A King’s Tale is a really great, super adorable mini-game where Regis tells Noctis a bedtime story. 

… Which means it’s filled with rather adorable father and son bonding and I think that’s great  💖 👍

30 Day Video Game Challenge- Day 3 - A Game That is Underrated

Day 3- A Game That is Underrated

Game: Little King Story ( Wii )

I really thought I wasn’t going to like this game, but the moment I played it, I just couldn’t put it down! I’m sad there isn’t more people who know more about it.

Essentially you play as a little boy called Corobo who finds a crown and becomes  king. You try to make your kingdom the best it can be and conquer enimies and territory to expand.

If you like Pikiman, this really is the game for you because the battle system is quite similar. There is the time system yet again where you try to complete as much things as you can during the day. You have different variations of people in your army: soldiers, chefs, farmers, archers and you “ throw” them at the enemy. Each person would then initiates their ability to fight. (Hahaha it always pains me when someone dies.) These very people are also used to clear obstacles in the overworld ( trees or rocks in the way ).

Of course this game isn’t one that goes on forever as there is a story to be completed. This game may look cutesy but there is a very sad story beneath it all! ( sry no spoilers here )

The soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous, and why shouldn’t it be when many of the music in the game are influenced and are classical musics by Mozart, Beethoven etc. Nothing pumps you up as much as Rossini’s “William Tell Overture” is playing in the background as you fight a boss.

And what is a king without his queen? There are princesses to be rescued in the game and all I have to say is “ Corobo what a pimp!”

Anyway for those who haven’t yet played this game, I thourouly recommend to do so! This is a great game to play, enjoyable all around and hey after all these years, I still remember the craziness of this game and its lasting impression in my heart.

“I’m not really digging the art style”

Never fear there is a more anime styled version for the Vita. Same story but revamp graphics , etc. So no excuses!

In other words, play this game! SPREAD THE WORD!