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⊰ disdain & desire ⊱  |  viixennemesis

some say the world will end in FIRE ; some say in ICE. from what i’ve tasted of DESIRE - i hold with those who favor FIRE. but if it had to perish twice, i think i know enough of HATE to say that for destruction ; ICE is also great & would suffice.

a mix for the dauntless snow queen, the bloodthirsty traitor prince & their perilous shadow of ‘romance’.

Frozen Fandom Month Drabbles: Parent/Child

I love Agdar (Agnarr, whatever the heck Disney’s calling him), and I wish I’d seen more of him. Yeah, he made some pretty bad choices, and if I were Elsa I’d be pissed at him. But I’m still certain that he loved his daughter, and I will defend that to my death.


Agdar loved his daughters the moment they were born.

But despite what she probably thought, he might have loved Elsa a little more.

His wife adored Anna’s exuberance. But he admired Elsa’s selflessness, her wit, her intelligence and creativity.

It broke his heart to see her close off, knowing it was his fault. 

Every day he wondered if he had killed his eldest daughter somehow. He wondered if it was inevitable for a parent. 

As the storm rose up and the wave crashed down, his last thought was of Elsa. The hope that one day, she would be happy again.