~Daddy’s POV~

I walked into my still sleeping house and god only knows what time it is in the early morning. I left my bags in the car because I want nothing more than to crawl into the bed with my amazing baby girl and sleep the day away in her loving arms. So I kicked my shoes off before climbing the stairs to our shared bedroom. I looked like I got hit by a bus and I knew it. I haven’t showered in over 24 hours, but all I wanted to do was hold her.

When I finally opened the door to my room and stepped in, I near let out a loud moan. There she was sleeping naked in our bed. She was laying on her stomach and the blankets were barely covering her ass. I couldn’t help but bite my lip as my eyes ran up and down her gorgeous ass.

All the thoughts of nothing more than sleeping the day away were quickly changed when I felt my jeans become extra tight. I tried to be as quiet as I could as I stripped down and out of my sweatshirt and jeans leaving me in my boxers. As I kicked the rest of my jeans off I heard rustling behind me and I thought I was caught. So I slowly turned around but was met with an even better sight. She kicked the covers off and now her body was on complete display. She shifted her legs opening so I could see her amazing, clean shaven pussy.

           “Jesus Christ.” I whispered biting my lower lip as I push my hand down my boxers just to take the edge off. I moaned quietly, not caring anymore if I woke her up.

But when she didn’t open her pretty eye’s I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I quickly pulled my boxers off and laid down on the bed next to her. I couldn’t help but place my face in her neck and smell her. She smelled like home and I was so happy to be able to touch. I placed my lips against her shoulder blade and kissed her sweetly as my hand traveled down her body not stopping until my hand found exactly what I was looking for. I began to run my finger up and down her clit. It was music to my ears when I heard her softly moan. Oh yes, I was home.

~ Your POV~

You opened your eyes slowly when you felt the bed dip behind you. Just then you felt a pair of warm lips against your back and you knew without even having to turn over. You were about to say something to him when you felt his fingers brush against your clit. You let out a soft moan and you knew, he knew you were awake. He quickly moved his hand away, turned you over and laid down on top of you. You looked up at him his green eyes shining.

  “Hi.” He whispered tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear.  “Hi.” You whispered back smiling. “I missed you Baby girl.” He began biting your lower lip. “I missed you too Daddy.” You nodded.“Every single part of me missed you.” He smirked rubbing his hard cock against your thigh. Before you could answer him, he pressed his lips to yours for your first kiss in over 4 months. He cupped your face as he deepened the kiss making you whimper underneath him.

Before you knew what was happening he began to kiss down the side of your neck, biting and sucking his way down until he found your sweet spot.
  “Fuck.” You whimpered making him smirk against your skin. “Don’t worry baby girl.” He moaned against your skin. “We’ll be doing that later and for the next week. I’m not letting you leave this bed at all.”  “I don’t want to.” You smirked as he kissed a path down your stomach. You slightly moaned as he licked up one of your thighs and down the next one. You could tell he was smiling against your skin and you begged, “Please don’t tease me Daddy. I need your mouth so bad.”

“No teasing.” He nodded pushing your legs open.

You placed your feet on the bed and he hooked his arms underneath them. He winked up at you as he licked from the bottom to the top of your clit. You squirmed underneath him as he wrapped his lips around your clit and began to suck while his tongue flicked against it. “Holy fuck.” You whimpered. “ I’ve missed your tongue so much.”
  “Mmm.” He moaned around your clit. “Missed beginburied between your gorgeous legs. Missed hearing you whimper under me. Let me taste your sweet juices baby girl.”

Hearing his filthy words and feeling his tongue work you was all you needed to cum all over his face. You arched your back and slipped your fingers in his hair. You pushed his face closer and he slipped his tongue deep inside you. Your whole body shook as your orgasm consumed you. You whimpered and moaned his name, biting your lip as he worked your through your high. When your body finally began to calm down he placed his large hands on your hips and pushed them down to the bed. With his long, talented tongue deep inside your tight heat began to flick it against your g-spot. You arched your back off the bed as best as he would let you.

He looked up at you through his lashes pushing his tongue even deeper inside you letting you know he wanted you to cum all over his tongue and lips. You moaned very loudly as your whole body shook again, cumming all over his tongue and lips. You covered his tongue with your warm liquid and he moaned cleaning you up. When he was all done licking you clean he kissed his way back up to your face and pressed his lips to yours. You flipped over so you were on top making him whimper. You kissed a path down his whole body not stopping until you saw he gorgeous cock in front of you. You licked it from balls to tip making him moan underneath you.

You looked up at him and could see the desperation in his eyes. So you nodded and climbed on top of him, straddling his lap. You grabbed a hold of his cock and lined it up with your entrance. You sank down on his rock hard cock, both of you moaning when he was balls deep inside. You placed your hands on his chest, while he had one of his on your hip. You began to move your hips allowing him to slide in and out of you. He grabbed your hips and flipped you over so you were now laying on your stomach. He laid all his weight on top of you, pushing your legs open. He wrapped his arm around your stomach and reach in between the both of you, playing with your clit.

He smirked against your skin as he slid deep inside you, slamming in and out of you when he was all the way in. He began to whispered filthy things in your ear as he pounded you hard. Things like, ‘You like that don’t you baby girl?’ and‘My cock was made for your sweet pussy. I bet it craves it when I’m gone.’ You placed your hands on his sides as he slammed deep inside of you again and began to pump in and out of you. You knew he was close by the way he was moaning and the way his eyes were rolling in the back of his head.  After you both came down from your orgasms. You looked at him and smiled softly. He began to run his hand up and down your side driving you crazy. 

He pushed the sheet off you and slide down the bed until he was resting in between your legs. You whimpered softly when you felt him blow cool air on your pussy. “Is this what you want baby girl?” He asked pushing your legs further open. “Do you want my tongue on your clit again? Do you wanna cum on my face? Hmmm?” With those words he slowly began to run his tongue from the bottom of your slit to the top of your clit. He did this over and over and over again making you squirm and whimpered underneath him, just like he liked you.

He felt it as well because he nodded as you cried out his name. You arched your back off the bed while he slipped his hands under your ass, pushing your pussy closer to his face. As your orgasm rocked your body, making your toes curl, he licked you up and down, cleaning you up as he went. As your body slowed down he continued to lick you until you were nice and clean. He then crawled up your body and laid down next to you. You began to play with his hair while he ran his hand down your face.

You curled up against him resting your head against his chest. He rubbing your back as sleep began to take you. All you remember hearing before you drifted into la la land was, “ I love you babygirl

Story time with megan


Starr Andrews, skating to “Whip My Hair,” by Willow Smith.  Starr was 9 years old when she performed this (video here).  She’s 13 now, and though she had to slow down her training when her mom had 11 heart attacks in 4 years she’s still competing and doing fantastically well. 

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The same blood flowed through both their hearts. That was what their father told Arya. She needed Sansa just as Sansa needed her. So they clung tight to each other as they remained prisoners in the court of King Joffrey.

                        (sequel to {x}; requested by anonymous)