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a - age: 21

b - birthplace: brazil

c - current time: 9:31 pm

d - drink you had last: water

e - easiest person to talk to: my best friend/my mom

f - favorite song: first 50 seconds of “a happy beginning” but other than that rn i’m all for “we sink” by omam

g - grossest memory: a little frog once jumped on my finger and the worst part is that i didn’t even notice it for a good minute

h - horror yes or no: no, otherwise i won’t sleep

i - in love? no

j - jealous of people? sometimes

k - killed someone? no?

l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? more like your choice

m - middle name: don’t have it, here in brazil is not that common

n - number of siblings: 3

o - one wish: travel the world

p - person i called last: my mom

q - question you’re always asked: what’s with the scars on your legs? literally every time

r - reason to smile: God, my mom, my sister, my friends, Colin and Jen <3

s - song you last sang: “is there somewhere” by Halsey even though i don’t like her very much

t - time you woke up: 6:20 am

u - underwear color: white

v - vacation: London, New York, Disney parks

w - worst habit: i overthink everything

x - xrays: left foot

y - your favorite food: pizza

z - zodiac sign: sagittarius even though i don’t believe these things

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Ok but you know how many feelings I’m having about Bitty having taken Shitty’s role as the keeper of the traditions?

Like my son has grown so much, remember when he was just a scared tiny little frog findings his way around this crazy team?

Now look at him so confident and at ease, with a boyfriend and out to his friends.

Still I kind of want to read about Shitty and Bitty’s friendship, did Shitty put him aside and taught him everything he knew? Did he see Bitty’s potential and started mentoring him since year 1?

In conclusion, we need more Bitty and Shitty friendship fics.

100 nonbinary little names

♡little one
♡love bug
♡little love
♡angel baby
♡little fox
♡your grace
♡your highness
♡little fox
♡their birthstone (onyx, amethyst, peridot)
♡little bee
♡baby bear
♡cuddle bug
♡little spoon
♡pooh bear
♡sugar baby
♡little frog
♡honey bunch
♡my love
♡my heart
♡boo boo
♡teddy bear
♡sugar bear
♡ginger bread
♡peach pie
♡honey bee
♡pumpkin pie
♡baby bean
♡cutie pie
♡super hero
♡baby bear
♡little lion
♡baby cakes

Why did Yondu keep Quill? This kid was nothing to him, just a job. The job itself was likely profitable since Quill’s dad was quite powerful. So why did he skip out on an easy score to take on the responsibility of a young boy?

Remember Peter’s black eye? He’d been fighting with the other boys AGAIN and why? 

“They killed a little frog that ain’t done nothin’. Smushed it with a stick.”

Presumably Quill’s father specified that his son be delivered to him unscathed, but even if he hadn’t, Yondu wouldn’t risk the job over something he hadn’t done. Yondu must have asked Peter where the black eye came from and Peter explained how he fought other boys after they killed an innocent frog. Remember Yondu’s control console?

Any of those look ferocious? Intimidating? How about matching? Nope. All of those figurines are odds and ends he’s picked up all over the galaxy. And they are all “cute little buggers.” Whether he likes it or not, Yondu has a soft spot for the adorable and the odd. He collects them. 

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Imagine Lucio asking Efi to be the flower girl for his and Hana's wedding, she then proceeds to faint from excitement.

I LOVE THIS?? (It kind of turned into a wedding heacannon for bunnyribbit, but oh well. Also, I headcannon Lucio as Catholic)

  • The wedding is already arrange, but they are missing the most important piece. Lucio approaches Efi with his offer, and she nearly hyperventilates from thinking about being the flower girl for his and’s wedding. 
  • It’s set in Brazil, with lots of their culture mixed together. Before the wedding even starts, Lucio gives’s mother a wooden goose. A Korean tradition, wild geese mate for life, so his gift is a promise that he will care for her daughter for life.
  • wears a diamond lace halter strap princess style wedding gown. Her high heels are colored gold, a wedding tradition in Brazil. 
  • The church is grand and beautiful. is excited, only ready to see her future husband’s face. Lucio is a bundle of emotions, but more then ready to become one with the love of his life. 
  • Efi is dressed in a beautiful green gown, tossing bright flower petals on the path to the alter. Her excitement is contagious, and Lucio smiles at her job well done. 
  • Walking down the aisle,’s father is proud as he hands her to Lucio. The groom is crying, but is smiling through her tears as well. 
  • The priest speaks the vows, Lucio and accepting in the other’s native tongue. Once they are pronounced man and wife, they throw their arms around each other. Kissing as husband and wife as their family and friends burst out in joy.
  • After the celebration has ended, they take off to Korea. Their honey moon giving them time together and the chance to enjoy their first days as husband and wife alone. 

A fun day in the rain

listen…. kim namjoon is a very sweet, very smart, kinda sad boy who wears dumb socks, and takes videos with cute little tree frogs, and breaks lots of things bc he’s very clumsy, and makes really silly faces when he dances, and cannot cut an onion to save his life

he has a lot to say but isn’t always sure how he can say it so people will understand

he is gentle and good, please do not yell at him

You know that vine where the guy shouts “WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD” to the one guy in bed but another dude pops up?

That’s Lucio and before telling anyone about their realtionship. 

Tracer came in to get Lucio awake, but blinks away yelling when pops up with wild bed hair telling her ‘What the heck’. 

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What was the general reaction by their fans when Lucio and Dva got together?

oh boy

  • Many people have already started shipping them, even telling this while she streamed her games. She laughed at first, but when they became official, she was almost stunned at how people guessed their realtionship.  
  • It was chaos. So many chats and news about them getting together. Both superstars and both in love. It was everywhere. 
  • There were fights over what to call them. or even Ducio but in the end BunnyRibbit won and everyone agreed it was for the best.
  • So many pictures of them and people telling them they hope they have a long and happy life together. Or course, there was some backlash. Fans getting angry that their ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ was taken from them. It was easy to ignore the haters though, many people support them.