Paper Scarf from Little Factory

How far would you go with a scarf?

Wool, silk, cashmere… if you are bored with the ordinary materials for a scarf, would you be adventurous enough to wear a sheet of paper around your neck? Yes, a sheet of paper which makes a stylish and nice-looking scarf!

The Paper Scarf resembles a long sheet of notepaper with embroidered lines. You can add even more fun by writing or drawing on it just like what you do on a regular piece of paper*. The scarf is made of renowned paper-like material Tyvek ® from DuPont™, which is widely used as protective apparel for industrial workers and medical packaging. The material is elastic, extremely durable yet lightweight, water resistant yet breathable. It becomes softer as you wear it. Surprisingly, it keeps you warm from moderately cold weather.

It’s been a while since I played Rune Factory 4. 
Let’s see how all my monsters are doing!

chickies =w=

woolies =w=

moo moos =w=

fairies =w=




Bring the Festival to Him!


Evening has already fallen upon the town of Selphia! But this is when this festival finally begins! After one last check-up on her dear friend, Masu (who would have come but is too sick to make the trek), Pokeri is shooed out the door. Time to pay her new, imprisoned pal a visit!

Making her way over to Yokmir Forest, she comes to a stop in front of the Elusive Emery. She hadn’t exactly told Gael she was coming. She thought it would be a nice surprise to include him in the festivities, despite his being stuck in this shop!

Although, now that she’s here, the doubts start to creep in. What if he’s grossly off-put by bugs? Because they eat his plants or something? Well, she could just keep the fireflies securely in the jar. Oh, but what if he doesn’t like the snacks she brought?? What if he has an allergy?? It’s fine, he doesn’t have to eat it, and probably has other food he could dine on anyway. Aaahh, but what if this festival brings up bad memories, and what if she’s just bugging him??? Calm down, Pokeri, you’re probably just working yourself up over nothing! There’s no telling until you go in and wake him up!

Okay! She gives her cheek a firm pat to shake away the nerves, and then carefully enters the shop. Looks like he’s still asleep at the counter. Before he begins to stir, Pokeri takes up a position in front of him, grinning with anticipation as she holds up the glowing jar of fireflies so that it can be the first thing Gael sees when he looks up…


Just some silly BTS footage from a promo shoot we did with @josefinejonsson last week. :)

Outfit credits:
Dress - Coquetry Clothing
Harness and accessories: Katz Little Factory


Alright, I’m not able to do anything digital for a few days thanks to some stuff goin’ on. I decided it’d be a good idea to clean my PC with a little factory reset… I forgot to back it up… Now I’m missing several drivers and can’t run anything without some error. I’m in the middle of finding the right sites and checking what brands all my junk is. Soooooo much fuuun.