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Pref #4 Just a little too much

Louis T: Anyone would put money on Louis and (y/n) spending time together, and maybe being a little friendlier with each other than they would be with anyone else. They didn’t mean to be so obvious, really they didn’t, but who could help it?

(y/n) often wondered how any girl was able to resist Louis’s charm, his cute little nose, the sexy way he walked and his and his admirable sense of humor.

And Louis was left to wonder how any man could look at (y/n)’s beautiful face and not have their hearts stop, how anyone could see her ass in those tights jeans and not get hard in their pants, but mostly he wondered how no one else has seen how amazing she was.

So they tended to sit just a little too close.

Hug just a bit too tightly.

They couldn’t help but pay just a little too much attention to each other and that’s what gave them away

Zayn M: He was always making sure that her days were filled with happiness. Careful not to say things that might upset her, quick to change the channel if he knew a sad commercial was to come on.

His friends saw this but didn’t say anything, they knew that their friend would make a move when he saw fit.

His intention was never for her to know how much she was on his mind.

It was obvious though and everyone could see how infatuated he was with her.

It was in the way he cared for, giving her a his seat even if she said she didn’t need it, holding her hand in a large crowd to keep her by him, or even just giving dirty looks to any man that let his eyes wonder too far.

He put just a little more effort into being her protector. Even though she wasn’t his yet, he wanted to make sure she knew that being with him would only bring her happiness.

Liam P.  Liam knew that his feelings were maybe a little too intense. How could he not feel this way though? This girl. This beautiful, wonderful, angelic girl was perfect. The way she would always want to know how he was doing. She cared about people, and not just the people in her life, no this girl cared about humans in general. Liam couldn’t fathom how so much love could fit into just one person.

He wanted to impress her, wanted to show her that he cared like she did. Going out of his way to show his kindliness to her by paying for her school book and when they would go on walks together he always kept an eye out for people in need of some help, he looked for any chance to show her that he could be amazing for her

So he went out of his way just a little too often to show her that he was worth her time.

Niall H.  She often told him to not spend so much money on her, she felt that she it was all too much, but he couldn’t help it, in his eyes she was a princess and he wanted to make sure she never forgot that.

She, like every other girl, had her insecurities. He didn’t want her to have them though, he wanted her to feel like she was worth the world, because she was worth his.

So yeah he would buy her necklaces and earrings and pretty dresses to wear.

“I know you don’t want me to, but I want to make you feel as beautiful as you are.” He would say.

She knew that is was a lost cause to try and stop him, he would continue to buy her the world to try and make her happy.

It did work sometimes, she would put on a dress that he had bought for her and as she was putting her necklace and earrings on he would come up behind her, kiss her neck and tell her how beautiful he was.

“You love me too much.” She would say smiling at him

“Just a little too much.” He would respond.

Harry S.  He had gotten so used to people staring at him that he almost couldn’t feel wondering eyes on his form.  He didn’t understand why people found him so interesting but he wasn’t bothered by it, just let people watch him.

He acted like he didn’t notice so often that it came to be that he eventually didn’t.

Which is probably why when he was thinking of ways to get a certain girls attention he couldn’t feel her eyes already on him.

She was just as amazed by him as any one was. Spent her days trying to do things that wold amaze him. Learning how to cook special foods that he loved or reading about places he missed. She would do anything to feel closer to him.

He was constantly in a state or performing around her, wanted to show her how great he could be for her.

So by noticing each other just a little too much they ended up not noticing how much each one longed for the other.

My little CEO

by Daydreamdreamer16

Louis is a model, Harry is a CEO, sometimes harry just needs to give over all control and louis is more than happy to help
Louis takes care of his CEO boyfriend

Words: 1303, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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OKAY IF I CANT DATE ZAYN CAN I DATE LIAM? He's a gentleman. -Bunnie

We’re gonna have lack of friends and then we need to stop being friends because I need to be badass daddy and kick their asses if they hurt my little girls. :(