When confronting your sadness
You’re left with the fragments
of every little thing that you could have done Better
At all

When confronting your sadness you’re left with the past
Passing so slowly
It’s almost like pictures
Every memory between an eight by four frame
Reliving shame while just trying to piece together
Why you can’t get up
Go faster

When confronting your sadness you’re facing the fragments
Things you can’t change
Un see

You’re thrashing and grasping for anything that’ll hold you
You can’t even see
Your knees lock to hold you
Your skin flows over your very frame
You’ve been held your whole life
By the very you
You try to escape

anonymous asked:

you have such a... vivid way of describing a lot of your personal experiences... It's really kind of amazing and what you talk about really hits close to home with some of my experiences as well (don't feel like going into much detail, sorry), and I just want to thank you for talking about it in such a way that when I'm done reading it, I really can relate to it in such a way where I really can feel the emotions... Sorry if I didn't make much sense, english isn't my first language

This is why I share my experiences. Like you, I found myself in little fragments of things that didn’t quite fit together. Like colorful pieces to a puzzle that create a coherent image when assembled, I had shards of something I couldn’t quite understand yet. When I write about my memories, I like to focus on the little details that trigger them in the first place because I think someone else might remember something similar. Evidently, that was the case with you. Ironically, I hide these posts. I preface them with warnings and tuck them away so only those who really want to know and need to know will find them. I’m glad releasing my emotions and sharing my memories has helped you on your journey. It’s transformative, it’s turning shameful pain into a positive influence in someone else’s life and I am grateful you let me in and reached out to me. Please, take care of yourself.

anonymous asked:

Why I (don't) follow you actually: I don't like posts from select few fave blogs to be mixed up with others on the dash, instead I go to your blog every few days to behold it whole and non-fragmented *shrug*

oh! thats a little peculiar but totally flattering! as if you actually remember my blog enough to keep coming back to it every few days! thank you!

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little ribbon~

crept up when I least expected you
found among fragmented pieces
of a memory so recently expired–
unexpected reminder
of him.
I see myself laying in a hospital bed
fading in and out of consciousness
frantically calling for a man
who was already
far gone
and I think of you
being carefully untied
from my limp wrist
untying me
from him.
til I find you
in the most innocent places
and he knots you tight again–
but this time
my neck

~s.m.k. 5/15

anonymous asked:

I think we find a million and 3 reasons to hold on to people. Maybe its because you dont want them to fall any deeper into the downward spiral that they have gotten themselves into. Maybe you built yourself around them and you constantly see little fragments of them and their sleepy hair in yourself. All of the possible reasons to hold on to someone are equally sucky. None of them really make sense, because it seems like our brains and our hearts would be able to work together.

And even when you think you’ve gotten their soft skins and smooth voice from every part of your brain they start to creep back into your dreams and your heart starts to feel a certain way again and it all just keeps happening. A never ending cycle really. Plus you’re stuck. You can’t make it stop because you still want to be built in with that person…you still want to find their curly hair on your sweaters but you can’t and you have to be the one to break and build yourself again.

Stop waiting for that magical moment of pure bliss and start enjoying whatever little fragments of happiness you can find. (at Guimaras Island, Philippines)