Ever wonder why we go to school? Besides getting a so called education. It’s not too obvious to most of you stupid fucks but for those who think a little more and deeper you should realize it. It’s societies way of turning all the young people into good little robots and factory workers, that’s why we sit in desks in rows and go by bell schedules, to get prepared for the real world cause “that’s what it’s like”. Well, god dammit no it isn’t! One thing that separates us from other animals is the fact that we can carry on actual thoughts. So why don’t we?

 - an excerpt from Eric Harris’ journal, 21st April 1998 (almost exactly a year before Columbine)

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DA:I Companions and advisers react to an Inquisitor who has a pet parrot? One that likes to perch on the Inky's shoulder and repeats swearwords that it hears from other people.

Cassandra: She was irritated by the bird because all it did for the days while the Herald was unconscious was squawk incessantly at anyone who it didn’t recognize and perch on the Herald, trying in vain to wake their beloved. Still, she doesn’t comment, because when the Herald is finally out and about, so is the bird, who brings them comfort. The parrot ends up growing on her, slowly but surely, though the first few times it perches on her, she freezes and is unsure of what to do.

Iron Bull: The parrot loves his horns as perches. “Alright, you little shit factory,” he says, amused, “you can sit up there all you like, long as you don’t mistake my head for a latrine.” The bird often bluntly asks for food if he’s eating nuts, and he argues with them before grumbling and giving in, much to the bird’s delight.

Blackwall: He’s never gotten up close to one before, and he’s not sure how to react. He just stares until the parrot starts talking to him, and he blinks in surprise. He enjoys talking to the parrot, especially after his secret is revealed, because it’s not in the least concerned about it and will still talk to him readily, even if it seems nonsensical at times.

Sera: She loves the parrot. She loves playing with it and talking to it and trying to teach it words. The parrot decides they like her, and if the bird isn’t perched on the Herald and cuddling, the parrot’s perched on her or Bull or a few of the other party members. She spoils it.

Varric: He tries telling the parrot stories to see what will happen, and finds that the bird likes it, sometimes repeating phrases back at him– or just over and over again at random times, sometimes annoying Cassandra. Varric greatly approves.

Cole: “They know the words and what words mean more than people think. Side-stepping, dancing, the humans will call me pretty and ooh and ahh and give me treats, it’s all as easy as talking. They are happy because you love them and care for them and give them attention.” He smiles. “It is good.” The bird likes him because of how calm he can be, and he always seems to know where they want scritches.

Dorian: He’s seen a few magisters with them, often neglected and sad once the owners tire of the novelty, so it pleases him to see the happy, well-kept and stimulated bird, who he enjoys having conversations with. He’ll bounce his theories and theorems off of the bird, who’s just happy to talk with him. “You are quite beautiful,” he says wryly one day, “but not as much as me.” This offends the bird, and it shocks him when it says ‘fuck you.’ “Did you learn that, by chance, from Sera?” he asks dryly. “No matter. There’s no need to ruffle your feathers over the matter. We can both be pretty.”

Solas: Parrots fascinate him, he discovers. He tries holding conversations with the bird to see how far its intelligence goes, and is pleased. He almost considers talking with the bird about his internal problems, but quickly decides against it, despite how nice it would be to have an outlet– don’t need a bird outing a wolf.

Vivienne: Like Dorian, she’s seen nobles who get the birds, get bored of them, and neglect them. While she’s not all that into keeping pets, she can at least admire how well the bird is kept– a parrot is a living creature, and deserves respect. Her nose wrinkles when she sees anyone in the party trying to teach it swear words, and she hopes it never repeats these words at any nobles. “Don’t repeat that, Darling.” she says dryly to the parrot as Sera tries to teach it new words.

Josephine: She thinks it’s adorable, up until it starts cursing at Roderick and Marquis DuRellion. Then she spends time looking for the best animal trainer to somehow get the bird to stop saying those inappropriate words. Sometimes the bird hums a tune, though, and it makes her calm down a little.

Leliana: If no one’s looking or in earshot, she’ll consider busting out the lute and singing a song to the bird, just to watch it dance and revel in the sound of music. Birds listen and enjoy music much like humans do, and she finds a little solace in interacting with the parrot. She compliments the Herald on their companion and their care of the parrot.

Cullen: He’s honestly surprised it survived all of this nonsense, and while he initially voices a bit of concern about the bird’s safety, the bird pitches such a fit when separated from their owner for extended periods of time that he lets it go. At one point, when he’s having a particularly bad headache from lyrium withdrawal, the parrot finds him and sits on his shoulder, puffing up and cuddling against his head, gently trying to kiss his head and groom his hair. The company is welcome.


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ever wonder why we go to school? besides getting a so called education its not to obvious to must of you stupid fucks but for these who think a little more and deeper you should realize it, its societies way of turning all the young people into good little robots and factory workers thats why we sit in desks in rows and go by bell schedules, to get prepared for the real world cause “thats what its like”, well god damnit no it isn’t !

Eric Harris, 4/21/1998

“Ever wonder why we go to school? Besides getting a so-called education. It’s not too obvious to most of you stupid fucks but for those who think a little more and deeper you should realize it. Its society’s way of turning all the young people into good little robots and factory workers. That’s why we sit in desks in rows and go by bell schedules, to get prepared for the real world cause “that’s what its like.” Well god damn it no it isn’t! one thing that separates us from other animals is the fact that we can carry actual thoughts. So why don’t we? People go on day by day routine shit. Why can’t we learn in school how we want to, why can’t we sit on desks and on shelves and put our feet up and relax while we learn? Cause that’s not what the “real world is like.” Well hey fuckheads, there is no such thing as an actual “real world.” Its just another word like justice, sorry, pity, religion, faith, luck and so on. We are humans, if we don’t like something we have the fucking ability to change! But we don’t, at least you don’t, I would. You just whine/bitch throughout life but never do a goddamn thing to change anything. “man can eat, drink, fuck, and hunt and anything else he does is madness”. Boy oh fuckin boy is that true.” - Eric Harris

Sometimes I think Eric was too smart for this world.

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You have a better chance of running into a shiny than running into a wild pokémon with pokérus. Still, this pokémon virus has huge benefits and is sought after in the competitive and casual communities alike. In the game, an infected pokémon will gain double the stats every time it levels up. But what does this mean in a more physical sense?

To start, let’s talk about viruses. We know Pokérus is a virus, which to be honest doesn’t tell us a whole lot. Viruses are as diverse and as crazy as anything, infecting you with everything from colds and flus to rabies and ebola. Their appearances vary as much as their symptoms, and many of them look very alien.

So what exactly is a virus? Cells in your body, along with bacteria, are stand-alone living entities able to eat, grow, and reproduce. Viruses are something different altogether. Viruses are little envelopes full of genetics: a protective protein coating surrounding single or double strands of DNA or RNA.  By themselves, viruses are not able to function. This is why they need to infect a host cell: to live and reproduce.

They do this through the lytic cycle. Basically, a virus will invade a host cell, and take over the cell’s machinery. The virus will trick the cell into working for them: they turn the host cell into little virus-factories, building more and more viruses with the cell’s machinery which then can go and infect new cells.

This is why viruses are contagious. If someone sneezes on you, or you breathe in a virus, it can start entering your cells and start reproducing right away. This is how pokérus is spread. However, it should be noted that a lot of viruses are species-specific; humans cannot be infected with pokérus.

However, pokérus is unique due to its positive effects. Viruses are generally not something you want. For example, a runny nose: cold viruses will infect and kill cells in your nose, and with less cells lining your sinuses, fluid flows freely. Fevers are your bodies response, trying to kill the virus by literally turning up the heat.

So somehow, instead of destroying and taking over host cells, Pokérus viruses benefit them. Pokérus doesn’t infect and kill a pokémon’s cells; it strengthens them. Exactly how is widely up to interpretation. What does a stat boost in-game equate to in real life? 

Maybe the pokémon is buffed up as if on steroids. This would mean that pokérus increases protein production and ATP levels. Or maybe, Pokérus just helps a pokémon grow strong, by enabling them to more easily break down and use vitamins like calicium. It all has to do with whatever the virus’ DNA/RNA strand tells the cell to do. Most viruses just tell the cell to build more viruses, but the pokérus DNA must be like a motivational speech for a cell. And then it replicates and spreads, of course.

Pokérus is a virus, which will take over a pokémon’s cell and cause beneficial side affects, as it reproduces and spreads through a pokémon’s body and eventually into other pokémon.

Niall-- She’s the Princess

Niall winced away as his wife let loose a sneeze that could rival an elephant. She glared at him over her tissue, nose red and eyes puffy as she huddled deeper into the warmth of her blanket. “I was kissing you two days ago, Horan. You’re probably already sick and just don’t know it yet.”

“Menace,” he breathed, stretching out his legs. Across the room her favorite Halloween movie played on the screen and a bowl of soup sat on the table by her side.  She really did look miserable, but today was an important day in the life of their four year old daughter. “Did you hear back from Stacy?”

She frowned and glanced guiltily towards the hallway, checking to make sure little ears couldn’t hear. “Yeah, and it’s not good news. Turns out all of her kids have the flu, so she’s not going out at all.”

Niall snorted, but his frown had deepened. “Her little germ factories are probably the ones who gave you the flu.”  His wife shot him a glare and he shrugged, “What?  They probably did.  Is there not anyone else that can take her?”

She shook her head, instantly regretting it when the room started to spin.  “Deb already took her kids to an event at the rec center a few days ago, she doesn’t let them out on a school night.  Tanya’s husband gives me the creeps, so that’s out.  Sarah doesn’t believe in celebrating Halloween…”

“Alright, alright, I get it,” Niall sighed.  Every year his wife took their daughter out trick or treating.  This was the first year she really knew what it was and had been getting excited since she started seeing the decorations in the stores.  They had spent the last two weeks getting her prepared for what the expectations and rules were going to be while they were out and about.  She had woken up every morning for a week asking if it was time to put her costume on yet.

Niall didn’t normally go with her.  It wasn’t unheard of for him to be recognized and stopped for pictures and it never seemed fair to put Doodle Bug through that on a day she was meant to be enjoying herself.  But at a time like this, it was either risk being noticed or ruining her day, and he was nothing if not a sucker for his little girl.  

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September 21st is little Ruby’s birthday !

She heard of the legendary candy shop next to Otonoki. Nico might have told her about it… a little too often, and it became Ruby’s obsession since then.

So today, she goes in ! Not only the kids can have as much free candy as they want, BUT they can also make their own behind the scenes : that’s right, Ruby and her friends will have access to the factory !

They’re divided in groups of six. Smile attributes, Pure, and Cool. They’ll try to make the treat that represents them the best.

Let’s make it a big one ! Happy birthday, little Ruby !

#001: Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur can be seen napping in bright sunlight. There is a seed on its back. By soaking up the sun’s rays, the seed grows progressively larger.

I’m just going to start off by saying how excited I am for this post. As you may or may not know, the early gens are my favorite and are what I’m most familiar with. I think one of the best way of honoring the early gens is by analyzing pokedex entry NUMBER ONE! Bulbasaur is adorable and I just adore him so this will be fun. 

I guess it’s probably pretty obvious where I’m going to take this, but it’s still super interesting. So here is the question we’re going to tackle today :

How can Bulbasaur get energy from the sun?

So if you know anything about plant biology, or anything about plants at all, you’ve probably heard of photosynthesis. This is the process that plants use to get energy from the sun.

Have you ever thought about how strange that is? Humans, and most other animals, get their energy from eating food. Food is a physical thing that we can touch, and if we break it down enough we can see exactly where that energy is coming from in the food. But plants are able to get their energy from light. You can’t hold it in your hand, you can’t break it down into little parts. It’s just kind of there. How does that work?

Well, in plant cells there are these little specialized organelles called chloroplasts. This is where the magic happens. Chloroplasts contain these little factories called photo-systems. So light is made up of photons, which are able to pass through these photo-systems and excite the electrons that work in these factories. When the electrons get excited, they are able to help split up molecules that will later be used to form the molecule known as ATP. 

ATP, or adenosine triphosphate, is the most common form of energy used by any living thing. ATP is used in just about every biological process, and making ATP is main reason that we do eat. In our bodies the mitochondria (you know, the powerhouse of the cell) break down glucose to form ATP. One molecule of glucose produces 32 molecules of ATP, and one gram of table sugar contains 1,760,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules of sugar. That’s a lot of ATP. It is so important!

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, we can get back to Bulbasaur! (I promise, this was all totally relevant). So far we know that Bulbasaur likes to lay in the sun, most likely to photosynthesize, but how exactly would that work with it’s animal-like nature?

Well, here in our depressingly pokemon-less universe, we have a few animals of our own who practice photosynthesis. Elysia chlorotica is species of Sea Slug that’s diet mainly consists of algae. The sea slug is able to absorb the chloroplasts from the algae, through a  process known as kleptoplasty, and are actually able to use them to use sunlight’s power for its own benefit. If the slug is pregnant at the time of ingesting the algae, it’s possible that the chloroplasts could make their way into the embryo and pass off his photosynthetic trait to its offspring. As these embryos mature, and ingest their own algae, they are likely to be able to rely more on these chloroplasts for energy and mainly rely on the algae as a source of these chloroplasts. 

Bulbasaur likely consumes plants from time to time to absorb their chloroplasts for its own benefit, giving it the ability to photosynthesize.

Honestly, this doesn’t really explain where the seed on Bulbasaur’s back comes from, but I don’t really have an explanation for this. My best guess it that it could be a parasite, but that wouldn’t explain how it get’s passed from generation to generation.

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May Stalin burn in hell. The Baltics remember. All those forced to Siberia remember and yearn for his burning.

Who are these “Baltics”? The remaining survivors of the 3rd Estonian SS Volunteer Brigade? The Arajs Kommando in Latvia? The TDA Battalions in Lithuania? Maybe the Waffen grenadier divisions?

Of course hadn’t the Soviet Union intervened in the defence of the “Baltics”, Nazi Germany would have carried out the entirety of the Generalplan Ost and exterminated most of the Latvian, Estonian, and Lithuanian populations (who had helped them mass murdering Jewish peoples) and applied the remaining survivors to slave work – a preferable outcome in your mindset, it seems.

If you are resorting to the argument that the “Baltics” were “occupied” and “exploited”, all evidence says the contrary. The Baltic Soviet Republics had one of the highest standards of living within the Soviet Union, and their wages were substantially bigger than the majority of Soviet republics, especially the Central Asia Soviet Republics.

Philip Bonosky in “Devils in Amber: The Baltics” explains in detail the material conditions of the Baltic Soviet Republics and exposes the ‘scholarship’ on the narrative that the “Baltics” were “exploited” as nothing but fraudulent, reactionary, anti-communist propaganda besmirched with contradictions, specifically the known work of anti-communists go-to scholar Gatis Krūmiņš.

To quote Bonosky,

[Lithuanian guides] would quote you figures before and after that never failed to impress you, the visitor, no matter how sophisticated you were nor how little you cared about factories breaking records making washing machines. By 1989, Lithuania was producing 88 times more industrial goods than in 1940—just before the war. It brought into existence a system that was tooled to further its settled industrial direction and spoke of a future in which it seemed that the whole nation would be cybernetically connected up and run as if by itself!

They spoke of mills and factories that had never existed in Lithuania before. But they also pointed to vast housing complexes which also had risen from barren ground as if by a miracle and by which they were hoping to meet the promise of supplying every citizen of the Republic with his own flat by the year 2000. Such huge residential production, it must be remembered, from a capitalist point of view, is a total loss. There is no profit in low-cost housing! Nor in other social constructions meant solely for the pleasure and health of the people and not of the banks—well-appointed sanitoria, special resorts for special kinds of illnesses, particularly of children, modern schools, etc. All this, from an investor’s point of view, is loss—throwing money away.

That must always be kept in mind when making comparisons between the present and past and with foreign countries. A high Lithuanian official once told me: “All we heard once we came to power were complaints about lack of housing. Strange: during Smetona’s [prewar semi-fascist dictator] days there were no such complaints. And you know what? Such complaints are a tribute to socialism. Under socialism the people know it’s possible to improve housing and even to get their own home. Under Smetona, they knew it was useless to even dream about it.” ….

In Lithuania, new housing had been almost nonexistent in 1940—12 sq. meters per 1000 inhabitants. By 1988, that figure had advanced to 545 meters per 1000 inhabitants. Indeed, old Vilnius was itself rebuilt taking care to maintain its medieval character, preserving its narrow cobble-stoned alleyways and rehabilitated facades that perpetuated the atmosphere of a Vilnius that once charmed Napoleon…

Libraries hardly existed for the masses in 1940—201 in the entire country. In any case, why did peasants need books? But by 1988, there were 2,000—and counting. There were only 2,000 doctors in 1940, and those concentrated in the bigger cities. There were 16,600 in 1988, with the entire population being served….

Lithuania, with its access to energy sources outside Lithuania proper, eventually began to consume as much electricity as did France and more than Italy. Great domestic electrical enterprises were built between 1940 and 1980, like the huge hydro-electrical station on the Nemunas at Kaunas, creating a 20-mile long “Kaunas Sea.” A thermal power plant was started in 1960 and is now one of the key plants producing electricity—Elektrenai—for the industries and homes of Lithuania. But it took the cooperation of 20 Soviet nationalities to do the job. Indeed, hardly a major project in all the Baltic countries was created without all-Union help and all-Union funding.

You should probably read someone else other than Solzhenitsyn unless you’re only emphatically inclined to defend criminals, fascists, and anti-communists. If so, you can go join them and literally eat a bullet.

Full Confession:

I want so badly to see a plus-sized marriage candidate in the roster someday. Aside from Eunice of RFF or MAYBE Gourmet (whose whole candidacy is kind of a joke) I can’t recall a single bachelor or bachelorette in recent games who could fit this category. Even with Eunice, what did they end up doing? They made her ashamed of her body with an option to slim her down. I know losing weight is a big deal for a lot of heavy people, but making it one of their defining character traits seems just as messed up as making Soseki or Klaus’s defining traits “I’m old”. How about a curvy girl who’s HAPPY with herself? How about a big-boned fella who’s world DOESN’T revolve around food? It IS possible for plus-sized people to be both healthy and happy, and I know Marvelous can draw characters who are both chubby and attractive. So please, PLEASE Marvelous, show us a little love.

Reasons why G3 was the best
  • Literally there were so many different ponies that you were NEVER BORED. No main character ponies over and over until the very end 
  •  THE VARIETY. If you liked green ponies, they had em! Tinsel? You got it. No tinsel? Plenty of those too 
  •  That wonderful G3 smell. You know what it is 
  • Sure there weren’t many unicorns and Pegasi but they were SPECIAL and rare like THEY SHOULD BE. Plus they were ALL pretty 
  •  SUCH HIGH QUALITY. Nice, silky hair, fabric clothes, and very little factory errors
  •  DURABILITY. Especially on the playsets! You could literally SIT on the crystal rainbow castle or the Ponyville balloon house and it would be like “nah bro I’m good”. Try doing that to a G4 wedding castle and see what happens.
  •  The soft, slightly pearly bodies. So squishy 
  •  They are SO common and cheap to find secondhand now too!! So easy to find and like on the Arena people sell em for like $2. Even the rare ones aren’t that expensive- like fair exclusives sure but like Port o Bella and Caribbean Delight are like $15 come on
  •  Ok the animation was saccharine sweet and there wasn’t a lot going on but does there really need to be? I love high fantasy too but sometimes I love the simplicity that was the animation. Plus the songs were so cute
  •  SO MANY MOLDS. They gave the ponies such personality!!! Like all the donkey poses are loud but sweet and the divas are sassy and powerful
  • Holiday exclusives. Enough said. 
  •  I can go on and on but oh G3 how I miss thee
Seulgi Reaction To You Working For Pringles

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She would go absolutely crazy. She would want to visit your work everyday and when you finally took her there she would show up to you with an shirt with the Pringles guy on it. She woud be just so happy. She would want you to show her every stage of the production and every little space of the factory. She would be so fascinated about all of It and she would constantly ask you if they had already made new flavors or if there’s something new they’re adding to it. She wouldn’t ask you to bring some of them to her cause she knows that you can’t do that but she would definitely be the first in line to buy it when it where released. Also she would probably scold you when you did brought her some of the new flavors but be the happiest girl in the whole world.