What Daddy Wants, Daddy Gets

Daddy was a successful businessman who never failed to get his way. He didn’t take no for an answer, He was known as the stone cold man to the world. But to you he was the big cuddle bear you loved. You had him wrapped around your finger and everybody, new it even him.

“Princess?” daddy screamed from the front door. I came running down the stairs, I stood before him fiddling with my hands. “I need your assistance with a little something, is that alright?” He asked, knowing perfectly well I couldn’t disobey him. I nodded. “Yes daddy.” She replyed

“Good, now wait in my room. I want to see all your clothes off when I get in there.” I just nodded and began walking away, just as I turned daddy slapped my ass. He winked and I made my way to his room.I removed all my clothing, and lay on the bed. Dirty thoughts ran through my mind. How he would push me and pull me like a rag doll and then fuck me senseless. 

My hands traveled down to my pussy and I began to rub.My fingers moved up and down my slit, my body writhing in pleasure.The bedroom door opened and an angry daddy stood, gawking at me. I quickly shifted my hand away from my dripping core and sat up. “You’re an eager little thing, aren’t you?” He said, unbuttoning his dress shirt. “You know what, I’m going to treat you. You have five minutes to tease me in any way you want. 

The toys are in the drawer on the left.” He said, laying down on the bed waiting for me. I got out leather handcuffs from the drawer. I straddled his waist and picked up the handcuffs off the bed. His large hands roamed my waist.“No, No. It’s still my turn.” I pushed his hands away from me, and handcuffed them.I threw his hands above his head, showing him who was boss. 

I rubbed my bare breasts against his face then brought them down to his mouth. He sucked on it, until I pulled away.I kissed him. Once my lips left his, I peppered kisses down to the waist band of his boxers.“Time’s up, beautiful.” I uncuffed him, and he sat on the edge of the bed. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” I nodded. “You like to be in control, don’t you?” He asked, I nodded again. “On your knees.” He demanded. I knelt on the ground, he looked at me letting me proceed. 

I grabbed his erect cock and licked around the tip.“Stop teasing.” He said as he sucked in a breath between his teeth. I started off slow trying to get as much in my mouth as possible, but it was a struggle. I bobbed my head up and down swirling my mouth a bit.He pushed my head down and I took all of him in my mouth. His moans flowed through the whole room.“If you don’t stop now, you’re gonna get come in that pretty little mouth of yours.” He said, smiling at me. 

He quickly kissed my lips and told me to crawl on the bed. “Get on all fours.” He said. I was in my assigned position and he thrusted into me. A load moan came out my mouth.He picked up the pace and hit my g-spot almost every time. I came screaming his name at the top of my lungs. He pulled out, “You are so good.” He smirked, “Lay on your back.” I flipped over onto my back. He lowered his head in between my legs, face to face with my soaked heat. I opened my legs wider and he sucked and nibbled on my clit.I threw my head back in pleasure. He did many skillful things with his tongue, 

I whimpered as it dipped in and out of my hole.He lifted my legs up and licked up and down my slit. I was so close, my toes curled and I grabbed a handful of the sheets beside me.I came all over his tongue and he licked it all up. “You taste so sweet, baby.” He murmured against my clit sending vibrations through my body. He pulled away. And we laid there and cuddled

Story time with Megan


Starr Andrews, skating to “Whip My Hair,” by Willow Smith.  Starr was 9 years old when she performed this (video here).  She’s 13 now, and though she had to slow down her training when her mom had 11 heart attacks in 4 years she’s still competing and doing fantastically well. 

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The same blood flowed through both their hearts. That was what their father told Arya. She needed Sansa just as Sansa needed her. So they clung tight to each other as they remained prisoners in the court of King Joffrey.

                        (sequel to {x}; requested by anonymous)