My only complaint about Moana

As much I’m excited for this movie from Disney. There’s one thing I need to address about it(Which I’m certain that everyone else has noticed as well). In the beginning of the trailer it said ‘from the creators of Zootopia, Big hero 6, and Frozen”. This is not true. Its not from the creators who made those three films. Its from both Ron Clements and John Musker. Let me remind you all on what movies they have done for Disney.

The Great Mouse Detective(John and Ron were two of the four directors who directed this film)

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The Little Mermaid

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Treasure Planet

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And lastly The Princess and the Frog(Which Disney’s marketing shot themselves in the foot by releasing it around the same time around Alvin and the chipmunks II and James Cameron’s Avatar/Dancing with the smurfs)

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Disney. Have you forgotten that Ron and John helped out Disney back in the 80s when the company was trying to get itself back on its feet? After all they’ve done, this is how you market their latest movie? Its not  Chris Buck’s film, its not Rich Moore’s film, and it’s not Byron Howard’s film. Its John Musker’s and Ron Clement’s film. Your marketing has done a bad job on saying who’s the ‘creator’ of this latest animated feature. The next time if Ron and John do a movie for you Disney, make sure your marketing does a better job on showing the people who’s film it really is please.