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Elsa what kind of pranks do you play on Anna?

I didn’t always prank Anna when we were little and I’ve not a lot of time to do it nowadays. I do whenever opportunity arises. But there was this one time in summer…

(Based off this gif )

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Hello Princess Elsa! Just wondering: do you and Anna have tutors, or do you attend school with Arendelle's village children? And if that's the case, how do the children react to your powers?

Mama and Papa, and some of their advisers, were my own private tutors. (I think it’s just because I’m the older one.) Anna was lucky enough to go to school with the other children!

I only got to see her school a few times when Anna was in the Spring Pageant (She played a troll.). She must have been bragging about me being her sister because even though I didn’t go to school there, all of the kids were really excited to see me, even if they hadn’t met me.

One day Anna came home crying, but she didn’t want to tell Mama or Papa about it. She told me tho. A couple of mean boys were picking on her and calling her names. So I sneaked out and reminded them who’s future queen around here!

They stopped being bossy after that.