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I love how you said Empty Graves would probably be pretty niche, and now it's the most popular of your fics on ao3 by hits and kudos. (This is not meant to be passive aggressive. I really love it.)

I significantly underestimated the appeal of making Martha Kent a backwoods bitch with a shotgun

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So Tommy's legit hero is unironically Wonder Woman. His dad had the original live action series and just binged the whole thing with Tommy as a father-son bonding thing and little Tommy was immediately hooked. No one questions him about it even when he just wears WW t-shirts all the time

lmao how can wonderwoman be anyone ironic hero, shes just too rad 

My dad’s favorite pastime is mocking things. He loves conspiracy documentaries and bad movies because they give him a chance to make fun of ridiculously low-hanging fruit without actually insulting anyone… it’s a great father-son bonding activity, though I’m a little nicer than he is.

Weirdly, though, he hates movies like “Sharknado” because they’re intentionally shitty. He only likes targets that don’t realize how lousy they are - self-aware crappiness threatens his fragile sense of superiority.