Continuing with my Precure MLP project here is Cure Bloom and Cure Egret as ponies. Egret’s pose is probably the best pose I have done so far. To those wondering why I didn’t make Egret a pegasus instead of a unicorn, while I just thought her personality lend itself to a unicorn pony.

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Inktober 04 : Little Egret

I wanted something simple with brushpen today, with a photoref but with the challenge of drawing directly with ink, without any sketch.

I intended to do something stylised, you know, the kind of inking with tak tak tak, three lines and you got a dynamic awesome bird. But… honestly… I don’t know what’s wrong with me… orz

I’m not especially happy on this one. Eventually, the stones was the most interesting part to do. X);


Nephyla > Merci ♥

Kin > *hugs*

Giz > Un viril lion vient de la dragouiller à coup de jeux de mots pourris et elle est en train de bugger en se demandant si elle doit rire ou pleurer dans sa profonde consternation…? 8D;

Marililc > Merciii! X3

Akita > Y'a des chances pour que j'ai envie de la ressortir un jour… =D;

Saw a Little Egret on Lammas Land in Cambridge this morning. This species went locally extinct in Britain through a combination of pressure from hunting (it was very popular with royalty and nobility) and the climatic depression of the Little Ice Age. Over the past couple of decades, however, it has begun to recolonise the country from its strongholds in southern Europe. I had seen Little Egrets before on the Suffolk coast, but this was the first time I’d spotted one in Cambridgeshire, let alone here in the middle of the city!