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I think Soo might have been able to live with So having ordered CR's death if it wasn't for her letter about not regretting anything she's done because she was in love and it's something Soo would understand.Plus just before that So had told her to forget everything and I thinks he was scared that she would follow CR's fate of she stayed.

But seriously from So’s POV he was doing nothing wrong in murdering CR since she was part of the reasons his brothers died and was also framing the woman he loved .Frankly it’s quite ignorant and naive of Soo that she would continue to think of her as her little sister(honey,just no).At the end I think So will regret having pushed her away and not be honest with her when he could have and Soo will regret she can enjoy freedom without him at her side.I can’t wait to see her letter to him

About Chae Ryung motivation

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the way she did that and how long she has been lying and spying- it’s disgusting. I can’t understand Hae Soo at this point

And I agree about So. He did what he had to do, that what kings do: they punish criminals and traitors.

You’re right, in the end, they will drown in their regrets, pain and longing for each other.

Don’t remind be about this scene because I know it will kill me, especially LJK’s acting.


It was only a matter of time before I did a dark path AU, specifically because as soon as I saw a certain scene in the movie my mind spawned a lot of “WHAT IF-” questions, so here we finally are. There’s also some notes on the pics themselves if you full view.

Basic rundown: Tadashi survives the fire and arrives back in San Fransokyo after a 2 year coma to find that all is not well. In his obsession and want for revenge against Yokai, Hiro has fallen to the dark path of things, and has taken his friends with him. Forced to take a stand and fight against his best friends and little brother, Tadashi works to discover the truth behind this madness, and ultimately put a stop to it.

I’ll explain more overtime, kinda like I did with armordashiAU ahahah, also here’s a ref sheet for Tadashi that I did a while back (and yes his gauntlets are based off these cool things):

say what you will about Big Hero 6’s racebending but the number 1 movie in the US currently features 2 genius teenage women of colour with completely different body types and personalities in STEM fields that are notoriously dominated by men and fucking kick ass at it without being oversexualised or mocked or even questioned by their peers and I think that’s pretty damn incredible

Names for little boys/NB littles!

(these are so cute I want to make a list too)

Cubby bear

Chubby bear

Tater tot

Hug Muffin

Prince Pouty Pants


Cuddle Monster


Teddy Boy

Bacon Bit

Sugar lump

Squishy butt