tears.

“But he touched you-”

“But you saved me from the worst of it Peter.”

Peter was about to say something else before he looked down, letting you wipe away his tears.

You both sat down on your bed, and suddenly he hugged you close to him.

“I promise, (Y/N), I will never let that happen to you ever again.”

Your (E/C) eyes glossed over as you let your head lay into his chest, before looking up.


“C-can I just finish what I have to say?” He looked down at you, and you nodded whilst biting your lip.

“Right.. (Y/N). You’re my best friend- and I’m sorry but I can’t keep it in any longer!” He paused, gulping.

“I love you, (Y/N). I’ve loved you ever since I first met you on the first day of school. You’ve always been my best friend and always tried to protect me from any of the bullies, you never once left me. Hell- even when Ben died you was there for me.”

Your heart thumped, tears letting loose now.

“I-I understand.. if you don’t love me back- but if you don’t I don’t want us to not be friends because of it-”

Then you cut his rambling off with your soft lips meeting his, closing your eyes into the kiss and wrapping your bruised arms around his neck. It took a few seconds for him to actually comprehend what was happening, for him to finally start kissing you back. After around 30 seconds you pulled away.

“I love you too, Parker.” You whispered as his hand met your cheek and he cradled it delicately.

“And I’ll protect you no matter what.”


One year since we started @swiftiesupportgroup ❤️❤️❤️

To everyone: I love you all so much my heart might burst, my little family, may we keep doing this for a long long time and may we have a pic one day with ALL of us in it. Love you my angels❤️❤️

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Since I’m a pro at denial I’ve been telling myself that Bea may still be alive. The show used seahorses as an analogy for Ballie. At the end of 4x11, during 4x12, and at the end of 4x12 they interchanged shots of Bea and Allie. I think it was to show how they are connected. Allie living at the end gives a little hope that Bea may still be alive. This gives a little more


You Can Touch

by iwritebadthings

Harry is a 6 year old boy who loves his daddy.
Louis is a 26 year old father who loves his little boy.
Louis may love him in a much different way.

Words: 659, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’

Austin, 25

“I’m wearing a vintage Swiss army training jacket, a grey Uniqlo jumper, a pair or Levis trousers from the 1950s and a pair of vegan leather boots from Moo Shoes NYC. For my personal style I always emphasize comfort and utility. I need loads of pockets to carry things, but I like to keep things simple in black, grey, green or blue. As a strict vegetarian I don’t wear any leather, fur or silk. I love to wear things that are a little bit worn.”

26 May 2016, Pre Helsinki House

-Henry Jonathan Davenport-

“Happy birthday, little angel, may you have a lot of fun in heaven and wait for us to join you.”

“Do you ever imagine how our life would be like if he wasn’t..”

“Every-goddamn-night, Sammy. I always imagine us to own a small house with a garden and enough space for a playground. I imagine you making breakfast with him on your arm, singing to your favourite song on the radio and slowly dancing in the kitchen, while he laughs at you…and-”

“That would be too perfect to be true.”

Phone calls with daddy
  • Daddy:Daddy is feeling a little sad today
  • I just miss you is all...