One company dropped its advertising for our show in one of the early seasons, because they didn’t agree with the relationship. And I was like, “No shit, our relationship is illegal!” And Marlene said, “No, it’s not yours, it’s Emily’s relationship [that’s the problem].” So I could be seen as a statutory rapist, and people are like, “I know, but love knows no bounds, as long as there is a penis and a vagina involved.”
—  Ian Harding (x
bitty dates anonther falconer au
  • so the graduation kiss doesn’t happen
  • and bitty tries to move on and jack goes onto join the falconers
  • and there’s some falcs family get-together early on in the pre-season and bob and alicia can’t make it for Reasons
  • so jack invites his other family
  • which – is sort of a terrible idea bc Tater’s flying solo so he adopts Ransom and Holster and shenanigans happen immediately
  • (think Tater and Bitty doing lifts on the ice but with ransom and holster and alcohol)
  • and shitty’s hanging all over jack because they haven’t seen each other in weeks and he introduces himself to everyone as jack’s brother – “but not like a lame- ass biological brother, a brother of the heart” – and lardo’s somehow got all these falcs rookies following her around like little ducklings
  • so bits is kind of off by himself, hovering near the refreshments to monitor which pies are most popular
  • (he might be distancing himself from jack on purpose. he might be trying to move on. it might be really hard.)

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Things we were promised but didn't get in the finale or any other part of the show.

Feel free to correct me / add anything

1. Ian said that there would be a very gory death. We never saw anything of this sort.

2. Keegan said that there was a scene he felt uncomfortable doing and that it’s “nuts” and when we see it, we will know what he’s talking about.

3. There were supposed to be TWO realistic masks - we only saw one.

4. I still don’t get why Alex/ Twincer tortured the girls. Yes she was bitter that Spencer lived a better life but why did she burn Aria, Impregnate Alison and all that other stuff.

5. Most of all they kept saying that this would be satisfying for us all. All I feel is frustrated and disappointed. They also promised us it’s someone we know not some random person and yet here we are. Seriously half way through the episode I had to check I hadn’t accidentally changed the channel or fallen asleep and dreamed it.


Where Mickey started and where he ended up is massive to me, I can’t really picture a bigger turn, coming out of his shell, from who he is and the starting point of this incredibly scared and angry person to who he is now. That journey towards freedom has been really wonderful and a privilege to play.“ - Noel Fisher  

PLL cast/ crew on PLL defying logic-
  • Mandi Line: They never go to class. They always have coffee dates and breakfast. I’d be like, “Marlene, did they go to school?” “Not yet!” “What time is it?” “1 p.m.!” The absurdity trickles into every department. If someone said about Aria, “That skirt is a little short,” I would say, “She sleeps with her English teacher!"
  • Ian: I love the fact that they're supposed to be like, “We’re so exhausted; we’re being hunted and harassed, and are vaguely suspicious of the cops due to one thing that happened in the second season … so we're never going to go to them.”
  • Janel: We just joked about the fact that every cop that we've had on the show has been bad in some way. What the hell, Rosewood?
  • Lucy: They were always dressed to the nines at school. And always running in the woods in heels.
  • Troian: We live in Pennsylvania but there's never been snow except for the Christmas episode.
Flood my Mornings: Ian (V)

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story takes place in an AU in which Jamie travels through the stones two years after Culloden and finds Claire and his child in 1950 Boston.
  • Previous installment: Ian (IV): Bree arrives at the hospital

July 22, 1951


Even in the still-foggy and damned painful state of new deliverance, there was the purest and clearest joy in my heart as I reached up to intercept my daughter from Jamie’s arms. “Oh, lovey—” I crushed her tight to my chest and burrowed my face into her hair. “I’m so glad you’re here—I’ve missed you so much.”

“Miss’t you more,” came the muffled reply. 

“Oh, I don’t know about that, little smudge,” I murmured, smoothing back her hair and exhaling deeply with the sheer relief and joy of having her near, of knowing she was safe and mine.  I found myself noticing the differences of her scent from Ian’s, the knowledge soothing and somehow vital as it settled in my senses. My son. My daughter. 

She pushed back against my shoulders, far enough to bestow a sloppy kiss. “Feelin’ all better?”

I grinned, touched. “MUCH bett—”

“Where is-he?”

“What, seeing your Mummy isn’t the whole reason you drove all this way??” 

Wherrrre?” she insisted, beaming with excitement. 

“Here, a leannan.” Jamie, three steps ahead as always, had retrieved the baby from Penelope’s loving embrace and was already at my elbow. 

Unswaddled against the heat of the day, Ian seemed even more tiny and fragile. My heart stabbed with a wild, heartbreaking anxiety to see his limbs, so incredibly thin and vulnerable in their cotton suit. 

Still, I eased as I felt the warm weight of his head settling securely into the crook of my arm, as I felt the reassuring pressure of Jamie’s hand over mine. “Bree?….This is your little brother.”

Brianna, on her knees, half-facing and half-leaning on me, peered down into Ian’s face….and issued a tiny, inarticulate squeak. 

“Can you say hello?” I nudged, watching her intently and grinning like an idiot. 

She beamed up at me, then Jamie, and then back down at Ian’s sleeping face, absolutely speechless. 

“We’ve two of them now, mo chridhe,” Jamie murmured against my temple, sounds from Penelope’s camera from the other side of the room promising that this moment would be captured forever.  

Two,” I whispered back, my heart unspeakably full, our children there in our arms. 

He reached out and softly touched Bree’s cheek. “What do ye think of baby Ian, cub?” 

“Beeyin?” Bree, coming out of her rapt reverie, looked at Ian, then gave me a look of half-horrified fascination as though things were suddenly dropping into place. “ACK-shlee he came out y’r tummy?”

I held back most of the laughter, though it was damned difficult, what with Jamie shaking beside me like my own personal earthquake. “He actually did.”

Wow…” she whispered, looking back to Ian. “Good job, Mummy!” Bree snuggled closer, all but lounging ON the baby in her need to see him up close. “He’s really….all—” A tiny, squealing sigh that might have been ‘cute’. 

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” I murmured, splitting my gaze between them. “And he’s all new. All ours.” 

“I can hold him?” 

After a bit of shifting about, we settled at last with Bree between us on the bed and a pillow laid crosswise on her outstretched legs. Carefully, I eased Ian down onto the cushion, his tiny stockinged-feet curled up against her belly. 

“Now, mind his head,” Jamie instructed Bree, a protective hand hovering by Ian’s ear just in case. “Ye must always be careful wi’ a wean’s head.”

Bree leveled her father with a look of haughty scorn that would have brought any professionally-trained actor to shame. ”I’ll be careful of all him, Daddy.” 

Completely oblivious to the laughter from the adults in the room, she returned her attention to her new charge, all serene smiles. “He’s all soft…” Bree ran a finger very gingerly across his cheek, across the full pink lips, pouted in sleep. “… like a blanket.”

“Verra soft indeed,” Jamie murmured, his hand, shifting up ever so slightly to stroke the shocks of downy hair. 

“Why’s he ‘sleep?”

I kissed the top of her head, remembering when it, too, could fit easily in my hand. “So he can grow up big and strong like you.”

“Oh…good.” She picked up one of his hands, grinning. “Hi, Beeyin,” she cooed. “….Glad you’re, um….glad you’re been born….“

Jamie’s eyes were the deepest blue I’d ever seen them, crinkled and warm in the midday light of the room as he watched the two of them…then smiled at me.  

“We’ll play a lot…..You can play wi’ George all you wanna, okay?” 

Ian responded to the gracious offer of Bree’s favorite toy rabbit by dreamily searching for milk with his tongue. 

“An’—” Bree went on, making her overtures with a distinctly Fraser-like solemnity, “—an’—won’t let any snakes bite you. Because love, okay?”

Snakes? I mouthed to Jamie over her head. 

Tell ye later, he mouthed back with a grin, and then both of us nearly jumped out of our skins when Bree GASPED.  



He’s ‘wake!!” she whisper-screamed. 

And sure enough, Ian Fraser was blinking up at his sister with an expression that could only be described as ‘perplexed’, brows furrowed and mouth in a perfect O of concentration,

All three of us stared down, entranced, as Ian slowly brought his hands up toward his face. The tiny fingers fanned out as he stretched in a great yawn, making us all gasp in unison from delight and love. 

“He’s—like a little person!” Bree declared, sounding unsure as to whether to cry or laugh at this revelation; though likely the former, from the happy quaver in her voice. A wonderful human being, this little lass was. My sweet, sweet love. 

“He’s watching you, Bree,” I whispered into her ear, a little choked. Ian was intent upon her, in fact, his watery eyes following the slightest of her movements. 

“I’m watchin’ him, too,” she said. A promise. 

Bree kissed her brother on the forehead. Jamie’s arm came around behind her to encircle my waist. I nuzzled my head against his as I stroked Ian’s hair.  We all, even Ian, exhaled as one. 

The camera clicked, and it was set in stone. The four of us. Forever.