An Embarrassing Blunder ~ Open

Elsa hated shopping. If it wasn’t necessary to try on clothes and ensure that they fit well she would definitely prefer to do everything online, especially considering how crowded it was in the shop she was currently browsing through. Her plan had been to get a few new clothes for the upcoming fall season, but was now unsure if this was at all worth it. People kept bumping into her and she could feel her anxiety starting to mount. 

Deciding she would come back on a day when it wasn’t so busy and she was a little less uneasy Elsa turned and started to make her way to the shop exit, keeping her head down and trying to weave her way through the people without brushing against anyone. This was effective until she exited the shop, so overwhelmed and with her gaze on her feet that she ended up walking straight into someone’s path. 

Elsa just managed to keep her balance and stay upright, but was mortified to see that the stranger had not been so lucky. She immediately apologized for knocking them over and started reaching out her hand to help them to their feet, but soon remembered she wasn’t wearing her gloves and pulled it back awkwardly. 

Now feeling even more like a jerk she tentatively asked: “Are you alright?”