Little Lion Cub Part Five

Part Five

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Word Count: 1.6K

Warnings: a small bit of violence

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Little Lamb

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Summary:  Amber is on a mission to kill Negan, only to find out that her plan goes terribly wrong. 
Request Summary: “Request based on S7Ep7? The reader in Carl’s shoes though” – ambroselunatic
POV: Amber
Characters: Amber, Fat Joseph, Jesus, Negan, and of course, Lucille 
Word Count: 4670. This is seriously long as shit. 
Warnings: Cursing
Authors note: Let’s see how this goes.  Not too sure how this story will come together.  I’m literally jumping right into the content, no build up, no B.S. intro. Yes, I looked up the correct gun Carl used because I’m a loser and wanted to make sure it was right. xD    I think it came out pretty good. 
Parts: 1/??? – This was supposed to be a one-shot, but you guys tell me!
Quote of the story: “All I can say is, this isn’t Burger King, you’re not going to have it your way and sadly, this isn’t a McDonalds either, so, you won’t be loving it.”
P.S. Seriously, guys, thank you SO much for all the praise and love for my other pieces.  You guys are literally the best and it means so much to me! Also, thanks for the 200 followers!

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Hurt!Sam Fic Recs - Theme : Wee!Sam #4

Troubled Water by phreakycat
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 1,973 | Archive: ffnet
Tags: broken bones, protective!dean

Sam’s pretty sure he’s going to die under this bridge, next to this stupid, stinking river.

The Year Of Living Quietly by slob_child
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 8,841 | Archive: LJ
Tags: mute!sam, caretaker!dean

Sam is screwed up. Dean does the best he knows how to do.

Privilege Of Choice by ratherastory
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 8,619 | Archive: LJ
Tags: angst, parental abandonment

John knows there’s something wrong with Sam, and now, he has to choose one of his boys over the other. John is conflicted, Sam is hurt and Dean is oblivious.

To Fight In The Shade by loverains44
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 56,275 | Archive: LJ
Tags: dark!fic, abuse, hurt/comfort

During a hot summer in a cabin in a remote part of Alabama, John trains Sam and Dean for their future as hunters. Dad expects the boys to pay attention and work hard. Dean loves hunting and is happy as can be. The only thing that makes him mad is the fact that Sam is as unhappy as he can be because Sam doesn’t love hunting or anything to do with it. To Sam, it’s the summer from hell because the only thing he wants to do is go to school and play soccer. But they’re not in school, and Dad thinks soccer will attract the wrong type of attention so he’s forbidden soccer to Sam.

wings!verse by kellifer (four short fics)
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG | Wordcount: 3,394 | Archive: LJ
Tags: amnesia, winged!sam

Sam gets wings at 10 and tries to keep it a secret by sawing them off… 

Jack’s Little Space Confession

Septiplier-[Jacksepticeye x Markiplier] About Septiplier, I know it’s not an actual thing. It’s called fanFICTION for a reason. Just enjoy the story and it’s characters!


I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! I SUCK AT TITLES!!!!!!!

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“I Know Evil” sw one-shot

“Listen Kid, I know evil. and you are not.”  Prompt from here.

The edges of consciousness began to prickle Han Solo’s mind as he felt a small jab in his arm.  Han rolled over, repositioning to avoid any other disturbances.  But the jab came again, harder this time.  He mumbled something to his wife, something that kinda sounded like mruhaba but was meant to be “what’s going on?”

“Dad?” A little voice whispered, poking his arm again.  Han knew that voice, he knew it like he knew the controls on the Millennium Falcon.  

“Daaaad?”  The voice echoed again, and Han’s eyes shot open.

Standing next to the bed was Ben, still in his pajamas.  He was hugging his teddy bear upside down, something that Ben had started doing when was a baby.  Leia told him that it was because the legs were easier to get his little hands around.  Ben was wide awake, and he looked near tears.  Han’s worry increased.

“Ben?  What are you doing out of bed?”  

The little boy sniffled and looked down to his teddy bear.  “I heard a voice.”

“What voice?”

His shoulders shrugged.  “I don’t know.”

Han considered.  He knew that Luke and Leia could communicate to Ben through the Force, but Ben would’ve recognized their voice.  There wasn’t anyone else they knew that could control the Force.  “What did the voice say?”  

Ben’s lips quivered.  “Bad things.  Daddy, he was mean.”  

“It was just a nightmare, Ben.”

Ben wobbled in spot as he said shyly, “I can’t sleep anymore.”

Han wished he could will away Ben’s bad dreams, but he didn’t have that power.  Kriff, he didn’t know if even Luke had that power.  Han lifted a hand to ruffle the boy’s dark hair.  “Wanna come sleep in the big bed with me and your mom?”

The dark curls bounced enthusiastically, as he nodded his head.  Ben held out his teddy, which Han took from the boy.  With his hands now free, Ben set about the task of climbing on the bed.  His gripped the sheets, pulling the comforter off a sleeping Leia, and he was only able to make it up when Han gave him a boost.

The boy spread his limbs as far as he could to crawl over Han’s body to settle down into the gap between his parents.    Han reached over to shove a pillow in the gap, allowing his son to lie down.  Ben scooted into place, wiggling like a worm until he was comfortable.  Han chuckled softly and tucked him into the blankets; taking time to also re-cover Leia.  The little boy smiled expectantly up at Han, and Han knew that his son wasn’t going to get much more sleep in this arrangement.  

“Wanna tell me what your dream was about?”  Han asked softly.

Ben’s smile diminished.  “There was a bad man.  And he wanted me to be dark.”

Han frowned.  “You don’t go to the dark side because someone wants you to.”

“But he said…” Ben’s voice died away as his eyes flooded with tears.  “Daddy, am I bad?”  

The seriousness in Ben’s tone broke Han a little.  What had Ben been dreaming that would make him believe such a thing?  Han looked down at his son and certainly told him, “listen kid.  I’ve known evil.  I promise you are not.”

Han’s gaze ran over Leia’s sleeping form at the thought.  Leia had once thought the same thing; that being Darth Vader’s daughter had automatically made her less of a good person.  Han had rebuffed it quickly.  He knew Leia, she could never be anything like Vader.  Just like then, Han now looked at his son, knowing in his heart that his son wasn’t evil.

With all the Force mumbo-jumbo that went on around him, Han knew the line between good and evil was an easy one to cross.  But Ben had Leia, Luke, and himself to help him, to guide him.  

“Ben, I promise you are not bad.”  

His son must’ve felt Han’s certainty, because Ben relaxed slowly.  After a few more minutes of wiggling, Ben became still.  Just like when he was a baby, Han watched his son fall back asleep tucked safely between the two people who would give their lives for him, who loved him unconditionally.

Ben’s nightmare’s worried him.  The boy already had enough pressure on him for being two Rebellion heroes’ kid and Force sensitive.  Han hoped that these pressures weren’t cumulating into bad dreams for the kid.  He made a mental note to talk to Leia about it in the morning.  

Han gazed contentedly at his family sleeping before feeling settled enough to go back to sleep himself.

How to Build a Snowman

“You’re building a snowman even though you’re a full grown adult but I brought you a carrot for the nose.”
As requested by @little-red-83

Two feet of snow. That was nearly half your height worth of the white powder and you had nearly found yourself buried in it as you shoveled your front walk. Despite your love of winter, you had never been fond of the maintenance which came with it and you were panting by the time you were halfway to the sidewalk. You only thanked heaven and the saints above that your house was too small to have its own driveway.

By the time you had finished your path to the sidewalk, your back was drench in sweat though your cheeks were numb from the cold. Despite the excess you had gone to, you were reluctant to go inside You missed those days of your childhood when you could jump around in the snow and challenge your friends to snowball fights. As an adult, you were expected to despise it all and to scowl about the time of year.

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“And Many More...”

Little Ambreigns Girthday fic for CBD.  Happy Girthday, Captain! Fluff, fluff, and more fluff.  @captainbigdickambrose

Two days post-TLC, and Dean’s never been more grateful that tomorrow is Wednesday.

Just a flight home, and three days of no falling off ladders, no tables or chairs, and no fucking Ellsworth getting in his fucking way.

It still grinds his gears that James screwed everything up for him, but in the cold light of day, he’s gotta admit it’s his own fucking fault.  He was so busy using James to fuck with Styles that he didn’t realize that he was creating the monster in James that would be his own undoing.  The delusional jackass actually thought he stood a chance to beat AJ alone.

And once again, Dean found himself holding the short end of the stick for the most asinine fucking reason.

At least a TV didn’t blow up in his face again this time, he guesses.

Alone in the locker room, freshly showered, he pulls on a tee shirt and a hoodie, not really paying attention to much of anything.  Here in a minute, Jey and Jimmy will be here to collect him, and they’ll meet up with a few others for some beers at the sports bar near their hotel.  They wanted to take him out for his birthday, and he’s never been one to say no to free beers.

Given a choice, he’d rather be back in Vegas with Roman, but that’s not gonna happen until next week.  Roman had to fly back to Florida to go see his mom today.  She hadn’t been feeling well, and Roman was concerned enough to head down there.  Dean had been a little disappointed, but he understood: Roman’s close with his mom, and wants to be there for her.  Nothing wrong with that.

Roman had promised a cake and a belated birthday blowjob to make up for it.

Dean fully intends to hold him to that.

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bokuaka week day 2: apocalypse
warnings: angst bc it’s the end of the world, and scattered swear words
summary: it’s as if they’re the only two people left in this godforsaken world, and it’s terrifying.

>>> ao3 link <<<

The rain doesn’t let up.

Koutarou reaches up to wipe away the excess raindrops on his hood, though it doesn’t do much to help his vision. Winter hasn’t set in just yet, but with the way it’s been pouring down, it probably isn’t a long way off.

They’re lucky the rain is just rain so far, anyway.

“Bokuto-san,” a quiet voice breaks the silence from behind him. “I think we should make camp for the night.”

“Okay,” Koutarou says, and lets Akaashi tug him off the muddy road they’ve been following for the past few days. They’re still somewhere in the suburban area, though they haven’t seen nor heard a single soul for days, maybe weeks, now. There are traces of others, looted houses and cars torn open for parts and abandoned clothing too worse for wear, but they never seem to see the actual human beings that leave these traces behind.

It’s as if they’re the only two people left in this godforsaken world, and it’s fucking terrifying.

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anonymous asked:

Pls write a quick fluffy fanfic about Han taking care of chubby baby ben and Leia walks in on him. ( ben less then a year old ) :D I needs to make me feel a little better from all the drama I've had these passed few days i need fluff and cuteness

Hey there, anon! I have some good and bad news for you: The bad news is that I don’t write about Ben Solo :/ I am however sorry that you had a bad few days, so the good news is that I will write you a very quick little fic featuring an unnamed baby, and I guess you can choose to imagine it’s Ben if you like!


Leia woke with a start, blinking in the semi-darkness of the room, all shadows but for where the dim light from passing speeders shone through the shutters of their windows. For a moment she was unsure what had woken her, and it wasn’t until she groggily turned over to go back to sleep that she identified the cause for her abrupt waking.

Han was gone.

Leia glanced at the ‘fresher, saw that the light wasn’t on, and quickly understood where her husband must have been.

Stifling a yawn, she shoved aside the covers and pushed herself off the bed. The lights in the hall weren’t illuminated, but sure enough, as she approached the nursery, she heard the distinct sound of Han’s voice.

Curious, she crept along the wall. It was almost unheard of that Han got up in the night, undetected, to take care of the baby–not because he was unwilling, but because Leia’s connection to their child through the Force almost always ensured that she woke before even the first few cries could be heard through the monitor on her bedside table, and she was more than slightly disconcerted that the baby had evidently cried, and she hadn’t sensed her child’s distress. Silently, she came to the threshold of the nursery.

“Shhhhhh… Shh shh shh… Don’t wake up Mommy.”

Leia stood, transfixed, as she took in the scene before her. The holoprojector in the corner of the room shone tiny, slowly revolving stars on the walls and ceiling of the nursery, casting a soft, warm glow in the otherwise dim room, and Han stood in its center, bouncing gently back and forth, a tiny crown of curly brown hair nestled against the crook of his neck.

“Mommy’s real tired, you little trouble maker,” Han crooned in the soft, utterly tender and adoring voice that was reserved for the baby. She’d blinked back tears the first time he’d whispered that way against her abdomen, after he’d found out he was going to be a father. “We gotta be real quiet now or else she’s gonna wake up.”

There was a tiny whimper.

“Uh uh, none of that. Shhhhh. Don’t think I don’t know you’re trying to get her attention with that mumbo-jumbo telepathic stuff. Shh shh shh…”

Content for the moment to simply watch, Leia leaned against the doorframe, watching her husband’s tall, broad frame continue to sway gently back and forth. There was another soft whimper that indicated the baby was about to cry.

“Aww, c’mon,” Han whispered, turning his head to lean his cheek against the soft little mop of curls near his jawline. “Shhhh. Daddy’s here. Daddy’s here…”

In the stillness of the nursery, the soft, twinkling stars still glimmering on the walls, Leia heard a low, rumbling sound, melodic and sweet, as Han began to hum a lullaby. Leia was familiar with the tune–it was Corellian, and Han had sung it before, but as the humming turned to soft words, she realized that he was changing the lyrics.

“Please don’t cry,
Mommy’s gotta get up early,
And Daddy’s pretty tired, too,
And I’ve already changed your diaper,
And fed you a bottle,
And your Force stuff is gonna wake Mommy up,
And she worked all day long…”

“I’m pretty sure those aren’t the words,” Leia whispered, alerting Han to her presence as she sidled up behind him and rested her cheek against his back. His solid heat was as comforting as his tender voice in her ears.

Han turned and looked down at her forlornly, his face shadowed and speckled with holo-stars, and the twist to his mouth was both crestfallen and sheepish.

“How long you been standing there?” he asked quietly, and she noticed that he seemed hardly mollified by the tired smile she offered him. Clearly he had been determined to let her sleep.

“Only for a minute,” she assured him, resting one hand at his hip and lifting the other to caress the baby’s head. At once, what was left of any fussing subsided.

Han sighed fondly.

“This kid is definitely yours, Your Worship,” he whispered. “Most stubborn baby in the Galaxy.”

Leia grinned and shook her head.

“Mmmm… Because you’re not stubborn at all.”

Han smirked, shook his head, and then bent to press a kiss against her forehead.

“Go back to bed, Sweetheart. I’ll be there in a minute.”

Only because she really was exhausted, and because the baby was soundly asleep in Han’s arms, did Leia nod her compliance and retreat back into the hall. She couldn’t help herself, however, from stopping once more in the doorway to watch as Han leaned over the crib, humming a few last soft lines of the lullaby as he laid their child down to sleep.

A Christmas Miracle

Originally posted by not-a-comedian

Merry Almost Christmas to everyone and my secret Santa @jordan202!

Hope you like this little fic and have a great month filled with holiday cheer, christmas cookies, and hot chocolate! 

The tree is lit, filled with gold, red, silver, and homemade ornaments. A gold star sits on the top, lighting up the entire room while A Christmas Story plays on the television. A knock on the door springs Meredith up from the couch as her children sip their hot chocolate next to their aunts who created a Christmas Eve fort on the floor.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa’s signature cheers rings through the house as the man in the red suit steps inside. “Merry Christmas!” He cheers as Zola, Bailey, and Ellis run up to great him.

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birdflash and jaydick angst: PART 2

So apparently this little drabble fic ran away with my imagination and i’ve kind of got a little ‘verse/semi-forming plot going on now. Here’s the next installment. From now on I’ll be referring to it as the sleepingbeauty!verse.

Vague premise: Wally and Dick had been an item. Following Wally’s death/disappearance into the speedforce, life went on. Jason came back into the batfamily’s life and eventually, he and Dick got together.
During a run-in with the Scarecrow, Nightwing gets hit with a new psychotropic toxin that doesn’t induce fear, but rather grants the recipient their innermost desire.

sleepingbeauty!verse part 1 here.

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Playing with Fire

So I decided last minute to kick out a little fic for HikaruxLantis week, like, last minute as in yesterday. Haha. AU fic, HikaruxLantis with a little UmixEagle tossed in for good measure, would it be my fic if it didn’t? I graciously share this AU universe with @royalbk on occasion. This fic has a prequel on AO3, but you don’t necessarily need to have read it to read this one. Posting a wee early for tomorrow.

Playing with Fire

Rating PG

Day 3: Family

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kurtexists  asked:

Whenever I feel shitty I think of your little bird fic, and how it said that Hux wasn't thin like a slip of paper or like a twig because he wasn't brittle? Like he was like a sparrow, tough, and resilient. And that keeps me going honestly ♡

I’m gonna cry, you’ve no idea how ridiculously happy that makes me to think that you’ve taken an interest in my fic like that 🌸

thank you so much for your message 💕


so i heard that the sun and the moon are girlfriends

(i wonder if they meet in twilight or dawn)

fic: Something Great

author: infinitelymint

words: 31064

Pairings: Harry/Louis

In which a coincidence, instagram, a party, a piano and a planned coming out all come together to make two people fall in love. As it happens, it turns out to be a rather effective combination.

or, Louis is a student and Harry is the mega-famous singer that happens to post a photo with Louis in the background. Together they kind of break the internet.

For @anchoredlou as a very, very belated birthday present and a thank you for being exactly who she is. xx