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I don't think it's any of our business if it is her boyfriend or not.

Wow what a salty little thing you are. 

Honey, if Bex wasn’t ready, she wouldn’t have posted that snap on her fan snapchat. You think she doesn’t have a personal snapchat for her friends and family? All celebrities do. 

She posted it because either they aren’t together and it was just a friendly photo, or because she doesn’t mind people knowing now. 

It might not be our ‘business’ but she knows what she is doing. If she didn’t want us to know, we wouldn’t. 

Sit down. 

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A small four year old in a sweater that was way too big for them and didn't fit was brought here without knowing why. Though there was a paper attached to their chest, saying "Feed me chocolate". The small Honey was just confused though.

“Oh my gosh you are so cute my honey, dear, adorable, cute being!!!”

Lili just, hugged the little honey tightly and gave them a smooch on the cheek

“Here, just pick whatever chocolate you want! Dark chocolate? White? Milk chocolate? I don’t care! As long as you like it, everything is fine!

a couple of weeks ago my friend bought a toy poodle but was really worried about how her rottweiler/german shepherd cross would react to it. this monster dog has been hit by 4 cars going at least 80km/h, has attacked a horse and has killed multiple venomous snakes, so her fear of this zombie dog doing something to a tiny poodle seems to be a pretty reasonable fear. it took weeks for my friend to leave her puppy alone for a second with the mutt from hell, and only did so because she thought that her other (trained) german shepherd could protect her.

today she walked out into her backyard and sent me this picture

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Who would like a grilled peach, stuffed with a mixture of honey & ricotta, topped with toasted almonds, crushed amaretti cookies and drizzled with a little more honey? It could be yours in less than 15 minutes.

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Sugar - Yeri

Bringing Red Velvet cupcakes in their practice room, for @thehistorynut19. Thank you for waiting and I hope you enjoy!

You didn’t realize how popular cupcakes could be until you came across many, many hungry trainees and idols.

Outside the 9th practice room which feels more like the 3000th, you really hope that it’s finally the right one. At this rate, you won’t have any left by the time you reach the girls. Catching a glimpse of the shirt your girlfriend wears so often, you sigh in relief and rush in before anyone else gets interested.


“It’s been a while since we saw you, thanks for coming by!”

“Ooh, what’s in the box?”

Met with so many cheerful voices, it feels like the effort of making these and bringing them was worthwhile. Yeri hurries over, followed closely by the others, everyone crowding while you struggle to get the lid off.

“Red Velvet cupcakes! What other flavour could fit so well. I made one specially for each of you, so let me give them out.” Smiling happily, you pick them out carefully and try to remember what was for who. A little bear face for Seulgi, a cabbage decoration for Irene, a microphone for Wendy, a crown for Joy… you save Yeri’s for last.

While the others are distracted, you hand it over so that only she can see it. The icing is her favourite colour, and is covered with little hearts and glitter and even a wobbly written-in-icing “I Love You”. It’s so cheesy that you almost don’t hand it over, but after thinking for so long what to do for her you can’t give up now.

“It’s so cute!” She hugs you tightly, trying very hard not to cover you in cake by accident. Letting go, she blushes a little and begins eating it very quickly in a failed effort not to be teased by the others; one glimpse, and they all start talking at once until she buries her face in her hands.

“I’m glad you guys liked them so much! I should be going so you can get back to practice, but I’ll see you soon okay?” Heading for the door, you hear the members yell out their goodbyes, once again your girlfriend speaking last.

“Don’t leave me here after doing something so cheesy!!” Smirking to yourself, you realize she’ll probably kill you later. For her expressions, and the laughter filling the practice room, it’ll be worth it.

When did you grow up?!


Demro was sitting at the bar with Aiko, chatting, when a girl had approached him and offered to buy him a drink. An easy smile had pulled at his lips, “Of course, I’d never turn down the company of a beautiful lady.”

He turned on his stool to face her, leaning back against the counter. He reached back to grab his drink and downed it before placing it back down. Then he stood up, offering her his seat - even helping her up onto the stool - opting to stand between Aiko and her, his back to the blond as he flirted with the woman before him.

i was talking with the husband about worldbuilding, specificlaly family structure and lineage and how that relates to the society in question

and i couldn’t think of the word ‘dynasty

because my brain just kept providing the phrase ‘heritage dictatorship