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My vanity is that I’m quite romantic, that I’m very romantic. [laughs] But my wife doesn’t think so. She says, ‘You’re not romantic at all. I could do better.’ (x)


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“And I win, again.” Carl laughed as you pushed him down onto the grass, laughing simultaneously as you both had expressions of joy on your faces. 

“So what should we do next? Scare Enid?” You giggled as you smacked his shoulder.

“That would give me a chance to talk to her without Ron around.” He sneered. Oh Carl. Completely oblivious. 

You formed your lips into a frown at the mention of Carl’s little crush on Enid, you should have never brought her up. 

Carl took hint of your sudden bad mood, and suggested another idea, 

“Or, you could dance with me.” 


“Dance with me Y/N.” He smiled as you took his hand and spun around into his arms. 


Five versions of the doll (which was based on the protagonist of Clowes’s comic Ghost World) were released in 2001. (Four are shown above.) [see ]

Here’ are two panels of the strip “Little Enid” (from  Clowes’s Twentieth Century Eightball, 2002) in which she’s a character:

7x05 "Go Getters"

I love the intimacy in this episode.

Richonne’s intimacy is off the charts. I’m talking about hot and heavy. That little moment was beautiful.

Carl and Michonne’s moment soon after was very sweet. Her mothering him and talking to him as if he is an adult, because honestly he has never truly been a kid, is heart warming. Their mutual respect for one another should be admired.

Carl and Enid’s little adventure to hilltop was very sweet. I love their first kiss. I was like “ aww look at my baby, getting his first kiss.” I saw a post that said it happened too quick. But teens move quicker than adults, lol. I’m surprised it didn’t happen when they hid in that tree in season 5b.

Maggie and Sasha paying their respects to Glenn and Abraham. Talk about strength. These two woman have lost on screen Glenn, Abraham, Beth, Herschel, Tyreese, and Bob. The amount of resiliency they have shown, and their ability to keep going when they should give up is so special. I love that their arc is together this season. Along with Enid being there, I think the Hilltop will be one of my favorite locations.

I love how Maggie instantly took charge. Jesus is awesome. His and Sasha’s symphonic zombie kills during the night was awesome. His thinking ahead and hiding them in Gregory’s closet was cool. Like I said I’m excited about the hilltop, more so than the kingdom. (I hope we get more time there soon.)

Speaking of Gregory, I know he seems like a dick(he is), but he kind of just got the job no one else wanted. Even Jesus does not want it. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. He has no problem submitting in order to keep himself safe, which keeps the residents safe. Hopefully it works out in his favor.

Carl and Jesus meeting in the truck, and the comic story arc coming to life is exciting. I think Jesus was a little excited to see Carl because he can tell this kid is kick ass. Can’t wait to see where that goes.

All in all, it was my second favorite episode after the premiere. I know you pussy’s dont like the opener, but it was a catalyst for this whole season. I think 7b gonna be so lit. The seasons tend to have one slower 8, and one fast paced 8. Like 6a was fast paced to me, and 6b had the transitional feel of finding a new arc. Can’t wait for the new episode in two weeks.

Rating**** A

Our Little Angel: Enid & Carl

Enid let out a soft noise once his hands placed themselves on her stomach, one WARM hand automatically placing itself on his hand that was on her clothed stomach, the other tangling gently in his hair. “Hey, don’t blame yourself, Carl.” She said softly, tilting her head back a little bit and giggling slightly once his head nuzzled into her neck. “I wanted this.” There was a slight pause before she said: “I love you so much, Cowboy.” She said his nickname with a grin, affection oozing out of her words. “Ooh, we still gotta name her.” She put extra emphasis on her. Enid - along with the rest of the group (well, the females) - was confident that the baby would be a girl. She wondered if the baby would have Carl’s thick brown hair and Enid’s darker blue eyes, or Enid’s glossy (slightly thinner) light brown hair and Carl’s eye color. She secretly hoped the baby had Carl’s thick hair and her eye color. Enid often wondered what the baby’s personality would be like. She grinned as the thoughts swirled in her mind. She was excited to have her baby. Her baby. Wow. Even after four months, she still wasn’t used to saying that. Enid ran her fingers through Carl’s hair gently before kissing the top of his head.

She listened as Carl said that she looked “better than him”, and she couldn’t help being slightly saddened. She knew that Carl was insecure about his appearance, and Enid was right there, comforting him. Always. “Carl, you are perfect.” She said comfortingly, pulling Carl closer to her, carefully tightening her hold around him. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale again. The warm sun beaming down on her back made her happy.

She loved it when the weather was warm out. Not too hot like it was in the summer but not too cold like it was in the winter. The temperature was perfect, and there was not a cloud in the sky. Her heartbeat was calm, and Carl was here, safe in her arms. And their child would be born somewhere stable. The baby would be surrounded by people who would protect them, care for them, and be loved by them no matter what. Enid couldn’t help the hot tears swell up into her eyes at the thought of their child being surrounded by GOOD people that would love her or him.

She inhaled the fresh, warm air slowly again, licking her lips before saying: “So, I talked to Tara and Michonne today, and they said that they’d go out on a run for some more baby supplies.” The girl wanted to (try) and get his mind off of his insecurities, but she was unsure of how to do it. Even after all this time of dating Carl, and knowing him, she felt like she could fuck something up. And Enid wouldn’t know how to FIX it if she did, but goddamn it she WOULD try to fix. She figured that this was as good of a start as any to help get her boyfriend’s mind off of his insecurities. But in all seriousness, she was HAPPY that Tara and Michonne offered to get some more supplies. Maybe they’d find formula, and bottles, and maybe even a suitable crib.

A soft smile graced the teen’s lips at the mention of the supplies. Without thinking about it, she gently kissed Carl’s hair again, laughing lightly. “We’re gonna be parents, Carl!” She said in an excited voice, happiness bubbling up inside of her. “Probably the best parents in the history of parenting.”